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The last time CT made his mark on 'The Challenge,' the dominant competitor departed 'Battle of the Exes 2' after his partner Diem fell ill.Now, the 'Rivals 2' champ is returning to the game with ... Chris 'CT' Tamburello was a contestant from The Real World: Paris. He was a winner of Rivals II, Invasion of the Champions, Champs vs. Stars (2017), Champs vs. Stars (2018), and War of the Worlds 2, and a finalist on The Inferno, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet III, Battle of the Exes, and XXX: Dirty 30. He also competed on The Duel, The Inferno 3, The Duel II, Rivals, Free Agents, Battle of the ... After having the whole house against him on Rivals, he was able to get himself in with the other vets on Exes (having Diem as his partner helped too). CT and Diem made horrible mistakes in ... CT has shown off his athletic prowess during multiple 'Challenge' installments -- but the admired vet's appearance with Diem Brown's sister Faith during tonight's special 'Battle of the Bloodlines ... Search and apply for the latest Business partner wanted jobs in Hartford County, CT. Verified employers. Competitive salary. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Job email alerts. Free, fast and easy way find a job of 886.000+ postings in Hartford County, CT and other big cities in USA. Battle of the Exes. CT struck up a romance with Diem on The Duel and the relationship blossomed as Diem, a survivor of ovarian cancer, found solace with CT during her difficult recovery process. However, when Diem decided to focus all her energy on her career the two parted ways. Things took a darker turn, when the two exes returned for The Duel II and Adam told Diem that CT had been hooking ... Diem Brown Will Make You Cry with Her ... Brown also had kind words for her Exes partner and on-and-off boyfriend Chris ”CT” Tamburello: “Having a partner like CT with me gives me some sort ... CT returns to to MTV's 'The Challenge' to pay tribute to late competitor Diem Brown. Above: the former couple poses together for an 'Exes 2' promo shot. 'S challenge star diem are reportedly dating someone since the couple's son cj was. Four ca regional agritourism summits in 2006, diem brown. While diem brown to her ex-boyfriend chris ct and diem enters real world is a controversial loss of mtv's the 13th. Searchers find out the world is no longer a year and ct and diem brown. Greater ability to partner with Medicare and other private sector payers in developing innovative payment strategies that reward improved quality as opposed to greater quantity of care. ... (BH) per diem rates will be paid for claims that are assigned a DRG of 740-776. ... CT Medical Assistance Program information including CT Addendum B and ...

Live reacting as I go through Seasons 12 - 32 as a first time viewer. (Part 12: Invasion of the Champions)

2020.09.17 20:26 Sanity0004 Live reacting as I go through Seasons 12 - 32 as a first time viewer. (Part 12: Invasion of the Champions)

I've been going through the seasons since they've been added to CBS all access. I'm a long time Big Brother and Survivor fan that has more recently lapsed on Big Brother. With the season being shit I decided to use All Access to finally dive in to The Challenge. These posts are mostly stream of conscious as I watch the episodes, some times with little context. Check out my posts for past seasons and a TLDR at the end. Thanks for checking these out!
I apologize a head of time if some comments go a little off base, these are purely just assumptions and first impressions a lot of times.
EP 1:
Oh shit, Laurel and Camila fighting. Ready for that!
CT! I love this season already!
Is this like Ruins 2? Contenders vs Champs or old school vs new school
Smashley looks less meth-ey
Jenna jokes starting out of the jump
A new Theo? Got a lot to live up to with that name rookie.
Fucking Shane? God damn, that’s a blast from the past.
I was wrong, it’s Island 2 lol
I’m...kind of shocked to see Tony again?
Actually happy to see Amanda again, hope see more out of her this time around than just starting drama. I’d like to remember her for more than just being the freckle girl.
“Hardest challenge ever.” I’ve heard that before…
I take it back, confessional Smashley looks just as Meth-ey as ever.
Aww, the clapping when TJ says the old dogs aren’t there. The naivety.
Fucking Johnny again. Give me some alliance between Laurel, Cara, CT and Darrel to get Johnny out and it will be my dream come true.
Is this the beginning of dad bod CT?
This Hunter fucker looks like he’s built like a damn foosball player
Oh, a Miz wannabe…
There are multiple people I’m seeing “2nd Challenge” on their name card and I have no damn clue who they are.
“She said it was the challenge or her, and I chose the challenge.” Chick….you chose wrong. I don’t care if the girlfriend is shit for giving you the ultimatum, but you still chose wrong lmao
Shane getting naked, yeah it’s really Shane.
In a broken ass hut, but they’re still getting catering and copious amounts of alcohol lol
Zach….You act like you’ve been away forever lol you were off for like 2 seasons dude. Also “Make the challenge great again” Fucking really? You would be the furthest thing from Challenge in its heyday. You were in like 2 of its worst seasons.
Fucking Dario, I really can’t take him.
I’m sad to see no Devin from last season. Wanted to see more of him.
This seriously feels like Island 2 lol I contend that Island 2 had an interesting concept but Kenny/Johnny and their alliance just ruined it. The survivor elements really just put a damper on it too.
“It’s a clue!” Bitch, just call it treemail!
Early impressions of Theo is I like him.
Finally, multiple color jerseys.
I have to assume very shortly everyone will be in the oasis, they won’t want to run two full crews.
Hopefully Bruno is coming in with that homeless hungry energy.
Saying there’s two teams when people are just piling dirt on a collective pile? Lol
Ashley going for herself?! Somewhere Johnny is using this to validate him taking the money from Sarah.
Hahaha Ashley just climbing through after people helping her dig haha She looks like she’s the one bringing the homeless hungry energy.
Damn, how did Cory go from dead last to second finish?
I swear Ashley was shown as being in first place multiple times, but now she’s in the middle of a huge pack.
Nelson is coming in to these confessionals like he has some kind of vendetta lol Like he’s building a case against someone. First it was how he views Cory as his boy and he wasn’t going to leave him hanging, and now he’s complaining about Tony leaving Bruno behind.
Bruno, disappointing with the lack of homeless hungry energy.
Why is Nelson so damn angry? Lol Everyone is yelling at Bruno and Tony’s the only one like “No, leave him alone.” and Nelson wants to bitch about Tony not talking to him? Everyone is, what is one more voice?
Eww, you got mud all over your face, don’t sit there and lick your lips.
Why such a short first episode?! Only 40 minutes? What is this Gauntlet 3?!
EP 2:
They’re even getting laundry service?! Lol What a weak ass Island rip-off!
Why is Nelson so damn angry?! He was seriously not this way at all last season lol
Jenna getting in on the trash talk! “We forgot you were here like 3 times!” lol I can’t tell if it’s a dig or if Jenna just literally forgot someone existed
Nelson seriously seems like a completely different person to last season.
“I’m just going to be there for Kailah to vent” proceeds to tell her how to play and what she did was wrong lol not alot of venting going on.
If this whole Oasis twist is just whittling down the amount of contenders to go against the Champions I will be pissed. If it’s just like a contingency so the rookies don’t out number and gang up on the old school players or something.
There’s something about the out and out team aspect going on that I’m liking, but not liking at the same time lol Everyone just ganging up and telling Sylvia how to vote is just weird. I’m all for sides, but once the vote comes the talking should end.
Latoya with the hypocrisy calling someone else a camera whore lol bitch you called yourself “THE Latoya” like you’re ohio state or some shit.
“It’s your vote, you can decide who you want to vote for.” Provided it’s the vote that 4 other girls are yelling at you to make…yeah, your vote.
I’m happy to see Darrel back.
Who is this Ashley chick?! Oh, from Seasons, ugh.
Ah Kenny, not gonna lie I’m starting to miss Evan and Kenny. Yeah, they’re shit bags, but they’re entertaining. These last couple groups of rookies have been trash.
Cara looking even more ripped.
CT’s baby! Awwwwwwwww
Is Laurel coming in being like the third ranked girl in athleticism of these champs?
Exile style elimination with no arena with people watching? Mixed emotions on this.
Kailah looks like she talks a big game, but won’t be able to back it up. Marie looks like she’s got some crazy in her.
With these two girls, this elim looks like shit. With some strong guys fighting the whole time it could be interesting, but this was bleh.
Bruno, back to being homeless.
This hut is going to be angry with the people returning and having earned their way into the actual game.
I hope the alliance realizes they literally just screwed like half their numbers out of their chance at the real game lol
You can tell these people are dumb rookies, or they’d realize the object is to get their alliance in the elim vs shitty people to win their ticket.
EP 3:
“I want to start a talk show. There is no millennial Oprah.” Because they don’t watch them, they listen to podcasts. You’re the worst millennial.
Of course the Foosball guy would like meth hulk Smashley.
They don’t even have to compete, this seriously is just a play-in game.
Yeah, my money’s on Jenna/Cory
CT and Darrell with their kids is absolutely adorable.
Amanda has a weird trashy quality to her, but god damn is she pretty as hell.
“I don’t care if I lose my teeth, I’m getting this bag open!” spoken like a true methhead!
I was really hoping to not see more of foosball boy.
These people still aren’t understanding the game is getting the tickets. You either win or win an elimination. Half these people are going to be real disappointed.
I feel like Cory has realized it, and wanting to go in to elim.
I’m with Theo, we’ve seen Cory’s fake muscles at work plenty of times. We saw him lose to 80 pound Christina and weird punk hipster kid in a competition purely based on pushing and holding on to a bar lol
Not gonna lie, I’m kind of liking the feel of this cast developing naturally without a bunch of vets around to control the game.
The suspense is kinda dead on this girl elim, because it showed Jenna in the oasis in the previews.
I’m interested in this guy elim though.
Slip of the tongue? “I’m going to go against her and she’s going to come back limping!” so...you’re saying she’s the one coming back but you’re going to hurt her? Lol the object is to come back, not just hurt the person. Not sure if you know this, but Jenna is an elimination god.
It’s...it’s just holding balls?
Fucking Theo. Dude… I was actually hoping to see more of you. What a bitch.
With the object of the challenge being to hold on to balls, I was expecting some kind of bounce or jarring of the person to have them possibly drop them.
I have come around on Jenna so damn much. She literally approaches every challenge like it’s absolutely nothing. Everything is easy for her when she doesn’t even think about it lol
Hahahaha they really just slowly let Theo down to be laughed at! Haha I love it!
I would love if Theo still had to jump to get down lol
Well at least it isn’t 8 vs 8, there’s one more challenge so it will at least be 10 or 12 vs 8, not like Cory and Jenna aren’t basically vets at this point.
EP 4:
Fingers crossed on Amanda being the next ticket holder and not Smashley.
The weird open beach macking is weird.
Please, of all people please don’t let Latoya get this ticket.
Ok, my money is on Amanda and Shane being the two winners here to get their tickets. This is one of the random elimination style challenges that Shane and Amanda have experience in.
Man, Nelson bothers me this season. I don’t get it, but his confessionals are annoying.
https://i.imgur.com/VvcJWiB.png Can we talk about the like 30 people standing in the background during this challenge? Lol there was more than this screenshot, but this was the best shot. The amount of people just standing around is kind of hilarious.
Shane is halfway gone and Nelson and the other dude have barely moved.
Nelson is another fucking “fustrated” guy. Dammit! What is it with this show and people who can’t pronounce frustrated. Is that the second question after “are you an angry drunk” when casting?
How the hell did this dude come back out of nowhere? Lol
Wow, that was an awesome finish.
First time I’ve seen a challenge sponsored in a while. Burger King! Jenna’s just hoping there’s chicken nuggets.
No onion rings? No deal!
Nelson with the pity party. I thought I liked the small bits of Nelson last season, but apparently Nelson in small doses is easier to take.
Darrel, don’t talk up your game. Bananas is already targeting you as number one. Don’t even joke.
Laurel doesn’t look like she’s coming in at her fittest. But I’d still bet on her in most cases.
Looks like the last pre-game elim is a mini final kinda? Sylvia already basically crawling on hands and knees lol
Sylvia got to the top, I’m honestly shocked.
I would literally jump off a plane, jump over a cliff, anything to do with heights, but running down some steep stone stairs in the rain? That shit would scare the hell out of me. There’s not the safety lines there, I’ve broken too many limbs.
All the people watching this like “Is my culture a joke to you?”
Yes! Sylvia! Shocked, and happy! I just hope she realizes her alliance she made is not only not in the Oasis, but didn’t help her get there lol
Can we just introduce a new rule and neither of these guys go in the house?
Did we really need to watch Nicole lick peanut butter off of a giant spoon?
I forgot Dario was here.
“To Jenna, not having an ex here.” Oh buddy…
Fuck, I also forgot this dumb foosball fuck
I wish I could have TJ telling me he’s proud of me each day. He looks like he means it.
Dad-bod CT!!
I know Paulie from Big Brother is eventually on this show, but it’s hilarious to me that Johnny in this last confessional before the episode ends looks so damn much like Paulie. The tufted hair, the short beard.
EP 5:
I’m tired of seeing god awful commercials trying to hype up a god awful Big Brother all-stars.
Underdogs vs Champions, nice
I literally don’t recognize this Ashley chick at all.
Does battling against your own team kind of defeat the purpose of teams?
Camila with the completely see thru shirt in confessional lol
Surprised they’re actually making it seem fair. 4 v 6 in challenges.
Ugh, I don’t want Nicole to talk anymore.
Speaking of mean laurel, can we get an update on the Cara/Laurel friendship?
Oh fuck yeah, this is the type of challenges I want to see.
I keep forgetting Champ Ashley even exists. Has she had a confessional?
Laurel and Camila look like the only ones coming in to this challenge like they want to kill people. Cara and Ashley just seem to get tackled and sit on the ground.
Darrel looks entirely unintimidated lol the other guys are hunched down ready to run and Darrel is standing casually like he’s waiting for an uber lmao
I’m here for dad-bod CT tackling people.
I’m with Tony, take the chance to knock the fuck out of Bananas.
“I think I’m known for being the most physical dominating person from the challenge” hahahahahaha Zach I don’t even think you’d be in the conversation.
I am weirded out by this casual chill CT. In confessional’s with his leg up and just chilling.
The ollyoop to Darrel!!
This may be one of the best challenges. This is an amazing way to start the actual game.
Well the last point was kind of anticlimactic.
Nicole coming on STRONG right out of the gate for Cara, Damn girl.
Zach just casually walking by Jenna saying “Hey, whats up” just feels so fucked.
I forgot how coked out Shane looks all the time. Something about his eyes.
Nicole looks like Andy Dick hahahahahahaha oh shit!
I love that the vets are just sitting by laughing at everyone scrambling knowing god damn well that they will be doing the same thing the next day lol
Ass, ass, ass for days. Maybe the assiest cast so far.
Kailah literally needing to be put in pants and in bed. Oh my god she pisses her bed! God damn.
Pissing the bed is a deal breaker? That’s kinda weak though.
CT yelling at Johnny to fix it lmao
Dude, Zach trying to talk shit about CT?! Lmao Saying he didn’t tackle anyone? Zach of all people shouldn’t be talking shit.
“I’m not drinking anymore.” “Well I’ve heard that since day one…”
You’re in the challenge house and going to throw stones at people getting black out drunk?? Lol What show are you on? This guy has a pattern of trashing on girls in an instant.
Oh god, I can’t unsee Andy Dick after Bananas mentioned it. Nicole is now forever Andy Dick.
EP 6:
This Andy Dick crush. Cara is definitely leaning in to it.
I oddly have a defensiveness for Jenna. She’s too stupid. Leave her alone Zach. She’s too sweet and dumb!
I am 100% Laurel in the background giving weird confused looks to Jenna and Zach talking.
Kailah just saying she basically rapes people…
What is this weird Nelson insanity? I already said his confessionals come off like he’s angry lol
I feel like all these mentions of Tony being sober is just leading up to the point that he breaks.
Camila trying to be a Don boss or something lol “It’s invasion sister, I could invade your game.”
Sweet Dad-bod CT is the best. Just don’t let him go out too early!
Jenna! Get out of Zach’s bed!!!!
I really can’t see Shane going this early. To bring him back after this long and he goes out like 5 episodes in right when the actual game starts?
Oh no, the foosball guy doesn’t like Kailah lol He likes Ashley though, I’m not sure what that says.
This shelter alliance is kinda dumb…
The Fortress lol Cool place, weird name.
Holy shit, this Tuk Tuk challenge would be exhausting.
Sylvia’s got more weight to throw in to it, but she’ll probably gas out way faster.
Camila is coming in to this season looking great.
Damn, Sylvia way ahead. She killed it.
Yelling boo, is maybe the dumbest thing to do lol
Really thought something was going to come of the sober Tony story.
If I look at the alliance of Smashley, Amanda, Shane and Foosball, except for Nelson I’d say this is some weird white trash or druggy alliance lmao
“There’s onlly a divide because people like you say there’s a divide.” lol You guys got upset because a few people piled fucking dirt together lol
I can’t take confessional Johnny looking like a weird knockoff Paulie Califiori… Why does he look so different in his confessionals? Did he only come in to do his confessionals after the season?
Shane is on some weird ass shit with his “Why do I care about a strong team, if I’m not here to win” or whatever he’s on lol Are you just saying you want to go as far as possible and not care about winning? I feel like his mentality is stuck back in the olden days where winning wasn’t all that much money.
What the fuck kind of high school rumor mill bullshit is this? Lol
Why does Jenna give a shit for even a second what Zach things. Girl, stop this now. Be mad about the girls rumor mongering for no reason, don’t give a shit about Zach the dude that literally cheated on you and didn’t even break up with you but just ghosted you while you were on a damn season.
Stop caring about Zach!!!!
EP 7:
Laurel, Camil and Ashley, just swimmin naked in the morning. All normal.
This fuckin’ foosball guy…
Smashley really about to get mad at Cara for randomly joking with Foosball?
Smashley is so damn insane. “Piss in your pants bitch!”
I stan Laurel. “It’s not fucking about him! It’s about you!” Thank you Laurel!
Oh, this is cool.
Wait, why is only the champs winners safe from elim? Why only them?! I don’t like this arbitrary bullshit.
I feel like Camila is giving strong winner vibes off in her confessionals. She seems so like a godfather or some shit. It’s not her normal schtick. Are all the champs just getting more care and time in the makeup room for confessionals? Also, why has Ashley and Darrel been so absent from confessionals? They’ve each had like 2 when Camila has had 20 to talk about the most basic stuff.
Good god, Nelson and Amanda looked godawful, down in seconds lmao
Why does Johnny somehow always get the best teammates?
CT stirring the pot between Cara and Bananas lol I love this new CT
Cara out immediately, so much for that.
I think I’m confused on how the points and times are handled on this lol
Sure, just go ahead and sit back and let Johnny win immunity. Sure. Perfect.
Please show the flashback of Laurel saying “How do you think Sam felt!?” to Zach.
“I’m not really a douchebag.” says the douchebag
Literally will only be happy if Zach and Ashley go home.
I literally just remembered the CT and Cara friendship that came out of Free Agents. He had a cute older brother type thing going.
“Why?” “Cause you’re making me.” Darrel is still a threat
I will not be happy if Darrel or Cara leave right now. This season will be on a sudden trend down.
Pole wrestle!!!!!! Oh Shittttttttttttttt Wasn’t Darrel in an epic bar wrestle in one of the old seasons?
Oh shit, the champ elims are all classic! That’s awesome.
Oh, guess I was thinking of Wes and Derrick in Duel. I for some reason associated Darrel with that.
“I’m here to win the money.” “Why?” “Because I like winning money.” Darrell just not dealing with TJ’s questions lol
Yeah, Pole wrestling gives me hope for Cara and Darrell.
Ashley looks like she’s barely even there. Did they give her some pain killers after the last challenge or something?
I swear if Darrell leaves I will be angry. It’s been too long without Darrell for him to go this soon.
It starts and Darrell barely even moves to what looks like Zachs full force.
Lets go Darrell!!! 1 down, let’s go.
Darrell got it! Let’s fuckin’ go!
Jenna, you’re better off. Please wise up.
Don’t you dare call Darrel ‘David’ and Zach ‘Goliath’, CT you’re better than that.
Ya’ll remember Zach saying he was probably the most physical dominating challenger? Lol
Literally the best possible outcome. I love this.
EP 8:
“In a perfect world; we go head to head in the end.” I would love to watch Darrell beat Johnny.
Camila and bathrooms…
The rumor mongers being paranoid is a funny turn. Shane is a vet, how would you think he wouldn’t hang around some of the other vets? What does him hanging with vets even affect?!
Laurel hasn’t done an eating challenge? Wasn’t there an eating part of the final on Rivals? The one Kenny had to carry Wes up the mountain after eating?
God damn they do LOVE showing copious amounts of vomiting.
Camila is excited to see some puking…
I like how they put buckets there, like anyone is gonna aim for the bucket lmao
CT and Darrell talking about it being good, the Underdogs instantly puking.
Shane talking mad shit. About to see himself get voted in the fortress.
Shane bitching at all is hypocritical. He was the one that said it made no sense for a strong team if he’s not there for the money or some dumb shit.
Fuckin Foosball is booking. Damn.
Did foosball just say he has immunity he’s not helping with the puzzle?
“It’s just curry bruh.” I love Darrell. I am so happy he’s back on The Challenge.
Hey what do you know, Johnny wanting to cause disruption and outrage.
These Underdogs continue to be hilarious. It’s like some kind of weird cult where if you say anything that everyone doesn't know about or agree with you’re instantly cut out.
Johnny continues the run of bullshit. Taking a toilet seat? What kind of weird frat house hazing is this?
Say it loud, say it proud, JOHNNY IS A BULLY!
Either you’re quitting Sylvia or you’re severely underestimating Jenna.
Dario looks like a joke like he did on Bloodlines lol Anything involving thought in an elimination and the dude is just screwed.
Jenna is a comp beast. Period lol How did Jenna come in with the best technique and just blow through it? Lol
Cara is right, they just made the underdogs stronger losing Sylvia and Dario.
Quit calling bullying, pranks! If you’re doing it consistently and to the same people repeatedly it’s just bullying. If it was reversed Camila and Laurel would be the first two people too lose their fucking minds. It’s like they forget back to FM1+2 when they were bullied and now they’re in the upperclassmens role and have to continue the bullying.
EP 9:
Well, that’s certainly a start to the episode.
Ok, Camila is at least bi-curious.
Now Andy Dick is trying to hit on Laurel? Damn, get it girl.
Wait, didn’t we just have like 2 episodes of Cara saying she wasn’t in to girls? Literally because of the same chick?
“It’s good seeing you two get along.” I love dad CT!!!
Oh, I see what it’s doing…Love triangle!!!!! Look, just cut out the middle person. Cara, Laurel, hook up!
“Amanda!....It’s funny!” I always enjoy when bitch Laurel comes out.
Camila is back with “Freckle motherfucker!!”
“It’s initiation! Get fucking used to it!” Bitch Laurel is the BEEEEESSSSSST She’s still wrong though. It’s bullying and dumb. Just because you can look at something and rationalize it as everyone goes through it doesn’t mean it’s right or ok. It’s still bullshit and bullying.
It’s so weird that they have full blown security at this point lol
CT calling Johnny out! Haha I love Dad CT. “When did I start fires and walk away?” “Are you serious? That’s all you do!” haha CT ain’t having none of this Johnny bullshit.
Andy Dick is really coming off as in love with herself. Geesh
This is a cool Challenge. Yeah, Laurel if everyone is hanging on you you just fall and take out all the Underdogs.
Aw, I thought Camila was being smart lol They talk her to unwind herself.
I like that the underdogs came in to the comp being smart and the vet guys are upset about it lol
One foot between determining the guys? What? Darrell and Johnny seemed to be taken down and then CT with the rest of the guys? Didn’t even seem close. Oh I guess Johnny and CT were both brought down by Shane.
Bummed to be losing Laurel or Cara.
So much for Johnny vs Darrell in the final lol
It seems weird that they basically have the underdogs whittled down before bringing in the Champs but then to lose two at a time. I’m not against it, it just seems like they’d make one decision and then go on to make the other decision.
Andy Dicks “Flirt” sounds like “Flick”
Laurel basically sees the situation as more serious because it’s basically her first encounter with these feelings and Andy Dick views it differently because it’s not new or special for her. Understandable on both ends.
Darrell, kick Johnny’s ASS!
Johnny, you didn’t have to wait to become the villain.
This whole weird “Who/what/why are you doing it thing of TJ’s is not it.”
Is a call back to Free Agents really all that classic? It’s an awesome battle to see these matchups.
I always wondered why no one else tried to shoot it. This barrel hole at least seems smaller than it did in Free Agents.
“I don’t think Bananas has ever been tested like this.” He was, he just got turned into a backpack and made into one of the most hilarious moments.
EP 10:
Happy to see Bananas go. Thank you Challenge gods!
Cara stopping it with her foot!
Laurel with the brutal headlock. God damn!
I think the only thing about Cara that annoys me is the socks she wears. I hate the ugly knee socks with shamrocks and shit on em.
Andy Dick smiling while Laurel and Cara 69 basically.
Laurel continues to dominate. She had the reach and size though.
“It’s hard to celebrate the win.” Laurel says as she runs away after her point and puffs up her chest lol
4 champs left and 8 underdogs seems like a shit unbalance. I continue to just be surprised by the weird decisions of production.
Andy DIck about to get a taste of Bitch Laurel. Good luck!
Side note: When did Andy Dick kind of like blend in with the underdog alliance? She was always just as hated as Tony, Cory, Kailah and them, but somehow Andy Dick never gets lumped in with them anymore.
“It doesn’t bother me!” She says repeatedly, showing it definitely bothers her.
I don’t know what’s the worst look. Shane with his shirt off at all times, or Nelson in this weird ass fucking black cowboy hat haha
Oh my god. Laurel and CT are the loves of my life. Foosball yelling about who can beat him and Laurel makes an ugly face in the background and CT waves his hand and points to himself. CT has a dad bod, but he isn’t any less of a monster.
You can tell Shane thought he had gold with that “America’s Dirtbag” line because he uses it probably 5 times.
I don’t know where the line is on going too mean or too past certain lines, but Shane really seems to me like a coke head at the absolute end of his rope that will be desperate as he has to be and would literally shiv some motherfuckers if he had to.
I am really thinking Camila is the winner of this season. I don’t know if I’m way off, but this is the first time I’ve felt this strong of a winners edit from this show the whole time. Camila hasn’t had this many confessionals and stories even on the past seasons she has won.
I wish I cared about Andy Dick and Laurel. I love Laurel, but Dick is kind of annoying.
Wait...Of all the times to not have an elimination? Seems odd.
Make pairs. CT instantly “Guys, I don’t care.”
Why is there so much of this personal cam stuff this season? People keep having these selfie videos, I thought it was just a Bananas thing at first, but it’s persisted.
I think this is one of those comps that is way harder than they make it look. Just hanging on the tubes is going to tire you out, climbing across them and then having to pull yourself up a rope?
I need closed captioning for Foosball and Smashley way too often.
Camila looks like she’s halfway to just standing the hell up and running across these tubes.
That round of CT and Camila seemed like the waves were suddenly teen times worse when they got to the flag?
Cory completely in the water and pulling himself back up? That’s tough.
“It all comes down to Jenna.” Ohhhh it comes down to the time. I had complete faith in Jenna.
TJ throwing a house party instead of an elim? Bah, get these shitty Underdogs out of here.
“Something fishy’s going on.”
Camila calling Laurel humble lmao
EP 11:
I don’t give a fuck where you’re from foosball! Go back home!
Holy Hell Camila is looking hot as hell this season.
Finally, they just kiss and get it over with!
Was hoping for another kind of mini final for the bloodbath.
Everyone is going to the fortress? Damn, they’re cuttin down in half quick.
Jenna: “I’m just here for the final” Damn straight, that’s what you do! Lol
Laurel not pulling punches, thinking Andy Dick is going home.
Nelson and Foosball out here seriously not understanding rows and columbs lmao
45 fucking minutes!!! An hour and a fucking half and no one is done lmao Wow people
TJ getting tired and telling people to add them up before asking for a check.
Almost two hours for the first one to complete. Good god.
Goodbye Foosball!
I literally have zero doubt that Jenna will be in this final lol
“Ashley looks like she’s in an argument with a split personality right now.” When did CT become the best narrator?
Jenna, eliminated for the first time ever!!!! Shit, that’s a bummer.
“I never went home before, so it’s a little upsetting!”
Amanda and Smashley are huge fucking shit talkers this season lol jesus.
Looks like a 3 way elim?
Seeing everyone run and then bounce back once they hit the wall will never get old.
They just aren’t realizing what the Gauntlet 3(I think? Maybe Duel?) guys did and just team up against Nicole?
Good god, it took 40 minutes and Shane telling them how to do it to realize they could get an easy win.
I didn’t realize it was a restart. Ashley fucked over Amanda for sure lmao
Looks like Amanda actually got the first one. Nicole’s so wrapped up in powering over Amanda she’s not worrying about actually being quick.
Ohhh, Nicole by technicality.
Damn, Nelson just played them both. He had that shit in seconds.
Don’t tell me Nelson gets the win and then is the first to throw a punch. Lmao I’ve said all season his confessionals look like he’s angry and has a vendetta.
EP 12:
Oh, he goes to punch and misses. Lucky idiot.
What was Shane even doing?
Nelson is absolutely terrible at confrontation, or conversations starting with a disagreement. He just kind of quietly yells the same things over and over.
Don’t show her lick the peanut butter spoon again! Dammit!
She ate moldy peanut butter!
CT trying to stir the pot between Laurel and Andy Dick lol
I feel like everyone is joking and finding this funny except for Andy Dick. She’s so mad about an almost empty thing of peanut butter from weeks ago lol
This looks like a cool ass challenge. Like an escape room, but literally.
Camila:“No yelling! CT...” “Me? You gotta lot of nerve.”
I feel like forcefully kicking the door in is kind of breaking the challenge… lol Literally the door isn’t even supposed to go that way! I feel like this would have been a DQ in the old days lol
How did CT realize the coconuts were going to fall when they opened the door? Had the underdogs already opened theirs and it just didn’t show that in editing?
At least Camila noticed it. They literally forced a door the wrong way to not have to dig in the sand. I’m usually against vets getting treatment or anything by default, but that feels like a DQ.
Fucking “Fustrated” rears it’s damn head again.
There is not a chance in hell this Laurel/Andy Dick relationship goes anywhere.
Bug in broccoli being a glimpse at Smashley in the final?
TJ tells the Champs they’re in the final, but didn’t say that to the Underdogs.
I can’t tell if Camila is being smart or dumb carrying the whole bundle of rope.
Laurel’s taken almost 5 minutes just to get all the rope over the top?
Both of these look like nothing compared to any of these tangles in the past.
I feel like these knot elims are just all over the place with editing. It’s felt like Camila was so far behind the entire time, but then she’s near done and then Laurel looks way behind. It looks like Laurel just gives up. I feel like I just want to see a standing still camera time lapse of both progress.
“Ugh, get the fuck out of here. I don’t give hugs!” TJ <3
EP 13:
In todays saga of CBS all access being complete shit: The thumbnail spoils the winner of the guys elim. :/ So much for that cliffhanger...
I’ll be interested to see how this shakes out though. Darrell really seemed to come in looking strong as hell throughout this whole thing.
Uh...I think CT is breaking this challenge lmao This looks impossible to untangle.
Looks like Darrell tried to start copying CT’s method at one point.
TJ’s laugh at CT just hanging at the end lol
Will Darrel even be able to begin to unravel CT’s mess? Lol I can kind of see why the thumbnail spoils it because once you see it it’s kind of a forgone conclusion lol
CT looks pretty gassed though, I think Darrell would win this if CT didn’t outsmart the elim.
Yeah, CT broke that shit lol
“See that, little fatso! Dadda still kick your little ass!” Dad CT is the best.
I will really be shocked to see any of these underdogs winning over Camila and CT.
Besides Cory, I hate all the Underdogs left.
I especially hate Nelson and Andy Dick now that we’re sitting here having this inspirational team chat.
Smashley has just been a series of wanting to leave. Please, god, let her go.
I love watching CT love watching this drama that he’s no longer a part of lol He just loves sitting back and smiling at the chaos.
Don’t puff up Smashley’s damn head. Don’t encourage her!
The beds look better, but the outside of the normal house they left literally can’t be beat. They had an amazing pool, a beautiful deck area and pond? This place is lame compared to that.
I’m watching the challenge, I don’t need the spiritual self reflection bullshit.
Diem :(
OK, CT talking about his son giving him a reason to live and a reason to move on is really about to make me cry.
Three damn days? Really? Can we go the opposite way? Make it shorter, not longer? Lol Length doesn’t necessarily mean difficulty.
100k each? Bananas laughs with 275k...
Predictions: CT > Cory > Nelson Camila > Smashley > Andy Dick
EP 14:
Do you want to just take the puzzle with us? It’s not that heavy. Holy shit, this chick is dumb hahaha
“Is there a triangle in the sign?” How are the camera crews not sitting there dying laughing?
How to they get the right number of triangles from the damn sign?!?! Hahaha They’re just trying to break the combo lock. These dumbass people. They get the right number of triangles and still fail.
They can’t even beat it when given the answer. Jesus christ. The producers are literally saying “Just go. Go.”
I don’t think I could understand the dumbness of Andy Dick and Cory.
TJ looks disappointed in having to tell them they’re correct lol
That’s all of day one?!?! Seriously? I don’t care what they say, these finals have become weak.
A different stray dog? Lol
I like the idea of the time buster. If you’re going to make these finals about combined times you might as well do more with that.
Horse urine fermented eggs...Really? Lol
Some times I feel like their safety restraints give them too much support when doing some of these balance type things. It’s like they can half rely on their support. Nelson is barely holding any ropes to keep reaching.
No, I don’t want to see CT struggle!
How the hell is the ASL chick the only one in the history of this show to say frustrated correctly lol
Nelson doesn’t seem to do well under pressure.
I think Smashley being able to gloat about anything is the worst possible outcome.
They solved it on the wrong post haha
“Hashtag Dad-bod” CT owning it.
Cory is a baby. He is like one hardship away from quitting.
The fear on Cory’s face when CT says he thinks it will be all night lmao He’s already miserable.
This chick and peanut butter…
Hahahaha TJ coming in saying “What the fuck?” and CT instantly running back to the beads is fucking hilarious. Calling them eating cans “partying” hahaha
“Tomorrows a new day” he says as the sky lightens behind him.
Andy Dick really seems like the worst partner on just about every leg of this final.
Camila makes all these guys look like bitch mode lol She’s constantly angry and she probably doesn’t make working with her easy, but every partner with her looks like the weak link.
The final solo segment is holding on to a bar and then swimming? I’m sorry, am I crazy? This final just seems weak.
If you would have put a puzzle at the bottom of those long ass stairs from the last underdog elim and the key to the puzzle at the top, it alone would have been harder than this final.
This last segment seems like it’s just a time to have each individual running so they can run back footage of their journey. It’s the torch walk of survivor lol
Two entire segments of the episode are dedicated to this individual montage and segment of the final. Ugh.
Cory is kind of a bum when it comes to these finals. Surprised Nelson beat him.
CT WIN!!! Dad Bod still has it!
I love CT laughing! “It’s going to be his new favorite toy, whether he likes it or not.”
I’m so tired of Nelson and Andy Dick and sad we will no doubt get more of them.
HOLY SHIT. SMASHLEY BEAT CAMILA. HOLY FUCK. That is the biggest shock in Challenge history for me. Wow, I’m speechless.
TJ trying to say they have to stay in the hut another night. Lol
EP 15:
“The toughest final I have ever seen.” Oh shush
Miz looking a bit older.
Why does Cara look pissed with Andy Dick showing up? Lol
Damn, Laurel is possessive lol
CT and Johnny loving the drama haha
Laurel really seems to be making more of this than really should be. I feel like she’s always just looking for a reason to be mad at Cara.
CT doesn’t like “Finger banged” as a term lmao
Camila’s weird dancing in intimidation is a weird new thing…
Oh god, why did they bring Foosball on the reunion?!
Camila really has a thing for see-thru
Camila’s dancing does look really stupid lmao
Nelson is fucking annoying.
Nelson you have the blessing of Johnny fucking Bananas, sit down it doesn’t mean much.
Nelson is a dolt. Cory wouldn’t even be there without him haha
Nelson is really going to sit here and let second place go to his head this much? Fucker acts like he’s a king for getting second once! Lmao
Does Miz really have to relate everything to himself and being a WWE Superstar?
So wait, Johnny actually had something to do with Smashley first possible quit rant and it didn’t show Johnny’s involvement?
Is this like the third time Cara has worn these weird Deadpool tights on the reunions?
I kind of want to watch this Champs vs Stars spin off thing. Doesn’t seem like any of the spin-offs made it to CBS all access though.
Kailah definitely had the ugliest cry.
Overall thoughts and TL/DR:
I actually liked this season. It at least had a decent level of competition, mostly due to splitting the strong vs the weak, and the challenges themselves were pretty good. I am not completely sure I understand the reasoning behind the breakdown of how the season was handled and how the format was decided, but I was fine cutting out a lot of rookies before getting to the actual game. The thing that I didn’t like and what the format did to the game, was that there was very little politics or strategizing. The votes didn’t really matter too much too often because the selection was so limited and the two teams never really intermingled in anything. It seemed about as purely challenge focused as you could get which made for it’s own kind of boring season. It was nice having a lot of these people back, but it was a bummer with the season not really feeling like a true challenge? If that makes sense. Also, as I've said: I feel like these finals have sucked. These finals just aren't the same things that they used to be. Sure they're longer, they have multiple days and grueling elements. But they're no longer a nightmare test of endurance and will. It's multiple sprints spread out through multiple days.
Please don’t bring back Foosball and Nelson.
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2020.09.11 17:14 Sanity0004 First time viewing The Challenge as a Big Brother/Survivor fan, Part 10(Battle of the Bloodlines)

So my run through of the seasons continues, this time with Battle of the Bloodlines. I put a TL:DR or overall thoughts down at the bottom if you don't want to go through each episode. Check my posting history if you want to check out the past seasons I've been through so far.
Thanks for reading these, they're fun to make and make going through the seasons more enjoyable.
EP 1:
I thought Camila was short, but she seems a head taller than her sister. Damn
Not surprised Jenna is back.
I feel like if they were going for a season of bloodlines they could have tried for more vets or big names from the challenge to at least use it as an excuse to get some people back. It seems like they went the easiest route possible and got half of the previous season and some rookies and a whole bunch of pointless add ons.
I'm really worried I'm not going to like how this show changes moving forward... lol
Fucking Johnny and his god damn speeches
Oh, I didn't even recognize Kellyanne.
Damn, the son is coming up and they're still just drinking and hanging out
"Expect the most maniacal twists" after literally the first thing resembling a twist ever happens
Why were we robbed of Cohutta and Kellyanne, or even Nany on Exes 2, rather than fucking Bananas
Caught a weird angle on Christina and really thought they snuck Casey on the season for a second.
I really never understand the people that come on here and literally think they can openly cheat. Like God damn, how do you have anyone trust you if you think you can get away with it on a show let alone real life?
Guy who is cheating says they didn't hook up, girl who doesn't care says they did lol
Coming in and throwing out shit like "typical woman move" is definitely the way to come in as rookies lol
He literally has nothing to say
Angry drunk casting strikes again
Imagine coming in this game with a family member as a teammate and going out for fighting with the same family member lmao
Wait...is this the house from Seasons? Or another season? I recognize those stairs that Sam got pushed down right beside of!
He didn't hit you Shane, but I'm preeeetty sure you hit him a few times.
THEY get the clear? Pffft production is so damn wishy washy
So you thought Jenna being worthless was so entertaining you thought it a great idea to bring her just as useless cousin on with her. Great.
Rules must be stopping them from collecting water from the moat that has collected around the hill lol Just fall over and go "Oops, I must have picked up a little extra."
Leroy even mad at his damn sibling!
God damn, Johnny is murdering this.
Oh no people may be trying to come for Johnny? Unfair! lol
I seriously can't take the cartoon drawing on Nicole that she calls makeup.
Seems weird to have male and female days when there is multiple teams with both male or both female. If it's a female day do the all guy teams not even try because it doesn't matter? I'm confused? This seems dumb.
Having the rookie make a speech about putting someone up because they're a rookie? lol seems smart
Vince starting shit lol
EP 2:
I'm only just starting episode 2 and I think I hate this season. This may be my least favorite cast from the jump.
Uhhhh, did Cara just give a Hand Job to some RUTO random, WHILE SHE'S DATING ABRAM?!?! What in the shit Cara?!?! Cara just plummeted in my mind. Eeeesh
Every time I see Jenna and Brianna I suddenly get struck with a wave disgruntlement.
I hate this cast.
Starting off early with the eating challenges. I'm ok with this.
Interesting that they chose to do this role/position aspect randomly. Doesn't usually seem like their thing.
It'd be weird to have the snake cuddling around with you, but I honestly can't see being all that freaked out about it. The bugs definitely has the worst end of the bargain.
How are they possibly going to determine the worse out of this lmao first to give up?
Eh, some people didn't do near as bad as I thought. Kellyanne seemed to struggle going in but looked to blow it away.
Jenna and Brianna continue to prove their worthlessness.
Again, don't understand the discrepency between the girl/guy days. Could the girls literally have just not tried because they assumed it was a guy's day? This seems so dumb.
Wow, Kelleyanne looked like she killed it. Shocked she was at the bottom of guy teams.
With the way Cara was orchestrating the helping of Cohutta last episode I'm assuming Johnny is going in against Cohutta? Maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up.
Oh, I guess she's just going to Cohutta and seeing who they want.
Ugh, I hate this fuckin' cast. These twins just seem like all talk. Notice they get all snappy with Cara, but even though it was Cohutta that called them out they don't go to him at all?
Awe, Cara has Diem on her arm.
Nany just blowing up Cara's spot. So I'm assuming Cara was thinking there was no cameras in the bus and then suddenly Johnny has a gopro and suddenly Thomas needs to go?
God damn. Nany's sister looks like a damn cartoon character with her makeup.
I feel like Aneesa is trying to get Jenna/Brianna to quit lol "She's not even cute!"
Again, why. Why the fuck was Jenna brought back and why the fuck did they think her trainwreck cousin was worth bringing on with her?
I agree with Cohutta, these people are insanely crazy. Fucking hell.
I feel like Cohutta is doing terribely with this Elim. He's not even trying for the ball. Once he tackles him he just wraps him up and sits there.
Wait wait wait wait. Someone just talked about wanting to quit and only staying for their cousin and you're going to switch up teams to where she has no motivation to stay? What?!
EP 3:
Ok, so they're doing Survivor style swaps. Teams of two now swapping to two big teams. I'm ok with this.
As much as I hate Johnny, Cara is smart to grab Johnny first.
Cara's cousin is looking at this much smarter. It's more about saddling your team with the worse people than it is about picking the best.
Cara's team is getting fucked right now with these picks lmao Candice, Brianna, AND Aneesa's family member. That team is fucked. Was Johnny not trying to help with the picks at all? I can't imagine he'd be quiet.
I'm loving the recycling of challenges from the last couple seasons.
I was about to ask why Cara looked like the least secure person to jump but then I remembered she has a height fear.
Did they literally get Candice to walk off the challenge and directly in to a confessional? lol They wanted to get the shot with the blood.
I like this voting mechanic. That's gonna be rough.
Nany just randomly voting Aneesa just to be a bitch lol
Camila don't fuck around with her politics. You wanna throw out her name you better
Nany, you didn't vote for Larissa, but you also threw away your vote instead of voting for Jenna. I feel like you took some notes from Johnny. Also, I again bring up the fact that Nany and Johnny were kissing Jenna's ass at the last reunion.
These fuckin' throwaway votes lol Aneesa and Nany are playing bitchy. Not voting against Camila doesn't do shit if you could have voted for the next closest person.
Ok, at least the team came around to their senses. I don't know what they were thinking.
The way it was being determined I thought maybe they were done with the representing aspect in the elim, but calling Camila and Briana up makes me wonder if it will be Camila vs Jenna.
Jenna wins one elimination and wants to be cocky lmao
Hope this Tony dude is ok, but I'm perfectly fine with Shane/Tony going. Bye.
EP 4:
Shocked by Candice and Leroy. The big toe stops you from competing?! I would think it'd be more out of fear of the lip busting open again and getting worse.
Guess I was wrong about the representation aspect in the Elims. Makes it a lot easier to get rid of strong players with just voting in their weaker partner.
I really wish they didn't make so many elims dependant on body weight and size.
Bye Camila. You got screwed. I would have actually liked seeing Camila vs Jenna in the same elim.
"We're going to be here to the final." "Yup, probably." Good enthusiasm Brianna lmao
Oh no, Johnny lost two of his numbers in one night. :c
Eeeeeeesh, Every time I see this Cara/Thomas shit I just cringe super fucking hard. Jesus.
So many damn people cheating on this show. God damn!
I love when people are completely opposite what they show from their confessionals lmao Cory, all over Aneesa, gets told by his partner to shape up. Gets in confessional "She's showing me she's more childish then I thought. I'm gonna put an end to that." -Jennifer Lawrence ok.gif
Nany and Johnny are definitely the cheifs of hooking up and not really letting it effect their games lol
Damn, another pair gone.
Oh shit. Oh SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT Huge fucking eye emoji. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.
Abram, coming in to this house right now is fucking hilarious. Cara, just straight awkward.... Oh fuck hahaha
Oh god the awkwardness. I love it!
Johnny and Nany fucking loving it!
Abram doesn't look like he's in the best of shape though...
Cara shockingly doesn't look happy or excited.
AND Trivia? Best episode ever?!
I feel like they've asked this 60/60/60 angle questions multiple times now. I wonder if it's a trivia staple. I also don't think anyone's gotten it right.
God, I hate so much of this cast. But hey Abram is here and I am so ready for this drama.
5 sides on a stop sign? What?!
Fake face girl of all people winning it for the red team? Shocked.
Damn, I thought trivia was going long but that's the end of the episode?
EP 5:
What a weird place to pick up on an episode. It's like the old half hour episode days.
"I wouldn't lose a day of sleep if Banana's fell off a cliff." I knew I liked Abram.
What....just happened? Did Abram's brother volunteer to go in to Elim? Like...why? The crazy gene is strong with this family.
Cara STILL hanging around with Thomas. What is in this chick's head?!
"I don't want to talk to that bitch(aneesa) either." Cory going downhill fast.
You think Aneesa is dumb enough to fall for this obvious politicking kiss ass? You dumb rookies.
Aneesa, don't be stupid.
I'd usually be all for newbies coming in and fucking shit up, but most of these rookies are just annoying as hell.
"You're showing your true colors." Cory, you literally only even talked to Aneesa to get a vote. Who's true colors were seen?
"Nobodies afraid ladies." These twins are nothing but mouth.
I don't even know who this Anthony guy is... lol
Mitch looks like he's about to cry when this Anthony guy votes for him.
It sucks that so many people went home so quicky because I feel like the format didn't get to play out as well as it could have. They're basically forced now to vote for alliances rather than trying to weaken or strengthen teams. Which I think is the best part of the teams/pair aspect of this system.
Johnny is a douchebag, but Dario and Raphy are really not ones to talk lol
TJ just smiling and nodding watching it all. I love TJ lmao
Throwing off his mic. Isn't that like a big no no? I remember everyone jumping in and trying to help Jasmine when she almost did that. Like they didn't care before that, but as soon as she went for her mic everyone jumped on her to stop her.
Them being mad at Aneesa is fucking hilarious. You guys basically dogged her and only talked to her for her vote. Ya'll are idiots.
They're saying the vote was in Aneesas hands, but are they going on the assumption that Mike would have voted for himself? Because even with Aneesa's vote the decision was off by 2?
"Did they ask you if you saw them come out of the bathroom?" God damn Cara. What the shit. This isn't even like the Paula situation, where Yes Paula was shit for what she did, but Ty was pressing that shit constantly and it was weeks of it. Cara was hooking up with this dude like a week in. God damn chick.
I remember thinking early on that Kellyanne seemed more mature and stable than a lot of people on the cast, from seasons like The Island or Ruins, but I feel like she's just gotten more childish and insecure as seasons go on? Aneesa's acting just as stupid in this episode, but Kellyanne just seems kind of like the desperate girl trying to get attention from all the popular guys or something. It's a weird energy.
Jenna not considering things racist? Color me shocked.
"2020's in hindsight." That's definitely not the saying, but god do I wish Kellyanne.
I can't express how hilarious it would be for the twins to lose this lmao
Using only his arms lol, what a dumbass
Oh fuck. His damn foot slips! He fucking had it!
Hahahahaha the bitch twins gave up and tried to wine about the yellow hitting the line lmao
What idiots. All mouth, and then they're mouths get them the loss. Wow
Aneesa, wise the fuck up. Cory just wants your vote at this point.
EP 6:
Oh shit, A Dirty little secret. Ominous episode title!!!!!
Johnny at yoga is pretty funny, not gonna lie
I love Abram's hate for Johnny. He calls it true! "False friendships, selling people up river, just false to your face." So true!
Love the Johnny hate Abram, but you're definitely letting emotion effect the game my dude.
People can't stop talking about Cara/Thom. lol How is she not walking around this house with an ulser with worry of who's going to say something.
I would love nothign more than the guys get to a challenge and TJ just saying "First thing first, Cara we have to address something." I would love nothing more than for TJ just to put the drama out there RIGHT before a challenge.
Its challenges like this that really shows the benefit of vets and experience.
Kellyanne offering to go in? Saves time I guess.
Johnny, I understand not wasting the time in fighting for Nany in deliberations, but to vote for her is just stupid and pointless. You're not gaining any face with people already gunning for you by voting for someone who everyone knows you're aligned with. You're doing yourself a diservice voting for Nany. You're just being stupid.
Like Nany says, throwing his vote away would just back up what he's said for years. He's so loyal isn't he?!
I had genuinely no idea who Anthony was lol
"No matter what I do is the wrong thing." Well yeah, when you do shit that makes no sense but is some weird veiled attempt at supporting your team or garnering favor. You're a dumbass and just as much talk as Raphy and Dario
Who the hell is Cara talking to? Who is Jamie?!?
It's been two seasons of Nany crying over Johnny, yes she still has feelings for him.
He didn't want to make his girlfriend mad hahahahahahaha Johnny's been the one to talk up in the reunions how people hide from cameras to fuck and all this shit. Not voting for a friend is the most hilarious copout that is so empty.
Fuuuuuck, 50 times?! This is a better test of endurance. Damn. I think Nany has this one easily.
Oh god, AND Kellyanne has some kind of chest cold? Good luck chick.
Kellyanne actually won. I'm shocked. The comp having a bell on each side actually made it easier than I thought. I was thinking it was only on one end.
I'm happy to have Nany's sister out of the house lol
Hahaha I love Johnny basically saying "come at me" with this Cara secret. Let this alliance see if it can stick shit out. You have a crazy guy on your house just waiting to blow up lol It's dirty, but I love it.
EP 7:
Cara continuing to just call it flirtation is great.
Wait wait wait. Is Johnny really just having his Cousin go out there and blow it up? You giant pussy! Johnny wanting to keep his hands clean and leaving it up to someone with no fucking sense of even how to talk.
Cara, you suck ass.
Cara just trying to pass it off as trying to get further in the game is really a shit way to handle this lol What a way to try and pass your shitty behavior off as "gameplay"
"I did say that, Johnny." "It's cool Abe!" Johnny not in power is so much better than Johnny in power.
Abram is straight chaos and I love it. It has saved this season.
Aneesa how the hell long have you done these. What weak shit.
Cara needing stuff to be easier for her is hilariously sad.
Abram is insane, and I fucking love it.
I feel like Abram came in with the entire mindset of wanting Cara to win. Him and his partner wanting to go in to elim as soon as they got there, him wanting to get Johnny out and not wanting Cara to team with him. I think his whole mindset was to go in and just help Cara.
Of all the things to NOT have Abram himself being in the elim?! Destroying shit! That would have been hilarious to see.
Fucking "Home wrecker" Wooooooooooow
This elim is fucking awesome.
Abram causes himself to get a bloody nose lmao
Can we just talk about Abram barking like a dog and quietly in the back ground Jenna and Briana are spinning in circles? What?!
Stephen literally can't even get through the tiniest table hahaha
This is not even close. This is so damn sad.
Motivational crazy Abram is my favorite Abram
Oh Cara, come on. You're just now going to talk all about this breaking up shit and saying Abram there is harder for you in the game. Just be real, you're upset your new cuddle buddy left and you're upset Abram came in to make it awkward for you on tv. That being said though, why were you even still with him? lol dude is crazy. But you don't cheat on the dude!
EP 8:
Throwing it for Kellyanne? Johnny wouldn't even talk during deliberation for Nany lmao
At least everyone is clearly talking about how shitty Johnny is with his game. He's dirty, but he talks like he's a damn saint lol
I am continually shocked everytime this Jamie dude shows up on the screen lmao
Wait wait wait wait. CT and Diem's sister are joining the game? I'm about to fucking cry! It seems stupid late in the game to impliment a new team, but it's CT! I don't care!
No colored shirts, probably just an audible on the specific challenge.
I'm going to cry! "Do it for D!" I love CT!
Faith seems more interesting and has more screen presence in like one confessional than half this bloodlines cast lol
I'm pretty sure they just gave Aneesa the "Complete" but she looked like she fell a whole square before the yellow line...
Johnny "helping" lol This is my issue with Johnny. He can't just do shit in the open. He talks so much shit about Wes throwing shit, but he had a reason to and he owned it. You couldn't even talk during deliberations to help Nany and pass it off as saving face with a team, then not wanting to upset your girlfriend. But here you are throwing a competition and sabotaging other players to help a different girl. You're fake as hell and you just hide from it so plainly. It's disgusting.
I never remember who this Jamie guy is but at least he's calling Kellyanne rightfully out.
Hahahah Johnny's face when they get announced the winner. I love it.
Kellyanne fucked up talking shit lol
There's only 3 people that can go in and only one is going to be safe. There's no real reason to be angry at this point.
Jenna and Brianna getting screwed by Johnny too haha Only now realizing it. Johnny promises everyone everything and just watches as they all go out one by one.
Vince out of nowhere with "I have to go by performance today" haha yeah that sounds like Johnny, not owning up to the reason behind their choices. Had an alliance from the jump with Aneesa/Jenna/Nany and basically two of those are getting screwed over and Kellyanne is moved up the pecking order over everyone because of Anthony lmao You people are so damn dumb.
Kellyanne literally can't even defend Anthony hahaha
Oh here we go, Johnny voting against his alliance people to "save face" haha
I'm happy to see everything is finally coming to head for Johnny. Just wish these people weren't so stupid to believe it in the first place.
CT and Faith!!!!!
Kellyanne came back on the show because of Diem passing? That's actually really sweet. Not sure how true it actually is but I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and find it really touching. Kellyanne comes off more authentic than Cara does with her writing Diem on her arm and saying Diem for a trivia answer.
Vince wanting to start shit with CT? lol Dumbass
"I heard me and you would have been competition in the past." "In the past you would have already been knocked out." I love CT
Please tell me Jenna and Brianna are finally gone.
What in the holy hell is Kellyanne doing? lol She blows a huge lead by trying to flip the blocks and worry about their sizes? Jenna just comes in and throws them all up like it's nothing.
Anyone falling for Johnny and his bullshit has no one to blame but themselves. Kellyanne and Anthony just watched Johnny fuck over Nany, why did you think you'd be any different?
EP 9:
Of course Johnny wouldn't like Abram. He's too honest and not willing to believe his bullshit.
"Creepy uncle Vince" This show has a weird track record with Vince's
This is a cool scary challenge lol
Brianna didn't even try. Jesus.
Oh my god these people. Four in a row not trying! What in the hell?! You can't go under fucking water?! Did I miss the description of the task? Were people throwing it to have the fastest swimmers do it?
Abe getting in the box and cracking up. Abram is insane and amazing tv.
Everyone joking about Abram taking the chance to kill Johnny is reallllllly weird?
Some of these comps, I wonder if TJ hates that he even has to be there for them lol They're under water the whole time and TJ just announces when they're out. I'm surprised he's not sitting in a chair under shade having to be reminded to blow the horn.
If you told me at the drawing of teams that Red team would not lose a challenge I would seriously not believe you.
Vince saying he's not worried about it when he's been letting the team down constantly lol Of course he isn't.
Yes! Get rid of Johnny before it goes back to pairs!
Johnny running off to shore up his easy votes like easy. Doesn't give a shit about them, throws them in, but oh wait I can get their vote!
"I just hope you're not just sweet talking me." Jenna, you're a dumbass. He's only talking to you when it comes down to your vote lol Good thing it's Brianna with the vote and not you. She seems to buy less of Johnny's shit.
It's funny how Johnny doesn't play the "rookie" card and "earning stripes" when the rookie and person who's been terrible is tied to his fate.
Fucking Brianna and Jenna. Ya'll are so dumb. You are going to instantly get screwed right after this.
Call em out Abram! Call em out!
I have a feeling Mike is just going to throw this for Cara. Like I said, Abram just seems like he's had the mentality of helping Cara along since he's gotten here.
I get CT again, he was already there....but why Zach? Is it just to show off that he cut his hair off?
Comparing Zach and CT is laughable.
Could you imagine if Johnny was in the pit and was taken out by CT again?!
CT looked like he came in to kill someone in Cutthroat. He looks a lot more relaxed coming in here.
Hahaha Jamie looks like a child in this competition. His head just constantly being pulled against the wall.
Jamie, no matter how often being told, just refuses to use his legs.
"I think I'm nicer than CT" Oh Zach... that's funny. You have two full seasons of screaming at your female team members.
I'm with Aneesa. Hearing "Cuz" and "cousin" this often is just weird.
Of all the eliminations to bring in ringers for, this is kind of a boring one.
There was basically the only real risk left for Cara. I would say they're chalked in for the final at this point if not the win.
EP 10:
(With absolutely zero people paying attention) Vince: "Stupid bar tricks." and tries to blow a ping pong ball in the air, for no apparent reason or directed at anyone? What even is this dude?
Yes, a mini final! I hope this is a new trend of having a mini final every season.
This basically is a final with only 3 teams having any kind of chance at this lmao Aneesa and Jenna and their pairs have jack shit of a chance.
Brianna carrying this weight that looks bigger and heavier than she is! Lmao
"There's rocks on the ground!" Jenna... You say some of the funniest shit unintentionally.
I really wouldn't call struggling with the first leg "gassing out" it's more like they're suddenly struck with the struggle and just need to adjust and get on track. It's not like they're to the point of not being able to walk. They just aren't used to climbing an incline with a bag of weight on their backs.
I'm actually shocked by Cory and Mitch being so far behind everyone.
Ok, I spoke too soon. Vince legit looks gassed lmao
The two teams I didn't think even had a chance are leading hahahha
If I was in some kind of pool or betting for this show Cory would have me so pissed. He is being pathetic for how much you would just be looking at him and thinking he'd be better.
This monkey bar checkpoint would be terrible if you can't do it on first try. If you can't do it the first time, why would you be able to do it a second or third time?
Weird spot to have a girl/guy differential in the comp.
Cara just fucking booking past Bananas lol
The puzzle going to be the equalizer? Aneesa going from first to last?
It's a credit to editing that they somehow turned 15 minutes of Aneesa and Rianna struggling on the monkey bars in to like two whole segments.
Last to first? Holy shit! Wow
The challenge was actually surprising as hell in just about every way. Wow
"It's going to be a hard decision to make." What? How?!
Johnny just doing anything to keep himself out of Elim lol "Jamie sucks, he'd be easy to beat." Definitely not Vince, who's been terrible throughout the season. Not at all!
Good god, if Bananas and Vince scraped by again I would have flipped my shit.
"Knock these egos down." Vince, I didn't expect you to be so self aware...oh you weren't talking about yourself. Nevermind, carry on.
Johnny saying "If I go in and beat Cara, this could be considered one of my best wins I've every had." rings to me like Bananas trying to excuse a coming loss after the fact. Like he loses this elim and then wants to preemptively talk about the competition of Cara as being some huge win knowing damn well he loses. Fucking Johnny, I hate you if this happens. This is such a fucking Johnny move to belittle his loss like it was a big competitor. If you lose it will one hundred percent be because Vince is godawful at everything.
It sounds like Johnny is thinking this is a color related puzzle, but I think it's more about the pattern of the lines. I don't think they have it.
Johnny is gone!
The Challenge is starting to get that Survivor problem where some big competitor leaves just short of the final and they started to put in the fire making challenge. Stuff like CT leaving before Free Agents, Johnny/Nany in Exes 2. There's an aspect of lesser competition getting to the end simply because the two big competitors face off leading to the end. Cara vs Johnny in the final would be more interesting than Jenna being in another damn final, or Aneesa and her partner having no chance.
EP 11:
Location change! This seems like a standard at this point...
Oh we checked off someone having to ask where it is. Even for Berlin.
Aneesa talking about getting this far and then failing, and then immediately sabotaging and tearing down her cousin.
They walk in to this hotel and it looks like it'd be the location of an older Real World season lol the weird furniture and colors everywhere.
Aneesa seems completely uninterested in even trying to care about her family member she brought in to this lol
Aneesa's like I'm just here for the money, and Rianna actually seemed to want to get to know her family member and have a good time.
All Aneesa talks about in these confessionals is needing Rianna in the game and to get her head in to it. Rianna's just talking about Aneesa being standoffish and rude. Maybe one of those things would kind of help the other? Like, give Rianna a reason to care to help you win money, or want to work harder for you. You might as well be Zach screaming at the girl.
Another cool competition. This season's cast has been lackluster, but the challenges have been on point.
Aneesa just seems so angry and bitter at this point.
Cory/Mitch blowing it away.
Aneesa sees her final fall away before her eyes.
Oh god. Cara says "Fustrated"...
"Then go to another country!" Aneesa says as if she has a choice...
Wait wait...it's come full circle. Now Aneesa is yelling at someone else to figure out who they are and who they wanna be. I've heard that argument thrown at Aneesa way too much.
Is..Is Aneesa talking about Cara right in front of her, like she's not there and not even a human? lol Aneesa, are you getting to Robin and Katie levels at this point? My brunette crazy drunk crush squad is closed up, sorry.
I definitely think there is a quality of fakeness to Cara, but Aneesa, I think you're a bit off the mark with her accent and how she approaches the game.
Bar Wrestle back, if there was anything Cara could come up short on.
I love that they try to act like an elbow or knee during the bar wrestle is dirty, but continue to keep bar wrestle in the game because of this exact aspect of it.
Saying Jamie won against CT is definitely stretching it lol
Jenna two for two in finals? Underrated great competitor? lol yeah right.
EP 12:
Jenna being the one to talk shit about being in a final... What reality is this?
Franz! A tailor?
City Final!!!!
A part of me would actually love Jenna and Brianna winning this lol
Oh yeah predictions: Cara/Jamie > Cory/Mitch > Jenna/Brianna
Cory and Mitch having to sit on only the second lap lol
Only the guys seem to have issues with this. Maybe 120 is a little much compared to the girls' 60?
"Janky carnival games"
Oh Cara come on. Literally crying from just fake beer?
Cara, you have rookies talking shit about your whining! THIS is how you handle drinking liquid?
Jenna and Brianna are just killing this.
At this point I purely think Aneesa lost her mind with Cara because of how much she had to hear "Cus" and "Cousin".
Jenna and Brianna blowing it away, just waiting for them to blow it away just in time to hear it's only day 1.
Part 1 ughhh. I miss marathon one day style finals. I don't care if it makes the final less suspenseful, or if one team blows it out of the water. I'd rather see people have to fight to not give up entirely.
Oh, is it still one day, just two parts?
EP 13:
I hope they have to swim in these suits.
You can just not eat them and get a 5 minute pinulty? Is that enough time?
Oh no Cara's worst enemy! Liquid!
Good god, Jamie seems like he's about to fill up that damn bucket.
Oh I see, it seems you have to eat everything, there is just a time limit for how long you have to get them done.
Jenna, also with no gag reflex. Zach seems to have a type.
TJ, amazing actor.
This city final has been a complete disappointment.
Just a random 2 mile jog around a track to end it. Did they just run out of ideas for finals?
These number puzzles and tangrams are again just like fire making in survivor. If you come in to these games not practicing these puzzles and learning basic strategies for them, then what are you even doing here? They come up just about every single season. Especially with the likelihood of people coming back multiple times. There's players of Survivor that will practice every single TYPE of puzzle they use and they have a much lower chance of ever even coming back let alone seeing the puzzle again. This show you're likely to come back on and likely to see these puzzle types. Do your damn homework!
I came around on Jenna/Brianna a lot. Happy to see them finish it.
Cara winning just seems tainted lol Like, I wasn't necessarily rooting for her so much as rooting against Johnny and then against the rookies and Jenna.
I hate when any show or episode starts with random teasers for the episode. Just get to it.
Vince starting the episode looking like an idiot.
Nicole looks less like a cartoon character.
At least Jenna is looking at all the elim's positively. Saying she had to make up for the previous season and never going in.
Bananas kissing ass of Jenna again, she must be coming back again...
Rianna looking good on this reunion. She looks a lot different than she was on the show.
Zach has a way of just cutting people off... geesh. Seems like a child that doesn't know how to handle a break up and just cuts, runs and hides.
Cara already crying, and they haven't even gotten to her yet.
Ugh...watching Abram's face while watching this. Ugh this is hard to watch.
Cara sit there and try to be mad or cry. You made your bed.
Abram about to cry.
Quit giving the fucking out that she did this because she was caught up in wanting to win. Fuck that noise.
At least she owns up and goes straight to Abram and says something.
Abram's tattoos just get worse and worse.
What the fuck is she trying to talk about with this being seven seasons about Abram and wanting the season. Way to take a fucking nose dive after starting off great.
This is just gross. Cara started off great, but damn it took a dive.
It just sounds a lot like fucking up and trying to find a lot of reasons to excuse it.
Didn't Thom himself say there was a handjob? lmao Cara, now you're just lying.
I hate Johnny, but I'm with him. Fuck this trying to bring up other peoples shit. Just be honest.
Quit giving her the fucking out that this has any fucking thing to do with the game.
Cara, wow. "Let me count my money. Who sent you home?" Well, that is definitely the way to address it lol
I loathe Johnny, but I agree with him when he says Cara saw she had an added number to her alliance and that was a huge factor of not telling him. She evne said it herself that she knew how he would react. She didn't want him to get DQ'd or possibly get Thom DQ'd. That's why she was upset when Abram wanted her to vote Thom in elim. At that point I do think she was just thinking about numbers and was trying to not talk about it. I don't think her getting with Thom had anything to do with thinking about the game, I hate that that is even suggested, but it definitely changed how she handled her decisions.
Can we literally not even talk about the fact that Johnny wasn't even willing to TRY to talk his team out of voting in Nany, but he was willing to throw an entire challenge to save Anthony/Kellyanne. Seriously not going to talk about that?
It was a game vote, what were you gaining? Everyone knew you were in an alliance with her and no one would care? You gained nothing, quit trying to squirm your way out of it.
Literally holding a trailer hostage to get a hashtag trending lmao
I feel like these reunions completely ignore the more pressing or interesting questions to just go for the direct and simple questions that might spark the most drama. Like not bringing up that Johnny tried to throw a challenge for Kellyanne and didn't mind not saying her name, but wouldn't even speak in defense of Nany at fucking all.
At least we're bringing up how god awful Vince was. Jesus. I'll just say it, Vince is more of a hindrance to the team than Big Easy.
"He purposely threw half of those." Fuuuuuuck out of here Johnny lmao
Good god, don't curse us with that Johnny, I never want to see Vince again. Cory is probably the only person from this season I could bet we see again. Maybe Jamie, but I doubt it.
Johnny, who has won finals with two other partners "This is the best partner I've ever had" haha this dude will literally say anything.
Why torture me at this point with hearing "cousin" more. Why?!
Overall thoughts:
I ended up coming around on this season quite a bit. The first two episodes I had absolutely zero investment. It brought in the worst parts of the previous season and then added half the cast being pointless or throwaways. The season ended up coming around, I think, due to the editing and the building of stories and drama. There wasn't a ton, but what was there was put together pretty well. Not only just the Cara and Abram situation, but also the individual elims, even though I never cared about any of these people, actually had interest and swings. I think the biggest disappointment of the season was the final. I was actually coming along and enjoying the season finally, you give me a "city" final and then it's so boring and bland and has almost nothing to do with the city other than kayaking down a river in the middle of the city and one part being in an abandoned subway. This final was an absolute bummer. It could have had the most interesting and athletic players in it and it would have still been a stail boring ass final. It's sad that the last couple seasons the mini final that they have within the season has been a better race or show of endurance than the actual finals have been.
I miss the long marathon exhaustion inducing finals. These finals are getting really lame. Fuck the winners coming down to times on the combined parts. Make the shit a race. Between the casting as of late, the group of players to continuously return, and the final going more and more down hill I'm really worried my interest and trust in the show is waning. I really hope it isn't so. I know I've heard some good about some seasons coming up, but I just don't see some issues being all that addressed.
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2020.09.09 13:50 Sanity0004 Documenting my first time through The Challenge Part 9(Battle of the Exes 2)

I'm back and going through Battle of the Exes 2. Long in depth thoughts through each episode with a TL:Doverall thoughts of the season at the end. Ran out of room to add much more preamble to this so check out previous posts if you're interested.
Battle of the Exes II
EP 1:
Going just by the quick intro it looks like their budget went up. Lot of glances at much more involved challenges.
Not Johnny R again. :/
Fucking Knight again with a mullet.
CT saying he shaved his beard since Diem was going to be there is hilarious.
Wes looking skinny these last couple seasons is so weird.
I like John the rookie comedian immediately. Very self aware, which doesn't seem like it'd be good for this show.
CT and Diem pairs again? I mean I didn't assume she'd be with someone else, but seems weird to do the same duo a second time.
"..and she had no gag reflex." Zach is gross and a douche right from the jump.
Sarah and Jordan seem like a good pair.
Nany "I have options" wow, self burn?
Bananas?!?! Damn Nany, literally who don't you go through? No judging but damn, Bananas?!
If Theresa is strong this season, her and Wes could be great. I feel like her perception of a strong challenger came out of nowhere last season though.
This first like 5 minutes seems more explicitly sexual than any of the previous seasons lol Straight up talking about gag reflexes, world class bj's, getting caught in the bathroom. They like pushing the exes and hook up factor super hard?
Wait...so was Dustin just lying his ass off last season? He said he had some "agreement" with Heather but that he was single on Free Agents? So he wasn't and THAT's what Jessica was talking about at the reunion?
Most of these rookies just seem like they were cast by some completely other production company or something. They seem like they were cast for comedic possibilities, rather than actual personalities. It just seems like a huge swing in casting style. I hope this isn't like a shifting in focus?
I love CT, I will try not to say it as often this season.
"Take my dog on the most ridiculous vacation." Wes has his priorities straight
I swear "Shut the fuck up" is the most common words to come out of Bananas' mouth.
OK, these houses are really getting ridiculous. This place looks like a resort.
Dustin seems like he's trying too hard. Like he's trying to pick up on this Jessica/Jay joke/rumor, but he just kind of runs too much with it and just keeps going on. But it seems like it's more to appease the people around rather than like he actually cares? It seems so weird and awkward?
Bus and flying to another bus to just the first comp? They definitely got their budget upped this season. Last season all the comps were in the same damn watering hole lmao
Not to be an instant naysayer, but I hate these kind of comps. They're just boring as hell. Oh, you gotta walk across a big height and you might fall. The effect is more on the cast than viewers, it just becomes boring and repetitive for viewers.
CT seemed to have the best idea, but Diem seemed to not want to do it. Just get a big push and hang on while CT holds her. They did it the first little bit, but it didn't seem like she pushed all that hard.
I feel like a Wes first power couple is the best possible choice for potential drama.
I'm glad Theresa's sketchy ass vote from Free Agents has stuck with her. Purely because it was just so stupid.
"The Banana one"
Johnny just trying to nonchalantly swim over to listen to their convos.
Wes trying to get on the good side of rookies? Seems like a bold strategy. They're a lot more volatile and emotional and probably a lot easier to break and beat down the line. But also more likely to fuck you somewhere along the line.
I feel like sending Bananas in right away is dumb when you know he'll likely stay. At least get an idea for the eliminations before you send him in. So you have better knowledge. Him and Nany are probably automatically in the top 3 or 4 of pairs for the whole season. Sending them against some rookies is just dumb.
Is Dustin on the outs really because of his gay porn? Or is it just because he's awkward and seems to get along with the women a lot more than the guys? I could definitely see a lot of these guys being put off by the dude being in gay porn, but he also just seems like he's trying too hard all the time.
"You threw me in on the ruins." I feel like that is extremely putting The Ruins lightly.
Wes really just seems like he's having fun with this meeting. Like he just wants to scare Johnny.
Yeah, I could literally see that conversation ending with Wes saying "I'm not throwing you in, I'm just messing with you." and that being why Johnny says "Fuck you for even making me have this conversation then." I feel like Wes was having fun with it and editors wanted to use it for suspense.
Dustin and Jessica going in first really does seem like a "random" ass choice... You literally could have thrown in the other Johnny and said he skated by last season and you can't have it happen again. Or anything. Seems weird to say Jessica/Dustin are in the middle so...bye.
This comp looks simple but interesting still. I like it.
Welp, Dustin/Jessica gone. I feel like there was something more going on with this social dynamic in some way.
Drunken Diem dancing. A Diem season staple.
Weird, seeing the people leaving?
The Challenge actually enacting twists? I kind of liked the purity and straight forward aspect of the show! :/
Exes II: Ponderous edition
EP 2:
The Real World Explosion is such a dumb name. Ran out of dynamic locations?
"Get the fuck over it! Something happened you didn't like in the past!" Well, Jordan has a way with words... I think I'm getting the character turn...
Well it seems Johnny has already established the friendship in the house and that everyone is going to have his side.
A suck and blow competition, yeah they're definitely leaning in to it.
Johnny not getting by this season! lol
If Avery and Johnny somehow win, I feel like Avery is an episode away from quitting.
Ok, this ball and bat section is hilarious.
Can you not just spit the peanut butter out? You just have to get it off with your tongue, not eat it? Did I miss that part of the instructions?
Apparently they couldn't just spit it out?
"Vets, vets, vets!" Just really helping Wes and his case of getting the rookies after you aren't you Bananas?
Wes and Bananas going back to back? Will they go for it?
Nany being the one who's wanting to pull the trigger? lol
Nany ain't fuckin' around this season. Damn.
Theresa fucking this up more than anything. You're just being stubborn. Did you learn these habits from Laurel?
"You'd be dumb not to put us in." Theresa, sit down.
Uh oh. Diem not feeling well :( Every Diem moment is just going to be ominous.
They're really just repeating this boring elimination challenge? That definitely seems like a choice.
I would love nothing more than for Johnny to go out his very first elimination.
Damn, Johnny gets to stay. Not a big let down as the other two seem entirely forgettable. I just wanted Johnny out for spite.
Nany just seems to have come in to this season with a mission to be confrontational. Why does Avery being jealous and not ok with with you and Johnny happening have to be addressed? Just give it time and let it try to develop?
This weird Jay stuff is....weird.
It's a bummer with how CBS all access puts up the ads for their site because the Diem and Knight memorial pictures flash on the screen for like a half second before going to a commercial and coming back to the previews.
EP 3:
I figured this, but Johnny seems childish.
CT being pulled by producer?!
Geesh, CT is not having any of this. Killer look to the producer and just puts the phone off speaker lol Good for you CT.
Man, this is heart crushing too watch.
Oh god, seeing Nia actually sucking her thumb is unsettling. Stop it!
God this is sad and soul crushing. I can't do this!
"Only way I usually go home this early is when I hit somebody." Still able to joke lol
Well there went about a third of this seasons competitiveness.
Bananas and Jordan walking in talking about the possibilities of the comp doesn't really seem all that standoffish to me.
Jenna, your face ain't all that cute and you seem to have the personality of a brick wall.
Theresa's hand getting stuck lmao "MY HAND! MY HAND! MY HAND!" It kept you on, count it as a blessing.
I can't wait for Knight and Pennsetucky to go.
Jemmye off instantly, maybe I'll get what I want this episode.
Zach not waiting until the final to start screaming at his female partner...
I'm assuming players must have wised up to the fact that it's not always benneficial to go last? Especially on something like this where it could rain and effect grip. Just put yourself a couple groups back to get an idea but not last in case it does rain.
Simone and John must be gone here. I thought John would be funny and interesting to have in the house but he's had literally zero screen time since the introductions.
"I want Bananas in the final." What in the fuck? What are you smoking Jordan? You're just going past hoping to have yourself in the final, but you want to have Bananas beside you guys to beat him?
"I'm the same way, out of all the girls in the house, I never want to say your name." The unsaid part of "Your partner on the other hand..."
The problem with playing the middle game Sarah is that sooner or later it becomes hard to hide what you're doing because someone expects you to show your hand or make a decision sooner or later.
The good news though, is that this game is better when there is apposing sides politically. One big alliance just ruins the game, just look at modern Big Brother. It destroys the game and makes it not worth watching.
Food eating Elim?
Oh shit...a replacement for CT/Diem? I actually didn't expect that. Hopefully some good competitors.
Well what the shit, why even say shit? Jesus.
Oh shit, they brought back I Can from the duel but with food? NICE! I actually liked that comp idea, but thought it wasn't handled well at all.
Milk on the table makes me think spicy stuff.
Simmone...chick. It's a betting challenge and you go lower...
These guys are completely clowning the Are You The One cast lol
Don't give me weird ass slow mo while he's inserting a damn brownie in his mouth.
These rookies man...
"A little urgency!"
These rookies have no damn drive. Jesus.
The first vet that gets eliminated is going to have an easy ass time with whatever the hell Exile is. Just filling up that house with all these shitty rookies.
EP 4 - EP7 missing. It was probably a lot of celebrating. Knight and Pennsetucky get taken out, then Johnny/Nany. "Groupon pussy" was an amazing line that was said. Rookies still suck. blah blah blah
EP 8:
I'm going to start this episode by bitching about how much the CBS all access app/site sucks. The app is terrible, I constantly get double dose of ads, the app literally needs reset every 2 episodes because the app itself gets bogged down and starts lagging. The website constantly just freezes up between ad breaks and flipping back to the show. I've had times where the episode didn't keep track of my progress on an episode and I had to fast forward through the episode and I then had to sit through all 3-4 ad breaks before it got to where it needed to be.
I'm usually all for the Rookies coming in and fucking up the game and killing the vets gang up mentality, but the rookies this season are just damn terrible. They're not interesting, they have no real killer mentality, they stuck competitively. This cast is booty.
Sarah having to be the one too initiate some kind of team bonding is a damn bummer. Jordan is an asshole and it sucks Sarah wants a win that bad that she's the one to suck it up and feed in to Jordans ego.
TJ telling the crew about the guys having to be on the outside makes think this definitely comes up and isn't just a safety thing.
"Too fucking easy. I hesitated." Yeah, Leroy and Nia probably would have killed that if Nia didn't hesitate so long.
Jonna being able to jump back in time was great. Damn
This is a cool ass comp, but seems more cool than easy.
Zach flipping out for no reason. He just wants to flip out. Chill the fuck out.
Sarah's enthusiasm is kinda getting overboard...
Jordan completely fucked that up. He hugged the wall when coming back and yelld for Sarah to go. I mean, you gotta be the one to stay aware of where you're going and standing.
"Well, you did exactly what they told you not to do, so you need to do a better job of paying attention." TJ laying it down.
Jonna crying, Zach walks up and opens up with "I'm going to explain where all my anger is coming from..." follows up with "What did I blame you for that wasn't your fault?" God damn Zach. You flipped out for no damn reason and there was no blame, you just flipped your shit.
"You give the two black people fried chicken... I ain't even mad. I'm going to enjoy it." and "Surprise, motherfucker." I'm liking Leroy this season.
Zach asking to make Jay tremble. What in the hell is wrong with Zach?
I feel like Wes is completely lying about Zach being his number 1 just to hope he gets him thrown in lmao
"I hope you learned a lot here tonight too." "That you're a fucking snake..."
"It's guy code." Zach, shut up.
Zach instantly knowing Wes did it. I laugh knowing damn well Leroy and Nia probably went straight to Zach after talking with Wes.
I'm actually not sure who Leroy/Nia are throwing in right now. I feel like the smart play would be Zach or Wes if they're wanting to better get to the end and win, but they could easily just throw in Jay/Jenna to not make a move.
I'm guessing Jay/Jenna and all this talk really just gets Zach flipping out more after this.
Also seriously what the fuck is happening with the Exile house? There's four couples after this?
I don't understand them all fawning over Wes being such a great manipulator. He really didn't say much other than "Don't throw me in, throw my biggest partner in so you become my biggest partner." What?! You people are so easily swayed and accepting of just anything?
Going to Jay and Jenna and demanding a thanks lmao wow what a power trip
A sledgehammer elimination...for Jordan. Eesh this guy doesn't get the best luck when it comes to elim's
Oh nevermind, he's killing it lol
Zach is definitely doing this stupidly. He's getting barely any surface area of the hammer on the beam. He's basically trying to chop the damn thing in half by hitting the corner of the hammer.
Jordan walking to the beam and away from it to hand sarah the hammer is just about the same way the rookies have approached these elims.
They're somehow selling the Jonna and Sarah closeness but they seem farther apart than Jordan and Zach were. Editing!
Really hope Sarah gets a win here.
Zach still just whining because Jonna is getting words of encouragement lol
Hey it looks like Johnny and Nany may actually have some competition now.
Seriously if someone isn't coming back like right now this is the most bullshit twist. Ok, there's instantly a tease for it. I was about to say...
EP 9:
Wes getting this far and then getting messy out of fear? Where have I seen this before?
Jordan saying "I'm done wheeling and dealing." Your mark on this season is mostly not making deals lol
Jordan being mad at how Theresa talks to people is fucking hilarious. Wes calling it out. "On the asshole scale you are easily over Theresa."
I get where Jordan is coming from not just wanting to help the biggest competition in Wes. But if he plans on future appearances on The Challenge, it's real damn dumb to just show vets that you aren't open to working together at the end.
Jordan is completely bullshitting lol He started talk about Theresa by saying he didn't want to make the deal because he doesn't like the way Theresa acts and talks to people. Like she's queen of the place and she's a bitch. Why would Wes even bring up Theresa to compare Jordan to if he didn't talk shit first? Just randomly picks his partner to compare Jordan to?
"We're here and now, not ten years ago with roided up Wes." hahahahahaha
I honestly wouldn't say Wes used to do roids, he more seems like the rivals 1 final completely altered how he prepares for these challenges. It's like he died in that final and switched to way more focus on running and endurance and slimmed the hell down. Especially after fresh meat 2 where it seemed like he could get by pretty well on talent and politicking so why not just prepare more for the final?
Wes' heart looks like it's in his damn stomach as soon as he walks in to the dome.
Leroy "What the fuck ya'll clapping for?!"
There's been a whole losers bracket? Where the fuck has that been shown?!
Wes instantly "It's going to be Bananas"
Wes is instantly not enthused. He looks miserable.
I hate that this losers bracket has just gone on and not been shown at all. Was this maybe shown on their website at the time or something?
In Wes' eyes this would just fucking suck. You played a pretty damn good political game. Had a lot of weaker people going just to further help Banana's and Nany to get back in the game with 1 or 2 challenges left before the finals. And they're coming back with a lot of momentum. I'd be pissssssed.
I'm all for it from a tv watcher though, because otherwise this would have been a landslide boring season.
Another elim rehash. I wasn't a huge fan of this one though. At least this time around they aren't having to pull around a fucking 10 inch rope.
Is...Zach and Jonna winning this?
Jordan helping Bananas is like the dumbest twist of fate ever. The guys by all accounts hated each other. Bananas would probably beat Jordan in most challenges and final. Is it solely out of anger for Wes? lol
I am so confused on what happened during that? By all appearances Zach and Jonna had an easier set of rope/knots to work with, were shown well behind multiple times. Then all of a sudden it's like Zach/Jonna made zero progress.
Zach blaming Jonna lmao Fucking Zach
There's Bananas being that "Humble winner" that he loves to tout and bitch about Jordan with...
I think Wes is overstating just how much he's done, but it would absolutely blow to get to this point and just have your worse adversary come back in the game.
Bananas on the fucking high horse all over again... I really don't understand when people say they don't know where the Bananas hate comes from. He talks like he plays a certain way, but then when you actually see him play...it's nothing like how he talks about. It's bullshit. He's a douche. Talking all this shit about Wes making a ddeal with the devil. We can bring up how much shit you've done to get to some of your finals dude. The island, making a deal with Ev to fuck over your own alliance, to only fuck them over again and leave out the girls. The ruins fucking over everyone and passing it off as "fair" and what everyone wants, until it gets down to you and you flip your shit that you're going to go in. You've constantly played like shit all the way up to Free Agents where you actually had to do shit and then you had the constant best partners since then with Frank and now Nany.
Wes trembling.
Hey, I remember this challenge from Fresh Meat... The show has come a long way from throwing balls around while standing on tree stumps to now being elevated above water and doing it.
Nia literally can't stand? lol
TJ advocating for someone to quit?! Who is this man?!?! I've never seen this man before.
Damn! Jordan got a huge ball hit on Wes lol Point blank head shot that apparently Wes didn't see coming at all.
Leroy trying not to jump lol
I feel like everyone should have been throwing that to Bananas. Let him put the blood on his own hands. He has a choice of either going back on his word or give Wes an easy win. See which matters more to him. Ya'll just did his work for him, making sure Wes goes to the dome and then being able to jump out and not have to worry about going in. Ya'll dumb.
Jordan suddenly being a fucking Johnny boot licker is certainly fucking something.
Yeah Leroy, Ya'll are stupid. You can't talk much shit Leroy, you would have been talked in to doing the same shit. You put in Zach instead of Wes only because Wes said not to lol
Apparently people in this game don't view returning players the same way as Survivor or Big Brother. Those mother fuckers instantly have a target on their backs when they come back in no matter what the party lines are(most of the time). How you don't instnatly just throw them back in the dome seems crazy. You already left once, why should someone who's made it this far deal with the risk of possibly going home? At least that's usually the mentality around this type of situation.
Nia is at least calling it true. I'm not saying it isn't the worse of the decisions, but she's definitely calling it true as hell.
This Nany/Johnny vs Nia blowup is my life. Give them alllllllll the shit.
The thing that wasn't talked about enough is how Johnny threw it knowing he'd be safe and knowing Leroy would be going in. Leroy got used and played and doesn't even realize it.
Ep 10:
Theresas smile during this fight is Chef's kiss
Sarah being straight up. "Yeah, I want to make this easier for myself going forward. It's a game." I think Nia is 100% vindicated in what she's saying about Johnny/Nany, but the reasoning behind it doesn't matter.
Fucking Johnny trying to talk fucking shit afterward. Seriously going to Leroy like nothing was done out of line and acting like Nia is insane and ruining everything. Somehow Johnny just keeps being able to play his bullshit politics and act like he's the nice guy afterward.
Crazy to think Sarah's been on 8 seasons already. Maybe because of the early dq's with teammates makes it seem smaller but I feel like it hasn't been that damn many.
I hate the echo chambers that these games create within themselves. Everyone who came up with the decision, who agrees to the decision, and is in no way getting screwed by the decision sitting in a room laughing about the people being upset being insane is just hilariously blind and inept.
I am liking the trend of not showing these elims until the contenders see it.
Hall brawl....Well bye Wes/Theresa. Sucks for you that you played a pretty great game and get fucked over by a twist.
Just for reference it isn't just that it's Nany/Johnny walking back in the game that makes me dislike the twist. I don't usually like twists at all in these shows unless they're known by everyone before hand so they can be played around. Even if CT and Diem walk back in the house somehow I'd still have an issue with it.
I think Wes knows they're already out. He doesn't look in it at all.
Both teams envisioning Nany is pretty hilarious.
Yeah, I'm not sure what that Wes strategy was...
I feel like Wes has a history of quietly quitting when he knows he's already lost. He quit against Ev in FM 2, and now he just lays down and says his head hurts?
"He's fine, he's being a pussy. Karma's a bitch." What in the hell did Wes do? Put you in to get eliminated? lol Fuuuuuck Johnny. "It's a game" "It's a game" "It's a game", but also get killed, karma's a bitch, you're being a pussy.
I literally don't know what Wes is doing lol but man I'm so fucking tired of hearing Johnny talk.
Jordan being an ass licker to Johnny after two whole seasons of Johnny talking non stop shit about him is fucking depressing. What happened to all that pride and ego talk?
It's on one part funny to watch Wes' downfall, but at the same time it's so agrevating watching it come from a twist and at the shit hands of Johnny while he talks shit.
I am not ready for the amount of times I'm going to see Johnny on seasons going forward :/
It was weird hearing shit talking of Nia sucking her thumb and then suddenly seeing it a lot this season. It's fucking WEIRD.
"It was Jordan who did it, you can't blame Bananas." Leroy, you are god damn stupid lol Johnny was talking about this shit before the competition even happened.
Apology tour. Kind of worthless at this point. There's slim pickings and it all doesn't really matter too much at this point.
Seeing the city stuff made me get excited for the idea of a city final again. We were robbed!!!!!
I literally can't get passed the Jordan ball licking of Bananas. What in the holy hell heppened?!
This is kind of a boring challenge to watch leading in to the final...
Why am I still dealing with Jay and Jenna on this damn show?!
At least it seems like these rookies won't skate by to the final and will actually see an elim. I'd rather the vets not have an easy win. The three teams other than the rookies would be a pretty good final as long as Sarah doesn't heat stroke out of this one like Cutthroat.
Uh oh, guess I counted Jordan/Sarah in too soon.
Bananas urging Nany and yelling for her to go and then falling himself is beautiful.
Johnny instantly saying "You know I love you guys" I fucking hate this guy.
They're arguing hahaha Sarah wants to stick to the same damn plan of keeping light weight and Jordan wants to lick fucking boots.
Johnny being upset hahahahahaha
Fuck Johnny. Angry they're not seeing a challenge! hahah Johnny will literally flip every fucking thing on its head when it comes down to him.
Hahahahaha Johnny, if you were concerned about that so much why were you fine with Leroy and Nia going in? Oh because now it's you going in?
I don't get the Johnny love. This dude is 100% fucking two faced. He passes it off like he's this extremely loyal smart player, but all that shit goes out the window when he can say anything against him going in.
Sarah is playing the vet and Johnny's style of game of making their way easier and cutting the fat. He's just mad his arguments are being used against him.
EP 11:
Sarah's absolutely right. "They taught me how to play this way, and now want me to play the nice girl. The nice girl game has fucked me."
Nia mad they don't have the easy elim as well lol
Johnny trying to pretend they would throw in the rookies is fucking hilarious. He talked about it being a game the entire last episode. He screwed over Leroy and Nia and jumped out knowing they wouldn't go in.
I fucking hate Johnny. He's a complete hypocrite.
Nany, Nia and Johnny ganging up on the girl who is the most chipper and least argumentative or confrontational of probably anyone who's been cast ever is definitely something. You guys played too many seasons with Frank.
My favorite thing about the location changes is there is always someone who has to ask where the location is lol
Johnny, I literally don't care if you're excited about something or not. This show is literally your career. You can deal with it.
"Wish I could actually be happy I was here." what a whiny bitch.
I'm with Jenna, down with seafood. Fuck seafood!
The team who hasn't been in an elimination "I've worked my ass off to be here." You're already talking like a vet.
Johnny "I can't deal with anyone else being smart or happy" Bananas
The buddy up between Nany and Nia has surprised me the most. What?! lol How does Johnny just screw people over and ends up best friends again the next day.
Is this Johnny/Evan/Kenny all over again? Sarah already lived through that saga.
Jesus Nia...
"Can we just eat and have one decent fucking day?" Of course Johnny would be the fucking one to say this shit. Talk all kinds of shit, encourage abuse, and then act like you're the victim and just want an easy day. Like you aren't the miserable stupid fuck making is miserable because oh no you have to go into an elimination.
If Nia gets kicked I actually will be bummed. It's deserved, but I wanted to see Leroy/Nia vs Nany/Johnny...again.
"Nia's gone, as if I didn't have enough to think about right now." Oh poor you Johnny. Let's somehow make Nia being taken away about you lol
"I should be able to just relax right now." Mother fucker you should be home. You literally got eliminated weeks ago. You had a twist that got you back in the game and are now going back in to an elimination. You're not owed shit.
I don't want Jay/Jenna in this final even the slightest bit, but fuck off Johnny. Fuck that entitled vet bullshit.
"You've had six eliminations, anything can happen." Of course you'd count the elims to come back in that we didn't even get to see lol you faced some week ass rookies.
Damn you Jay. Nany and Jenna falling in water would have been amazing.
I really don't want Johnny to just have an easy in to the fucking final.
"Nia crossed the line physically with someone and we take that seriously."....now
Do you seriously bring in Leroy another partner right in front of Sarah's face when you pulled her out fucking twice? Once for the same fucking circumstances?!!
They brought back Theresa to be Leroys partner for just this elim. I'm kind of pissed, but it was also wanted, but also kind of glad? I have so many conflicted feelings.
Fuck this noise in the face of Sarah. Kinda makes sense because she was already there. But at the same time she shouldn't get another chance. But she's going against another team who got another chance. I'm.....kind of ok with it? Mainly because it's against Johnny/Nany, If it was the same circumstance and Johnny/Nany hadn't come back before hand, I don't think I'd be as fine with it. Especially with Sarah sitting right there lmao
Johnny fucking yelling "Owww" Karma's a bitch I think you've said Johnny? Or "He's fine, he's being a pussy"?
Fuck Johnny!
"That's yours Nany! That's your x!" Please get it, because I failed to.
Seriously, when did the perception of Theresa shift over the last couple seasons? All of a sudden Theresa is seen as some challenge threat, where they said she was an upgrade to Nia, they talked her up the previous season as well.
Hahaha I love TJ clearly not standing at a point where he can watch Theresa kick Nany in the face repeatedly lmao he could very clearly just step to that side and watch it all happen, but he decides to keep it as a blind spot hahaha
I would have rather seen Leroy/Johnny both in the final vs Sarah, but god am I happy to see Johnny/Nany gone.
Theresa's first final and yesterday she was at home. Geesh, I am not a fan of twists.
"I would have expected my own mother to screw me over before Sarah." Johnny is such a peice of shit lmao He will literally die on any hill he talks up.
I could honestly see Jay and Jenna quitting lmao
Troll tolls!
They didn't even bother giving Theresa a different jersey lol
"I wanna go out a winner." Sarah talking about being done with The Challenge?
Jay and Jenna are so fucked lmao "We are, of course, going to finish." Yeah....that exact moment makes me think you won't.
I like that TJ still blows the horn as a necessity lol It can't be heard, no one can even see it, but sure let's blow the horn.
EP 12:
Jumping out of a helicopter to swim to a kayak would be fun as hell
"I would shut up a lot of people who talk a lot of crap about me"-Theresa. Have you watched the last couple seasons? People talk you up a lot. You were getting picked first in Free Agents some times over Laurel. In both exes you were considered one of the strongest girls. I know people may not like you but I feel like the last couple seasons you've been considered one of the best competitors for the girls.
Leroy being the one to get yelled at by the girl is hilarious.
"I could buy tons of shoes...a house. I wouldn't have to talk to my family anymore." What?! Jenna why are you still on this season?! lol
Hey, Nia called it. A word puzzle.
Nooooo you left th....ok they ran back and screwed them up. Jesus almost made a rookie mistake of leaving the puzzle there solved.
Hahaha cut back to Jay and Jenna talking about them working so hard to get here.
Flashbacks to Sarah getting DQ'd because of her partners lol in the final where Leroy gets a partner given to him.
What the hell is this path? lol cows now goats.
God damn, Sarah and Jordan take those first glasses like champs. Damn!
Quit calling it flip cup. It's not the same thing! lol
They're talking about Leroy and Theresa being on the heels of Sarah and Jordan when they're just now getting to the cows. They aren't even to the goats yet lol They aren't on their heels at all.
Yeah, Sarah and Jordan are gone and still no Leroy/Theresa
Jay and Jenna fucking walking after the checkpoint lol wow
I could get through almost all sick food things, but this weird half solid liquid would be a damn struggle for me lol
I need a counter for how many times Jenna says "whatever" for no reason
I can not imagine puking multiple times and forcing yourself to jog afterward lmao
"Oh it's a drinking game." Jenna says before seeing whats in the cups
I almost want to puke watching this.
The role reversal with Jenna haha
I will be SHOCKED if they aren't quitting. Shocked
People saying "I've never quit" have almost certainly quit.
"Are you crying? Are you serious?!" TJ, I love you.
Jay/Jenna, I wanna give you shit because you took Johnny and Nany's spot in the final making it a really interesting final, but at the same time. Johnny kind of made his own bed.
"You know how much shit twitter is going to give us?" Flashes twitter handles!!! I am dead. straight dead.
"A TUBE!!!!!!!"
First flip cup, now corn hole.
That's a huge goddamned lead blown. There had to be some struggling that wasn't shown. Jesus.
Theresa acting like she's shocked they're puking because of this caviar.
30 min time limit on this checkpoint doesn't seem to make sense if they have to run back for the rocks. Why even bother running and eating more tubes if you can just sit there and not tire yourself out? You don't even have to make it blatent, just struggle to eat the caviar.
I feel like the editing isn't doing a great job, or just don't have much to work with lol They're trying to paint like Leroy and Theresa are right on the heels of Sara/Jordan, but every time they show Leroy/Theresa they're barely traveling at all, but when they're showing Sarah and Jordan, outside of her having to stop to shit, they have been going fast as hell.
This sleeping situation lol
Theresa talking TRUTH!!!!! Johnny don't give a fuck about you Leroy. You're an idiot.
"What happened to Wes?" He got fucked by a twist...
"So I guess they were a layup." That's fucking right!
Five minute lead is pretty ridiculous. But I hate two day finals anyways, so...
Didn't Leroy have trouble on a climb previously? Or am I just thinking of Zach? I'm not sure.
Happy to see Sarah/Jordan get a win.
I have a feeling this reunion will be really interesting. Hope it has a good host.
If anything, this season has made me like Leroy more. Even though he got played and fails to realize it.
I completely forgot CT/Diem were on this season.
Weird to have Nia on the reunion?
Fucking Nia starting already. Jesus christ.
Johnny is such a whiny bitch. "I have never played that game." What in the hell lmao
Johnny trying to have the high ground here is hilarious.
"She will never win again because she branded herself a traitor." I love LOVE that Johnny has been able to shake off how he played with Kenny/Evan lmao The difference between Johnny and Sarah is that Sarah had the balls to just straight up make the move where Johnny just sits in the back while he convinces others to do it for him.
"Sexual harassment usually does that." Zach with the perfect statement on Nia. Why the fuck is she on the reunion? They just wanted someone on Johnny's side to talk shit to Sarah?
"This is the first season I've ever had any drama with girls." You came in to the house with previous drama. You can't come in to the season and immediately call out Theresa if there already wasn't a past. There may not have been a lot of drama, but that's basically a lie.
"There was a catalyst that got her to that point." Can we cut to an episode before where Johnny was calling Nia a fucking psycho and that she was off her rocker? lmao That's befor the supposed catalyst that Johnny is trying to excuse for Nia.
This is the type of shit of WHY I HATE JOHNNY it's so god damn clear how he plays, but he fucking tries to bitch about how other people play. Johnny outside of the house or on the face of everything he will be loyal as possible. He will defend people, like NIA, he will trash anyone who goes against any of his people, but he will turn around and have Jordan put Leroy/Nia in the elimination and act like it's just the smart move. He catches no fucking shit for it. It doesn't fucking stick to him because he isn't the one doing it. He's a spineless hypocrite.
Fuck this noise of trying to excuse Nia. Nia even being on the reunion is ridiculous but everyone standing up for her is absurd. They're mad at sarah and jordan so they'll excuse anything.
Wes really seems like he leaves the challenge house and just lets go of everything. He comes to these reunions and barely says a word.
Haha Everyone saying the layup was smart, but everyone mad at Sarah for using it. That makes sense lmao
"Everyone got a second chance and I went home. Even her(Theresa) Yeah Wes, you kinda got screwed.
Johnny HATES Wes getting all this praise for playing a great game.
Johnny saying Wes promises everyone everything and then gets them eliminated one by one his hilarious considering CT(I'm pretty sure it was him) said that about Johnny's game in a previous season.
Was really about to wonder if they were going to mention Knight and Diem. They kind of do them dirty only having them at the last 5 minutes and just having the biggest asshole at the reunion talk about Knight.
Overall Season thoughts:
Kind of a middling to lower season for me. Half the cast was complete filler and uninteresting. Rookies weren't only bad they just had no real fight or drive in them at all. I don't like twists in these games at all and to see one handled so poorly made me hate it even more. Nothing was shown of the exile at all, we as viewers didn't even know what was going to happen with them until suddenly Johnny/Nany show up. It also ultimately did nothing but make one episode interesting and get Wes out of the house. Literally every person on the season got a second chance but Wes lol that's just hilarious and fucked up.
That being said, I think Wes' game strategy is boring. It made most of the season boring and likely wouldn't have worked if there was even a little more people on the season who were competent.
I still hate Johnny and I'm still completely mystified when people ask about the Johnny hate or not understanding it. I seriously don't understand how you see how Johnny plays or portrays himself, but then see how he describes how he plays and portrays himself and not see a huge degree of difference between the two. He's a complete hypocrite and two faced. He will yell until he is blue in the face about being loyal and how everyone else is playing a dirty game, but he's also the same person who talks about Leroy/Nia needing to go in to beat Wes and then throwing the comp to not be the one to have to do it. He's a complete bitch and I am so damn tired of him. At least Sarah had the balls to make the move of putting him in the dome herself. She didn't throw the comp so someone else would have to do it. If you were so worried about the rookies not making the finals then why didn't you say the rookies needed to go against Wes? Oh was it because getting revenge on Wes was more important than your fake morals and making sure your alliance is safe?
submitted by Sanity0004 to MtvChallenge [link] [comments]

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2020.09.01 20:03 Sanity0004 My overly documented and long winded journey through The Challenge for the first time. (Part 7: Rivals 2)

Alright I'm returning for another full season first watch and reaction thread. I hated Battle of the Seasons quite a bit, took a few days off without watching any Challenge, but I was starting to get an itch to get back to watching so my break didn't really last all that long. There's a quick small TL:DR at the end basically summing up my overall thoughts on the season. No real in depth look at anything, that's more throughout the notes.
Part 1: Fresh Meat - Duel 2
Part 2: The Ruins
Part 3: Fresh Meat 2
Part 4: Cutthroat and Rivals 1
Part 5: Battle of the Exes
Part 6: Battle of the Seasons
Rivals 2
EP 1:
Fucking Frank!
I love CT
Is this like 4 in a row for Jonna and Jasmine?
I for some reason didn't think Johnny was on this season.
Wes and CT? Get fucked everyone.
Oh god, Pennsetucky again.
Diem and Aneesa have beef?
Trey calling it true about Zach "He's extremely insecure."
"Thank god I got in a fight with one of the biggest guys."
Glad to see Emily again. Paula and Emily seems like an OP duo, can't see any girls comparing.
Shain Gandee and Pennsetucky back on my tv screen.
Dunbar calling someone else being bad at this game is hilarious.
Damn Jonna is cute!
Johnny and Frank?!?! What? I can't imagine this going well.
Ok, this challenge house may be the best to this point.
CT instantly flirting.
Johnny definitely politicking and putting himself as some house authority instantly.
Zach calling everyone a kid is annoying.
"CT's not intimidating" Ok bud, coming in trying to step up to the biggest guy, I see you. lol
About CT: "It depends on which one of his personalities comes out!" lol
Tyrie already slacking this season, falling asleep on a toilet. lol
Oh Nooooo Diem with cancer again! :(
Diem looks cute as hell with the short hair honestly. Quit wearing wigs!
This may be the most athletic full set of girls on a season yet. Not too many blatant standouts on the low side.
"60% fall rate" no one falls. Eat shit Johnny!
I would seriously think you can just chalk Emily and Paula in for the final and likely winning it. From episode 1. Not even joking. If Emily/Paula and Wes/CT aren't the two winners I'll be shocked.
My wife doesn't even watch this show except for the episode here and there and just saw Wes/CT were a pair and asked if that was fair lol
I love CT. Him giggling because he basically gets to tackle Wes over and over is great.
Tyrie and Dunbar lost? No way! lol
Calling Zach and Trey the pair that hates each other most? That seems weak. Zach just hates everyone.
CT gunning for Johnny? I didn't think I could love CT more. Throwing them against DunbaTyrie is a dumb joke tho lol You're just painting a target on yourself pointlessly when there is almost no way they'd lose.
At least everyone else realizes CT is being dumb.
Opposite sex decides? Wow, I like it. Politicking became more important.
CT calling Johnny on his shit! I love it. "You're going to tell everyone you'll take them to the final and pick em off little by little!"
Diem and her territorial-ness over CT shows up instantly!
Someone leaving already?!
Frank trying to talk shit, color me surprised. "A shot was made and a war was started. Now I'm going to finish it." Whatever you say Frank. I look forward to you randomly talking shit once someone is already in an argument so you can just gang up on someone and not be the only one on your side. Your schtick is tired and it's only been one season dude!
If there was anyone I think Dunbar and Tyrie could beat it'd be Derek and Robb.
Oh my god Dunbar is so god damn terrible. Even when you get to the bell first you fall and miss hitting it and have to get back up to hit it? You are awful dude. Sit down, retire. Seriously wow, you're awful.
Just terrible. Dunbar trying to put it on Tyrie haha god damn dude. Walk away.
Johnny honestly playing smart. Paint a common target for enough people and it keeps you out of being the target.
EP 2:
CT has a thing with ninja gear. This is like the third season he's brought up ninja gear.
What is with these challenge houses having terrible cooling? Everyone is literally camped in the living room for air?
Frank wanting to get in to a random argument that doesn't concern him? Wow, so refreshing. Once again it's only when it's like five people around arguing with one person that frank jumps in and screams over everyone. lol somehow Frank is the victim. I fucking hate this guy.
Ct is shit for pinning lying about hooking up on Anastasia, but it's shit on Anastasia to go around publicizing the shit. Wes actually talking truth. It's none of anyone's business.
Why does everyone hate Cara? I don't remember people out and out hating her this much. Something happen before the season or something? She said something about putting her foot in her mouth on twitter or something? Like I know there was some Wes/Paula/Tyler shit from Rivals 1 I think, but this seems like all around hate. Plus I think most of that beef was on Laurel.
Wes seriously seems so slimmed down from earlier seasons.
Wes you manchild! "I can't put my face in another mans crotch." Grow up
Why are these people so damn whiny. Now Preston too?
CT and Knight just grabbing each other and trying to do it is pretty hilarious. Why stop them? You could have just said they can't win lol
This comp does kinda suck though...
Diem acting like she is scared to death to be between Aneesa's legs? Trying to get the ball from around her legs? What?
The people that can't get up and decided to just roll the way lmao
Everyone hating Trishelle is a-ok with me. Sucks for Sarah though.
CT probably crossing his fingers hoping for Anastasia to get eliminated.
Sarah straight up asking Trishelle if she plans on quitting lol Damn Sarah
Diem, lose the wigs. The short hair is adorable and cute as hell.
You can kind of tell CT kinda gets off on Anastasia flipping out and thats kinda gross...
I am developing quite a crush on Jonna this season. She's coming to these elims with absolute fire looks.
CT giving help to Cara/Cooke haha
Why is Cara so damn greasy looking?
TJ has no time for people shit! "It's three minutes..." Basically suck it up and hang upside down for 3 damn minutes you baby.
Just gonna fall in your own piss Cooke? Really? I mean I guess it's motivation not to lose?
Wait...is one person using both saws cheating? It showed Cara and Cooke and Cooke was using both saws while Cara held on to Cooke so she wasn't moving all around. That seems counter to the point of the comp. I kind of miss the days of these challenges having intricate rules and technicalities. Ripping the flag in Duel 1 and the jeep push in sand in Gauntlet 3.
TJ talking shit again! "Guess you should smoke cigarettes and not eat?" I can't understate how much I love TJ talking shit.
Apparently these seasons have a communal fuck spot? Exes was the laundry room and I guess this season is the closet? First CT/Anastasia now Sarah/Jordan? lol They said "Nah, we're putting a camera in there this time."
EP 3:
Why are they suddenly naming these episodes after shows and movies? Have I just not noticed this before?
Good for the rookie dude being bi and owning it.
Fucking Shain Gandee dude. Jesus. He just instantly says "That's Marlin" like it's the fucking punchline of a hilarious joke. You can't for a second think that's funny. Oh now he's talking about melting a toothbrush and stabbing him? What?!
Trishelle repeating Robin's weird argument of asking Aneesa what she is? EEEESH
"TRASH-ELLE"!!!!!! Aneesa, I love you. Forget any negative things I said about you in the past.
"She's a stripper!" What? lol what does that have to do with anything? Not making a good argument when you're talking about all the things she is and then bringing up her being a stripper? Trashelle you have some high horse complex, for sure.
Sarah fucking calling Trishelle quitting days ago?!?! Definitely seems like there were some strong vibes coming off Trishelle from the start.
"She's so many things, so anything will offend her!" Trishelle you just sound like trash. If you can't talk without offending multiple groups of people the problem is you and the way you talk.
I swear if Sarah doesn't get another teammate after Cooke does I'll be fuming.
Ugh, fucking Knight you douche. If you're always the bad guy in almost all situations, the issue isn't the people. It's you.
Of fuck off! She left because of a family issue is no damn difference than someone quitting! Neither one of those scenarios the partner has any fucking control over!
That's horseshit.
DQ'd for a fight? Get a new teammate. Leave for family? Get a teammate? Quit or be a shitty person that happens to be Sarah's partner? Sarah goes home too! Fuck offfffff.
Wes: "I hate to say it, but me and CT are bonding." You love to see it.
If their time limit was 10 minutes and 30 seconds was being added after their time why wouldn't you just DQ them at 9:30. No one would be able to go past 10 minutes anyways. You're just giving them an extra 30 seconds to get farther than someone else that DQ's at only 10 minutes? I really feel like they don't think these challenges through all that well.
I feel like half the guys this season have had zero screen time.
Ty continues to be shit at anything taking longer than 2 minutes.
"I need this old man to fire up his wheel chair and keep going." Frank literally doesn't know how to talk without talking shit.
This Elim challenge of braking the stick on each other just sounds like a leftover jackass stunt.
Mad props to Nany. There's women still today that will look at a bi dude and say hell no he's gay and won't even think about dating them. There was this exact case on that Netflix reality show love is blind or something like that. The girl was repulsed and basically quit right away.
EP 4:
Jordan taking no time moving on from Sarah lmao
Damn Nany also just moving along the men too!
Diem girl, damn chick. Move the hell on. Either decide you want to be with CT or ignore what he does completely. Writing a rap?!?! lol
Fucking Pennsetucky. "Woah woah woah, you're gonna just lie to her?"
"Jemmye is one of the prettiest girls in the house." What a weird way for Leroy to come out about having the worst taste in the house. (Top tier: Theresa, Nany, Jonna. Bottom Tier: Jasmine, Pennsetucky.)
Paula with some weird ass makeup for this challenge making her look like she has face bruises walking in today.
"I don't like going first, it's a disadvantage." No shit, why do we need at this commentary every single damn challenge?
Wes and CT, it definitely came down to looking like Wes being impatient and then CT getting annoyed and frustrated with him.
The hetero guys on this season literally can't help themselves but make gay jokes any possible time they can.
Emily/Paula continue to dominate.
A fucking Johnny bobble-head...
I don't hate that vets come in with the idea of protecting each other. I hate that some people come in and just expect it and are appalled by even the suggestion of a vote coming their way. You are not entitled to skate by simply because you've been on multiple seasons. Grow up. That was one of my favorite aspects of Battle of the Seasons. The rookies came in and said fuck that noise and the vets got fucked because of it.
Why is everyone so hateful on Cara Maria? What did I miss? I get like the attitude aspect, Cara is whiny
"I know how to politic like nobody's business." You mean the guys in control are sticking to vets strong and it scares the rookies from disrupting it? Sure, good politicking Diem...
"Ketchup is my biggest fear." Sentences I never thought I'd hear in my life.
This entire Jemmye rant I barely make out any words.
Imagine seeing Theresa and Pennsetucky and thinking "I can't tell which is more attractive." Hahaha and Jimmye says theres is the backup plan haha
I feel like all these Elim's that look scary and intimidating are always the biggest let downs. The flyswatter slap off comes to mind.
I feel like this whole Elim is specifically designed for Cara Maria.
"I have a battery pack like that I attach to my nipples." Damn Cara...
Maybe my knowledge of batteries being attached to things, and electricity in general sucks, but I feel like the batteries only being touched by one side(assuming positive) and there being no real completion of the circuits would make thi....oh It's all for show. Yeah, that makes sense. No one goes home.
Fucking thank you Diem. Go without the wigs! Damn girl, you look so much better.
If the non-vet girls want shit to change they need to start putting in the vet guys to get any kind of shift to happen.
EP 5:
If anyone is fucking, you can guarantee Jasmine is trying to catch a glimpse.
Ugh, Wes and his territorialness. "How dare you have sex in your bed...with my ex-hookup!"
"This is cute." Oh, this definitely bothers Wes. It turns in to Leroy being the insecure one! lol
Don't show me Zach crying, I don't care about this fuckhead.
Oh god, it turns in to a fucking panic attack lol screaming and throwing a tantrum. Yup, thanks, fuck this guy. "You had a healthy neice/nephew!" "Fucking fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, I'm panicking!!!!! HULK SMASH!"
I'm a fan of this Jordan dude. "My tummy hurts and I miss my family. Time to have a hissy fit."
Frank has to turn it into being about himself somehow.
Zach having this panic gets like a full medical team in the house. Big E looking like he's having a heart attack got another fat dude and a girl to throw him on a stretcher after a half hour of waiting lmao "Here's some pepto you giant baby."
Oh, wild glimpse of Diem's amazing political prowess, talking to Wes!
Finally the rookie girls smartening up and trying to stick together. Diem also suggesting letting Jasmine/Theresa go by too? That seems off..
This Jordan guy continues to be crazy competitive. These Rookies are impressive.
Zach-"I'd rather not pull for Frank and Johnny." Frank-"That's a good idea Zach." lol this is so hilarious and dumb to me.
Letting Wes and CT of all people just walk by?! They're two of the best competitors, don't give them an advantage lol
Blaming one single person not pulling out of like 8? I don't like Johnny, don't get me wrong, but that one damn person isn't making a difference on your ass sucking.
Zach is the biggest god damn baby. "I sucked at a challenge? Who is the first and easiest person I can put this blame on other than myself?"
I am completely with Zach on Johnny being a snake. The logic behind it is just stupid and whiny.
The two closest people to Leroy completely fucks him! Haha the stupidity! If you're just going to throw a vote away, mayyyyybe not throw it on the people you're clost to trying not to make a target of yourself.
Don't blame someone else for your damn vote! You voted for him. You wanted to skate by without making a target and did something stupid. Your own dumb mistake. Live with it.
Love this elim challenge. Get to the bell and win basically, but smash shit to do it.
Ty and Leroy losing lmao
Oh god, Zach throwing the helmet. What a dumbass.
Zach, you dumbass. "That's clearly not what happened." I always knew your sense of reality was off.
Ty winning an elim by default is great.
Man, Frank saying all this shit about self reflection and realizing when Zach is an ass. If only he could look in to a mirror...
EP 6:
Oh no, a storm is brewing!!
Theresa, let it the fuck go. You voted on your own damn dude, that's your problem.
Production change idea: Change the "clue" text messages to random ominous things TJ says after an elimination. Make it a suspenseful end to an episode and still get the clue out of the way. Then you can have the replay of it and speculation by the players on the next episode as a recap. The text stuff is just kind of dumb and real played out now.
Freinemies is great, but what this show really needs is superlitives. Calling out the cockiest, the ugliest, cutist for the whole cast would cause so many laughs and drama. Shocked they haven't done it. Same basic prensiple, but everyone should be answering them with everyone as an option.
She didn't say it was your favorite Aneesa, she said it was your best.
Definitely not your face Jemmye
Hair is the best body part lol
I wish I knew why everyone hated Cara so much, but how much it bothers her is fun to watch.
Pennsetucky is like the only to take it personal. Of course.
Yes, Johnny the most fake, and the one that needs the most attention. Definitely.
Emily and Puala literally just blazing through these challenges. Seeing Emily be so good, just makes me want to see Laurel and Emily on the same season.
Pennsitucky lol such a sensetive baby.
Wes is going to say Theresa is the trashiest. There is literally no doubt. Of course he'd say that. CT being smart! Fucking genius not answering.
Johnny just owning it and calling Paula trash lmao
Ty/Leroy accidentily being sent in to Elim and winning by default and then coming back and getting first to control the order on guy day. What a turn of events.
"Jordan gave me my word so he better not be going back on that." Nothing says he'll be going back on his word more than this being put in the ep.
Johnny OF COURSE, wanting to sit back and control the game and not let people play their own games. You're a rookie, don't try to play. That'd be a mistake.
I want to see the 3 hours of footage it took for CT and Wes to coordinate their nomination vote.
"I gotta show these old bitches how to do an elimination." Jasmine ain't taking ya'lls shit.
I never follow with the relationships between season. I'm still wondering about Ty/Paula, and Jonna/Zach lol It's like every season is basically a reset unless it specifically brings it up.
All this Theresa anger is all predicated on her making a dumb mistake. She wanted to play the middle and not pick a side. Now suddenly she fucked up and is angry and wants to pick a side, but everyone would much rather just cut you loose.
I see treadmilles, I'm instantly thinking goodbye Theresa.
Diem wearing an ugly ass "Team Jemmye/Camilla" shirt.
These people act like they're shocked Jasmine has basic motor functions lol "Jasmine is actually catching these!" "I'm surprised when Jasmine actually catches it!" ....what?
Wes is such a child. 3 seasons later literally still bent out of shape with Theresa liking Kenny.
EP 7:
Diem, you should literally have no hope at all for the final. Why are you even wasting your time thinking you have a chance?
Shock collars? I like this comp already.
Aneesa screaming in pain at the smallest shock?
Wes and his damn ego.
Cara and her shock sex thoughts continues.
"Just listen!" "To what?!" lol Cooke trying to go by the sound of the ocean.
Cooke calling Cara on her shit. Talks a big game of loving shocks and shit, but can't stop freaking out during the comp.
Ty and Leroy completely lost and going back to the start haha
Oh my god, Jonna and Nany literally making it nowhere and DQ'ing. Wow
Jesus, someone please take out Johnny and Frank for me please. I already hate these two, why put them together and make them stronger?!
Ty and Leroy back in the Elim. This is the biggest back and forth swing people can have in just two episodes.
Johnny, fucking Johnny. Instantly going in to try and control the game. Of fucking course.
Emily, fucking thank you!!! "Johnny, youre just wanting to help you and Frank farther along to keep winning. Which is fine, but just say it." Thank you Emily!!!
Frank bitching, and trying to act like the bigger guy by saying he wasn't campaigning on a technicality.
Fucking Frank. Jumping in peoples faces and screaming INSTANTLY. Oh look, he also only does it when other people are around and are also yelling/arguing with the person. I'm really noticing a trend with this guy... Not really, I been knowin!
Johnny, Franks ego does not need any extra stroking.
Jordan is completely right. Girls literally said they are voting in Knight until Johnny/Frank walked in the room.
Please Frank, say "check your facts" again.
"There's a team everyone wants here until the final."(Knight/Preston) You know...except the girls who were going to be voting them in. They're not just here to make the final easier for you Johnny.
The headbanger elim? I'd be all money on Ty/Leroy, if I didn't have a long history of knowing Ty runs out of complete gas after like 30 seconds of effort. Marlon and Jordan both seem pretty damn fast too. That and the editing of Johnny talking Jordan down about Rookie aspect makes me think Marlon/Jordan are pulling this win out.
Guys, they aren't sleeping on you guys, they want you gone because you've won multiple challenges.
God damn I hate Frank. I don't think I could hate anyone any more than this dude.
Hahaha Jordan/Marlon pulling that shit out!
The one thing I like about Wes, is that he sees and knows how Johnny plays/wins the games and he likes basically anything that disrupts that. He wants Jordan/Marlon back in the house because they're good competitors and it disrupts Johnny/Frank. Everyone else all looks shocked, Wes genuinely looks like he's having fun.
If the guys don't immediately start targeting Diem/Paula/Camilla, the people Johnny will always have on their sides, they're stupid.
EP 8:
Ugh, can I just not give a damn about Diem and CT?
Fuck Frank. "These new kids." Lmao you have one damn season under your belt! Literally the same amount as a lot of the people you're bitching about! He's right about Pennsetucky though lol "What the fuck is a Jemmye?! Besides the ugliest girl to ever be cast on one of these shows?!" That rough...but accurate.
Jemmye talks non stop shit about Knight, but instantly wants to be angry at him for not standing up for her. These two fucks are white trash personified.
Camilla got that Hulk anger strangth. Good god chick. She's pushing Emily around! lol
On this trapese competition, I don't get why you would want to ride the bar down to the water? Why not jump in and immediately swim unstead of waiting for it to take you down? Some kind of unmentioned time penalty?'
These people suck ass at swimming!
Please cut back to Diem trying to get Aneesa to swim laps and her saying "We will never have to do that." lol
"Die in the water, die in the water, die in the water!" and "I know my time is better than both of theirs, it's just up to Johnny's." I fucking hate Frank
Diem has absolutely no faith in Aneesa, but somehow thinks she has a chance at the final? Chick...
Cara/Cooke again. If you come on this show and don't expect heights and water...you're fucking stupid.
The god damn vets!!!! Ughhhhhh. Literally my least liked thing about this show. Can't vote for Paula or Diem so you have to vote in Jonna, Frank, sorry bud. Vets get to skate by in this game, that's just how it works! You did better last year when you came in and said fuck that and got the vets out instantly. Now when it's your teammate and you're walking to the final it's all abored the vet ship!
Why go to a commercial? There is absolutely zero chance Johnny would allow their vote go against Paula or Diem lol
Fucking Frank, gotta be antagonistic. Gotta piss someone off and then act like the victim and be a bully about it. You fucked over Jonna and then you want to act smug about it and act like she can't be upset with you. I fucking hate this guy.
Frank wearing a god damn Jonna headband. You're a fucking joke.
Cooke/Cara are just going to eliminate everyone on their way to the final lol
Oh god, frank and his damn whining! Going to the vets and whining to them isn't getting you anywhere dude. They're going to reinforce whatever you whine about because you're going along with letting them walk to the final!
EP 9:
I want CT to be asking Wes the entire season if they're friends yet like he did with Adam.
I can't describe how little I care about Diem and CT.
CT sleeping on the floor next to her is sweet though.
What is with all the writing on everyone this season during the challenges? So weird.
CT and Johnny rematch challenge? This time without Adam not being able to get up?
Darn. Forgot CT/Wes pick order.
Calling Johnny out of shape when he's probably in the best shape he's been in to this point in the show is funny.
Cara Maria talking so much about her knee pads seems weird seeing as how it never seems to slip?
Pennsetucky just flipping around like a dying fish while trying to climb up is hilaroud.
Johnny saying it will take CT and Wes at their best to bet them lol They have like 40 seconds left with all the balls already put in. Johnny and Frank and their ego's just go so well together.
"That was a warmup!" "Nah, that couldn't be it? Could it?" "I think we just won?" Love the CT/Wes dynamic when they're forced to work together.
Johnny bitching about them not being humble winners is a huge fucking chefs kiss lmao Johnny is the biggest fucking loudmouth at challenges! You god damn fuckboi.
Please let Johnny be in the last elimination again. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Frank, you god damn bitch.
Johnny gets to walk to the final again.
Wes/CT/Johnny instantly letting shit fly now that they're in the final is fucking amazing.
At least Johnny, unlike his partner, isn't waiting until like 3 or 4 people are engaged in an argument to start in on it.
I hate Johnny, but Wes and CT look way more dumb in this argument.
Knowing Johnny goes on to win a lot of these challenges and comes back a lot makes this argument even more hilarious.
"I have a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck and 3 businesses!!!!" Ok Wes...
"Are those matchstick cars?" lol
Where was this Wes/CT shit talking during the whole damn season?! It's like they were all pussies and saw how Seasons went down and realized they'd get mopped up if they didn't stick together.
"I don't have to say shit, I'll just leave it all out on the field." Fucking Frank, literally all you do is fucking talk shit.
Johnny getting his usual suspects of Paula, Camilla and Frank to patch up his ego after the fight. CT and Wes looked absolutely dumb, but Johnny and Frank just seem so ridiculous with this conversation afterward.
The Rookies stick around! I'd be worried about these rookies if I were Johnny/Frank.
EP 10:
This episode can basically be summed up with one long tirade about the entitelment of the vet women in these seasons. We saw it all the way back on the island with Johanna saying she expected to just be handed a key at the end. Now here you are with Diem absolutely losing her shit the second she might be at risk. There is literally nothing I hate more in this game than the entitelment the vets have.
Hearing shit like "Cara and Cooke just get to walk to the final and they've done nothing." or "I've worked my ass off to get here!" fuck the fuck off Diem. Cara and Cooke literally took out just about every other couple, went in too the elims constantly! Politicking and sitting around skating on old friendships isn't putting in work! You haven't done shit, but sit around all season trying to encourage your team mate to prepare for the final because you just expact to walk to the final without any issues.
Paula and Emily going in to beg and cry to the rookies who they sent in repeatedly is just fucking gross.
You want to go to the final, then fucking win!
I can't stand seeing these people throw around their "power" and "influence" all season and then flip their shit the instant they have none.
Ok, maybe I'm crazy and blinded by CT love, but where is the manipulation on CT's part? What did he ask for, what did he do differently that he doesn't always do? He flirts constantly. Diem is the one who ended things, Diem is the one that gets jealous and territorial, Diem is the one who freaks out and suddenly gets mad at the other girls for seemingly unrelated issues. It more seems like Diem is trying to use CT and is now asking for reciprecation and getting mad it isn't automatically given.
What Johnny is doing throughout the season is more manipulation than CT. Johnny is constnatly getting in Diem's head about CT and blaming CT for Diem going in to elimination. How? What are you talking about?
By Diem and Aneesa, I have absolutely zero faiith in you guys for this comp...
EP 11:
Diem instantly flipping her shit.
Camilla and Jemmye definitely seem to have a height difference, but they don't freak out.
Diem "I can't reach! It's not fair!" Fucking Diem, good god.
Diem has always been bad at these challenges. That's why she flips out.
"They played a good game, and they deserve a lot of respect." Nah Wes, this ain't it cheif.
Why is Paula acting like she's coaching Emily on her first final? She was literally just in one on Exes?
I don't want another cold final!
Cara waiting until she's literally in a final to try to learn swimming. Jesus.
My thoughts were initially on Paula and Emily being a shoe in for the win, but she now just seems too much in her head. I can see her having somoe kind of break down.
Tokyo seems nuts. In the middle of a city? This I'm interested in.
"I don't want an even playing field." God damn it Wes, don't be a bitch.
"It's a crapshoot, something anyone can win." Where's all that confidence and brovado Wes?!
I love that they're afraid of the rookies.
These fucking vets and hating not knowing whats coming up. God damn the vet mentality is so infuriating.
Why are these bus cams so ominous?
"There's ninjas" These people and ninjas!
No location change! Thank you!
Tokyo would have been really cool to see though.
"Throwing twists and turns through the season"?? What? You didn't have a single elimination, what are you talking about?
Third team being out almost instantly seems fine. There's usually one team that wouldn't make it anyways.
It sucks that both the teams the vets are worried about are bad at swimming. To see Johnny and Frank eliminated instantly would be amazing.
At least the swim isn't that huge of an aspect. The puzzle and kayak will be more than enough to make up time.
These people talking about geometry like that matters at all lol
Pennsetucky just seems like useless garbage.
Wes and CT running away with it. No one else seems even close.
What a lackluster first half of a final?
Swim > Puzzle > Kayak done?
Fingers crossed for a Johnny/Frank loss.
"I am living a nightmare." Jemmye, you are my nightmare.
Let's go Cara and Cooke!
I don't care which of Paula or Camilla get eliminated. This is win/win.
I'd rather Emily make it, but meh, I'm tired of the vet entitlement.
Timed out, and a kayak race? lol
Well, at least there was hope of Johnny and Frank being eliminated.
I hate Frank
Nightmare Island lol
All those times in Fresh Meat of Wes skipping puzzles and now they're getting all these puzzles right.
I really couldn't ask for this to go any differently at this point.
I really don't like the catch up assist that is built in to the first place teams having to clear some kind of blockage. You're just artificially slowing down the first place team for no reason.
"1 times 1 is... That's how you do multiplication right?" Wow Frank. You stupid fuck. Wow
Johnny and Frank getting help. Of course.
Cara NOT being the one struggling?
"Wes is having trouble with his poop soup." What a line.
Paula and Emily are flying through this gross food. Jesus! Emily literally just jamming maggots in Paula's mouth! Damn!
Hahahaha the cascade of liquid coming out of CT at one point haha
I haven't seen Johnny put a single thing in his mouth lol Yet he's the one saying Frank is breaking down.
I thought Durian fruit just stunk and wasn't actually bad? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.
Johnny is literally just standing around doing nothing!!
Still have yet to see Johnny put anything in his mouth other than water.
Oh wait, he put these weird dried things in his mouth. He ate something.
Maybe I'm realizing why everyone hates Cara. Fuck she doesn't stop whining! Everything is a struggle with her.
Cara can't figure out "1-2-3" lol
I'd love to see Emily, Laurel, Sarah and Ev all on an individuals season. They need to do some kind of best of the best season. Somehow take individuals win or success rates and get the people that have the highest rate of winning in these challenges.
Lets go Wes and CT! It seemed a little easy, but I really liked this last idol checkpoint.
So glad to see Frank and Johnny lose.
Seems I was vindicated in my early prediction of Wes/CT and Emily/Paula running away with this from the first episode.
I'll say it again. I'd love to see TJ hosts these reunions
Why is CT's mic so quiet?
Oh weird, cutting down the cast for specific segments?
God dammit, Pennsetucky, Ugh.
Knight seems drunk as hell.
Frank is the biggest fucking shit talker. He literally doesn't say shit unless there is like 3 other people involved first.
Knight is just so out of his mind.
I'm all for Frank getting hit, but Knight, jesus.
This is awkward as hell with Moasley trying to pull this back together lol Dude has zero care, he's just going in to the next cue card lmao
Sad to hear how much Diem was going on while recording the show. Can completely understand being all over the place. Still don't like the entitlement shit.
Cara trying to crawl up and grab Diem's hand and Aneesa yelling at her hahaha
This dude is such a terrible host. He doesn't even finish statements. He just kind of rambles.
Jemmye and Knight are straight trash.
"I play a mental game and I get in people's heads." Frank, shut the fuck up.
Pennsetucky literally wearing a ring in the shape of a gun. You can't make this shit up.
This reunion kind of sucks simply because the host has zero control over anything. He asks a question, barely, and then just doesn't say anything no matter how much people are talking over each other or how much silence there is. When Johnny and someone else have to jump in and say something when Jordan can't get more than 3 words in to a sentance that's when the host should step the hell up.
Instantly CT is walking all over him. You're asking too many open ended questions and letting them just mumble around them. Ask direct and simple questions and don't let them barrel over you. Jesus this is bad.
"Next questions robot!"
"They had everyone saying 'WTF'" what in the hell was that?!
"What did you not like about the Charades moment? Was it just that Knight called you out?" What the fuck kind of question is that? You need to ask for clarity on why that was wrong?
This reunion has just turned into shitting on this host being absolutely terrible.
TL:DR / Overall thoughts on the season:
I thought this was a really fun season to watch, but was a little disappointed in how predictable it was. I called CT/Wes and Paula/Emily within the first five minutes of the first episode. It just seemed like there was no possible way it was going to happen any differently. This season also didn't really have any kind of back and forth or dominating factor. It was more a season of watching the rookies and Cooke/Cara do everything they can to stick in until the end and then who of the vets was getting the short end of the stick. Fun season to watch, but a little anti-climactic.
Thanks for reading, I literally have no clue what is up next.
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2020.08.25 20:48 Sanity0004 My journey through The Challenge for the first time: Battle of the Exes (Part 5)

OK, not sure if anyone really likes these anymore, but I've now just gotten in to the habit of doing them, that I'm not sure of any other way to watch the show at this point. I've been a big Survivor and Big Brother fan since the beginning, and lately have fallen off of Big Brother quite a lot. Over time I saw a lot of people who would critique or discuss Big Brother slowly turn to covering The Challenge, so with some seasons being added to CBS All Access I decided to give the show a try. 10 seasons in I'd say I'm pretty addicted. I just hope the quality stays up at this point.
Previous posts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Battle of the Exes
EP 1:
Ok, I'm going to learn people who had things and had no idea about.
Why are Tyrie and Jasmine so adversarial?
Abram and Cara are split just between the end of Rivals and now?
I feel like I'm missing all kinds of context? Apparently there was way more between Camilla and Johnny?
Oh yeah, Dunbar and Paula were a thing.
This Heather chick is adorable as hell.
This fucking Vinny guy again. Still no clue who he is. Apparently there was a Vinny/Sarah thing? What? I refuse to believe this guy was ever on this show before his small appearance in Cutthroat.
I'm actually happy to see the winners deciding someone going in. It makes numbers less powerful.
This Nate dude looks like a god damned bobblehead. Why is his head so cartoonishly large?
Aneesa seems less in shape than she was on Rivals, and Robin seems more in shape than she was.
Jasmine, unhinged real quick.
Please don't keep the roller coaster going up and down and make me not like CT now. I love CT.
No Kenny or Evan, I'd say I'd probably like Kenny more this time around, but Wes will probably be just as douchey so there's no telling.
"Dunbar looks like some kind of creature crawling out of the swamp." ...and that's without they honey. Buh dump tsh
"It sucks to lose to new people." You're paired with Dunbar Paula, get used to it.
I can't take this Nate dude lmao The attitude plus the cartoonish head is just hilarious.
It is insane that Mark is the "Old man"
Does Johnny follow along with being worried and afraid of CT or is that more of an Evan/Wes/Kenny thing.
Wes instantly getting on his shit. He belittles women and just about anyone he talks to. I'm starting to think my one time love for Wes was just a one season anomaly because he was fighting against JEK.
Wes just seems to really like getting the girls to dislike specific guys. Everyone needs to hate CT he's garbage, he's a scumbag, blah blah. Now he's instantly on Johnny.
Glad to see Wes going in right away. If only it was against someone other than this cartoon bobblehead.
The people who say "I'm going until I die" or "I'm here all day" literally never last.
EP 2
I can't take Wes talking about his stuff he works out on in the real world. What the hell does he do for business or work that he talks so much about it? lol
I'm starting to see why I don't remember Vinny. He is basically a human embodiment of a doorstop.
I wish they offered some kind of uncensored version of these shows with streaming becoming more popular. I really just hate hearing all the beeps and shit.
Fucking Jasmine...
Talking shit about Jasmine, but her hilarious praying/chanting/ranting while high in the air has been a hilarious highlight from the previous and current season. lol
I am personally for everyone shitting on Vinny for this entire season.
CT and Diem yelling at each other during a comp.
Johnny seriously got a lucky grab with his partner.
It's weird they keep doing these match ups to determine power couples. Why wouldn't it just be the person who clearly blew past the next closest person by 3 platforms?
Johnny clearly not trying to win all of a sudden? They're not even moving until they visibly see how far Sarah and Vinny go? Like, they weren't even attempting to move.
Vinny looks like the son of Stretch Armstrong.
I have a weird dislike for Mandi and I can't explain it. She reminds me of girls I went to school with or something. Just something about her I just don't like. That being said fuck Vinny.
Vinny lmao "It wasn't that drastic." Says the perpetrator to the victim...
If Vinny now sends in Wes and Mandi that shit is going to look so dirty and sleezy. Yes this is modern eyes and shit, but it's like he's hoping to get rid of her so people won't even remember it or won't think of it. I swear I'll be so pissed if they put them in. Even if it makes sense game wise, it just reads like straight shit.
Vinny man.... wow. What are you doing here you buffoon. You child.
Fucking wow. I kind of want to say shame on Sarah after watching all that and still throwing in Wes/Mandi. What the fuck are you people doing.
I'm going to throw this out there and it might be a controversial statement but Vinny looks like he's in worse shape than Big Easy. Like, seriously.
Glad to see Vinny gone. That was a solid 20 minutes of complete unconfortableness. I wish I could go back to thinking I never saw that guy before.
If I didn't know Kenny and Evan wouldn't be back, I swear I would suspect Kenny coming in as Vinny's replacement lol
Sarah having to go is fucking bullshit. Leroy gets a new partner in Rivals, that isn't even a rival. But Sarah can't get another partner? What the hell?
Wow, that sucks. I really like Sarah other than her in Fresh Meat going right back to Kenny.
Some times I don't understand the decisions. I feel they've been on a string of great decisions for the game, but exiting Sarah, still going forward with the dome with the choice being made by the power couple that is leaving, then giving the winners the ordering power. All just seems really weird.
Wes gets destroyed. Damn. After this and the final on Rivals, are we seeing the decline of Wes?
Wes GONE. Sad for Mandi to go out this way, but not too mad about Wes going.
EP 3:
Glad CT's allowed to not be the big bad villain when Kenny and Evan aren't around.
How many of these exes hooked back up during this season? Heather and Dustin seem pretty close.
Dustin having to go because of some stitches seems kind of a little too far? How many people get open wounds literally during these competitions? He couldn't lay on a board and fall in water? Surran wrap that bitch!
Ugh, I hate knowing the answers to these questions.
Abram flies: Diem instantly afraid for her life.
TJ seems like he loves this.
"Bob Marley?" haha
Who the fuck is Jerry Hall?
Ooooooof that fucking face plant by Naomi lmao Then Aneesa comes out bleeding immediately after.
I think Abram is bipolar.
Rachel will need to be "Doubley brilliant." I don't think that's hard against Dunbar and Paula... I take it back she got "doe" wrong.
Emily and Ty getting approached on why not to go in to the dome and I like that they approach in a smart way and instead of trying to throw someone in there, or talk their way out of it, they simply say why you need to send someone in that that will possibly lose to them so you can keep weak Naomi in the game. I like that she's approaching it from a completely different angle than Dunbar and Paula approach her for, but it still answers their question.
I didn't realize how BIG Emily was. Damn. She's tall as hell and her thighs look huge. Make this some kind of pushing comp and it's over.
Leroy, I don't want to hear what you get off on.
Naomi wants to spit in Paula's face? Naomi, you got yourself in there. You can't get mad for who else gets put in there against you. Quit getting yourself thrown in and you don't have to worry about it.
Lol, yeah Ty/Emily got this. Emily is not letting Ty forget about Cutthroat lol
Emily's legs look as long and as thick as Naomi.
They're trying to edit this like Naomi and Leroy are in it, but I literally see no way that Naomi gets anywhere near this thing lol They trying though.
I swear Abrams looks younger this season than he did in Cutthroat.
EP 4:
Survivor has conditioned me to fear for the elimination of anyone who suddenly gets camera time on an episode after not having much presence before this. Prove me wrong Robin!
Diem seems so weird about this relationship stuff.
This competition almost seems like it'd be quicker to just jump in the water and swim. The log seems to go so slow.
Oh my god Johnnie, seriously? You're thinking about Rachel voting for you on The Island like 6 seasons ago? You were a complete asshole.
Holy fuck that was Abram?! I had no idea. He looks so different! I thought the first time I saw him was Cutthroat. He looked so different.
Seems real suspect that there was this random conversation where Rachel is saying all this shit, but no one else backs it up and there is no footage of it?
Jasmine seems like a weird freak. Between Rivals and now she keeps trying to watch people fuck. She was hiding under the bed trying to watch Wes/Mandi, now she's talking about wanting to watch CT/Diem fuck. Like, she's just talking about it openly and actually trying it in the case of Wes/Mandi.
EP 5:
There's been too much talk about Paula's boyfriend for there to not be some kind of bad to come of this.
Cara and Abram are so weird, but I like them.
Paula trying to handle drunk Camilla is hilarious.
haha Dunbar just yelling "Your tits are out!"
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I swear half this casting is "Are you an angry drunk?"
This Cara/Abram method of doing this competition is hilarious. Just continuously jumping in Abrams lap lol
People freaking out because of heights in this game drive me absolutely insane. It's like people going on survivor and not knowing how to make fire. You know what the fuck you're getting in to. There is barely ever a competition that doesn't involve heights and water. If those two things bother you, quit coming on!
Haha "Mark being so bothered by Robin touching him he's jumping as soon as she lays a finger on him." Ok, Dunbar coming this season with some jokes.
I am absolutely shocked that CT/Diem and Abe/Cara were only separated by 3 seconds. Diem must have been freaking out more than it showed. Cara literally had to jump in Abe's lap every pole.
CT being impressed by Robin. I love it.
Robin: I'm not here for your dumb shit Mark.
It's Emily and Ty, not sure why they're even try to make this suspenseful. Mark is the absolute last person to try to ruffle feathers. He will throw in the least resistant people and Ty was basically saying "Yeah, throw us in."
Abe with the weird Boob jiggle hug on Cara.
This elim could really go either way and I wouldn't be surprised.
Emily fucking destroyed Cara on that second go. God damn.
Ty being gassed? I think I've seen this film before...
I love that CT is basically the narrator of the season.
Ty is kind of a scumbag knowing Paula has a boyfriend. Yeah Paula isn't innocent, but he's encouraging it on.
EP 6
6 episodes in and I'm not hating Johnnie this season. That's a big step up for me.
Emily seems cool, I like her competitiveness and she seems like a monster.
What is up with Camilla's makeup this episode? She looks like she has some weird half assed fake tan or something.
Robin is killing it this season in the competitions.
Ty! He really seems to have no endurance at all.
Robin really showing up this season. Love to see it.
Johnny fucking runs up this slip and slide like it's fucking sandpaper. What in the hell.
Well I bet Ty and Emily aren't going in. Johnny's not going to want to send Paula home. Rachel/Aneesa probably going in.
As much as I hate Johnny, I like that he is trying to get himself safety knowing damn well he doesn't want to send in Ty/Emily anyways. I think it's hilarious that they think it wouldn't be so transparent lol
Thank you for FINALLY referencing how fucked over Paula got on The Island. How the fuck has this not come up before. I like that this season seems to have so much ties back to The Island and Johnny specifically.
Ugh, fucking Ty and Paula. Ty is a dirtbag.
Diem really seems to not know what she wants. She seems to just want CT to be the bad guy in the relationship and why it didn't work, but by all accounts, even her own, it was all Diem deciding. But she also wants this ownership of their relationship and over CT in general. It's so weird and possessive. "I was happy I left you. I was happy I moved on." Except you won't shut up about it!
Everyone is talking like CT isn't over it and wants back together, but it really just seems like Diem is just making the situation confusing and as weird as possible but then gets mad at him for it.
"My partner is fucking my opponent!" Still unaware you definitely aren't going in.
Mark is great and hilarious.
Rachel and Aneesa seem to be doing this backwards. You're letting Aneesa face more resistance rather than Rachel?
Not a big fan of this elim competition.
EP 7:
Oh my god Diem! Ugghhhhhh I'm not putting this all on Diem, but Diem is just not seemingly able to handle this situation at all.
"Every girl puts on the dress in like 3 seconds." Dude, they literally just slip it around their waist and they're done. Does Dunbar know how dresses work?
Ty and Emily right back in the dome.
Watching all these super fit people being forced to eat sweets is kind of hilarious.
Robin having to convince Mark to keep going. Not a good look.
Johnny gets AWFULLY friendly suddenly when he's at risk.
Robin, I'll marry you in a heartbeat.
It's weird seeing this lovebird side of Ty, after only ever seeing psycho Ty.
Oh god Emily, don't do blackface... Why oh why "Do you think this is racist?" uhhhhh Emily...
Oh my god this awkwardness. Nobody is having any of this. They're trying to go all in on this and not a damn person is having any of it.
I don't blame Ty at all for wanting to instantly leave. It's not even just the blatant ignorance with the blackface. It's the fact that it's your partner and the person who is part of the team that has put you in the dome multiple times finding it funny to make fun of basically the only friendly relationship Ty has in the house other than you. It's just disgusting and the weird blackface makes it insulting. Probably the most well working duo in the house other than Johnny and Camilla and you're just like "fuck it, lets make fun of my partner and insult him with racism" Just what the hell?
Camilla, go in to a different room and shush. You just talk stupid.
Emily grew up in a cult? What?! lol Can we get this backstory? I'm about to go watch some Real World lol
Now? Now you're realizing you are probably the only other friend Ty has? NOW?!
CT, I love you.
Ughhhh I hate episode end cliffhangers!
EP 8
I think it's a mistake putting in DunbaPaula. Seems crazy to not throw in Johnny/Camilla when they'd likely lose, but if you're afraid of that then throw in Mark/Robin I definitely don't think they're beating Ty/Emily.
I love TJ just calling shit out at this point. I love it. I feel like CT was trying to stay on Diem's good side and let her decide.
Weird that suddenly we're getting a new Dome game? We've had ones repeat already, but suddenly a new one? I usually assume if one repeats that's it for new ones happening.
I wonder if this comp is giving CT some PTSD flashbacks to Rivals just seeing it lol
No pads or full face helmets this time around.
Why is Diem so hardcore against Paula/Dunbar? Seems so weird. Is it CT saying her and Ty remind CT of them?
"I just wanted the final. I could have killed it." Yeah Paula, we hear that every time.
This weird obvious overdub of TJ talking about it being the last Dome before the final. Wonder what was said differently in person? Or if it wasn't said?
"We didn't expect to go first, because we never put them first." There's a difference between 4 couple being left and the entire cast. I feel like Johnny expects politics to be the only factor ever thought about in this game. 'so what if we're the most likely to win, we were nice to you, don't put us first!'
These weeds are taller than me, I can't go in there!
Everybody does Robin so dirty! "She hasn't cried yet, so she's doing great."
CT in the finals! Finally!
Robin...You just coming on the Challenge is not the same thing as people going in to eliminations and proving themselves. You leaving your kid does not make you entitled to go to the finals. What happened to drunk crazy Robin? I don't like sad weepy Robin.
Put the two people who haven't been in an elimination in to the dome against each other. Plain and simple. They're an alliance, they're both strong, they both need to go in.
Robin and Mark walking away from this conversation acting angry would be the nail in their coffin to me. That just screams they feel entitled to just walk to the final. No way.
If Johnny and Camilla come back from this Dome I honestly think this may be the best group for the finals that I've seen at this point. There's usually always dead weight.
Damn cliffhangers.
EP 9
Johnny annoys the hell out of me. He just expects to get to the final every single time. How do you come in to this game and not expect to have a giant target on your back? How do you get to this many finals and not expect to be a target? You should be more shocked that you don't get put in to elim as soon as you don't win a challenge.
Road Rules 1995?! Wow
Johnny acts like it's a big deal for Mark to be bleeding, and everyone is basically laughing saying its nothing.
"Guys this is like....gibberish....I don't know who to cheer for." I love the editor who saw this clip of Emily and thought, yeah this sums up this Dome pretty well.
Robin basically begging Mark to win on the sidelines is really not the way to be cheering your partner on lol
Over. This is easily the best group of people going in to the finals from the seasons I've seen so far.
Ninja mittens lol
I would be scared as shit as soon as I see all this equipment. This is gonna be a hard ass final.
Sentimental time!
I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of this final and the Rivals final. Don't love the overnight aspect and the last minute location change. I feel like the all in one go aspect was the best way to do it and I liked when the finals included aspects from throughout the challenge.
"I have seen people die doing this in movies." Haha Camilla
I feel like CT screwed up not staying back to help Diem. If he would have grabbed her arm and pulled her they would have been done way sooner.
Did Ty just try to steal Emily's blanket? lmao
Second and third difference is a second. Dang.
Hey this break the trend of me hating and skipping most of the ninth episodes.
EP 10
12 miles in the snow and freezing cold after sleeping in it. Damn. I'm assuming they're at least getting food at some point between last night and now. I don't think they'll be happy until someone dies in th final lol
Spoke too soon about the food.
I was just wondering about Vegans or veterinarians. Guess The Challenge don't give a damn.
Bold(/s) prediction: Ty is not making it to the finish. He already seems gassed as hell.
Props to Diem for pulling out on that puzzle, and calling out destroying it so the others don't see the solution. It seems like a no brainer, but CT seemed like he didn't even understand what she was saying.
Lol i thought they would literally be making a tunnel. I was thinking this was going to take hours. Nevermind, the tunnel is just closed off and already made.
Could they have not kept with the snow shoes? Seems weird not to continue with those.
At least they didn't have to redo the whole race or section again if they got the sundial wrong lol
Am I missing something or did they even explain how the sundial is solved? Is it order they got them? They just seem to know.
I love that you keep seeing glimpses of people on snow mobiles around them. You know that's gotta suck. You're walking twelve miles in this shit and theres multiple people just following along on snow mobiles.
No CT, come on!!! I can't take another Johnny win!
Dammit!!!!!!! Dammit, dammit, dammit dammit. DAMNNNITTTTTTTT!
"We defeated all the odds." There really wasn't much at odds. You were only ever at risk the very last elimination round. Any time I see you on a season I just assume you will be in the final. Because you'll almost always skate there. Then I'm just pleasantly surprised if you go out early.
Legit surprised Ty made it to the end.
The Miz is hosting? lol
They seemed to opt for having full couples on rather than getting anyone from earlier in the show.
Johnny of course bothered by being called a shitty motivator lol
I don't know if I'm being crazy, but Diem is coming off like she has a big crush on Miz. Like she doesn't want to stop talking.
Johnny and Camilla banging in the frozen tundra in a tent. I mean, I guess they stayed warm.
Johnny instantly going back in to being a dick. I do NOT understand the allure of Johnny. At all.
Fucking CT clapping. I love CT.
A Dominican prostotue that looks like Halle Berry and is named Chocolate. lmao Weird they wouldn't show thats why Camilla was getting jealous and angry.
Mark was deathly afraid of going home to a scorn girl at home lol
Has Robin changed? Yeah, from drunk angry Robin, to sad mopey Robin.
Glad Ty is saying sorry. Still think he's a scumbag though. Paula was dumb, it sucks what she did, but it was clear to see that Ty was pressuring that situation as much as possible.
I'm shocked they even brought up the blackface. Ewe. I don't think you should shit on Emily all too much though. She honestly seemed to not understand and like she said it was a stupidly sheltered girl and a girl not from the US. No one else saw what they were starting to do and told them it wasn't a good idea. It was stupid, but I don't think it was malicious.
I'm with Robin, fuck Johnny. She gets mad at you calling her crazy, so that's why you call her crazy? Fuck off.
Overall thoughts:
Overall I'm kind of middling on this season. I like the format, I like getting someone thrown in to elimination rather than going by a vote. There's more risk in that. There just wasn't much adversarial aspect to the season. It more became the Emily/Ty show with them mostly trying to stay alive. No one seemed to come in instantly gunning for CT, Wes was out so quick, there just wasn't really any kind of back and forth. Most the drama was through the relationships and I just wasn't really here for most of those.
People I was surprised to not see on this season: Kellyanne/Cohutta, Danny/Melinda, Johanna or Jenn with anyone.
The biggest bummer is that this was probably the most interesting and good group going in to the final, but then the final itself was pretty damn lackluster.
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2020.08.14 23:26 zazild92 Challenge Rewatch: Rivals 2, The Best of the Rivals Trilogy

Rivals 2 is like the Empire Strikes Back of the Rivals trilogy. Rivals was good, and Rivals 3 has its hit or miss moments. Butttt Rivals 2 is a culmination of great cast, solid challenges, and being entertaining throughout. One thing right off the bat is this location looks like it sucked. It looked ridiculously humid and just uncomfortable.
Now for me it’s almost a universal fact that Rivals 2 is considered a top tier season. The cast even the minor players were all big personalities. And with the exception of like Tyrie, Dunbar, Jessica, and Derek. Robb gets a pass cause he’s hot af. Everyone brought a little something to this season.
It was lovely to see Wes get another win and redeem himself from the Rivals final. And Emily finally getting a win after 2 3rd place finished was great. And when it comes to my Paula. I know a lot of people say she lucked out with both of her wins. And yes she benefitted from having Evelyn and Emily as partners. Buttttt let’s not forget Paula was a pretty great competitor and she did a great job complimenting their strengths.
And then we have Heather Cooke. Cooke got the best upgrade when Naomi left. This is when Cara (besides swimming) was starting to come into her own as a competitor and without her Cooke would’ve left midway with Naomi.
Gotta give a shoutout to my boy Preston. I’m sorry but Preston is constantly talked about being this awful competitor but he really isn’t that bad. Frank just proved he’s awful through and through. His comments about Jemmye were just lowwww and uncalled for. Just a grimy comment from a grimy person. Zach looked like a douche per usual. And he’s just a giant ass baby. Literally for someone so fucking sexy, his personality just makes him so unattractive.
Jordan had a solid debut, and I still can’t believe Marlon never came back. Was it just he was done, or never called back. We had a fair share of just messy moments. From Ketchup-Gate, to Trishelle’s pathetic attempt to fight my Aneesa. I’m sorry but the “Trash-Elle” comment was top tier Aneesa.
I did hear allegedly there was more to the eye when it came to Trishelle quitting. Guess she got injured and production denied giving her medical attention or something like that. Still Sarah continued to be cursed for partners.
Johnny and Camilla were just kinda there. They had there moments and Camilla tried to kill Johnny for the 2,456th time. I mean seriously Camilla used to literally try to attack people on these shows yet her crazy ass kept getting called back. But on the Camilla factor, she wasn’t as bad as she usually is on seasons.
Then when it came to probably the biggest storyline of the season. Which was CT and Diem. Now I was there from the beginning, FM was my first season. And I feel in love with her. Then we saw their romance on the Duel and it went from there. And my goodness macgraciousness, CT holy hell. This man was a fineeee ass specimen back in the day. I still find gramps CT sexy. But this was just another level.
But I digress, They just always seemed drawn to each other. Even though CT kinda dogged her this season, I still felt he cared about her. And I honestly loved Carpe Diem with her white dress and wine glass. It was a different Diem we weren’t used to. She was messy, she was sassy, and I loved it.
Though like typical Diem fashion, she face planted at the end, and her and my Aneesa were sent packing the last elimination. Goodness I’m sorry but I felt for Aneesa this season and I loved the relationship her and Diem seemed to develop over the season.
And this final has to be one of the craziest finals I’ve seen. That fucking food challenge looked awful and besides Frank I felt for all of them hacking their literal organs up. CT was a champ. Poor Cara and Cooke lost their lead. Paula chugged those fish drinks so quickly I was impressed. Seriously editing must’ve died when they were doing that and I think that was by far the grossest eating challenge.
By the end I was thrilled to see CT claim his first victory and for Wes and him to bury the hatchet. Even though yes I was pulling for Cooke and Cara, I wasn’t mad to see Emily get her first win. Though I do wish she didn’t retire after this season, cause I would love to see her against Jenny. But Rivals 2 will forever be one of the most thrilling seasons with one of the best casts of the show and my favorite finals.
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2020.08.10 11:51 klphoen Here is an old Rivals interview Evelyn did on Vevmo back in 2011.

Q. Did you get along with Johnny Bananas on Rivals?
A. Yes, I did. When he’s not perpetually harassing me, I get along with him scary well, which is why I’m so perplexed by the attitude he sometimes has towards me. I genuinely was cheering for him against CT on Rivals, at a point when the match-up meant absolutely nothing to my status in the game, only to hear since returning home that he’s been saying XYZ about me on Twitter and podcasts all over again. I’ve given up trying to understand. I’m going to the VMAs with him on Sunday and expect to have an outstanding time. But I wouldn’t for a second be surprised if the next time I saw him on a challenge he tried to make my life hell for the month, pushed me, threw a stick at me, sent me into elimination against my best friend, or –OK you get it!-… He can be a ridiculously cool, clever person when he wants to be (the guy’s got a friggin brilliance to him at times, I can’t deny it)…but he can also be my worst f****** nightmare. Nothing surprises me anymore and as heinous as it gets it’s gotten to the point where I just laugh about the whole situation. It’s so f****** bizarre. Then the guy calls me a transvestite on the internet 50 thousand times after famously grabbing me and forcing a French kiss on national television… only to then go back on the same network and boast about making it to first base with me on the Aftershow -- and then voice disgust to everyone over -- only to drunkenly kiss me again in front of the whole cast (it ended up off-camera) in Argentina… and then -AGAIN, you get what I’m saying! In the weirdest way he’s become a friend to me, it’s just a really fed up friendship that I cannot for the life of me understand. Have I shed any light at all on the situation? Did I just create Merriam-Webster’s first official definition for “Frenemy”? * And for the record, we were all beyond f*ed up and had totally lost our minds by the time of the Argentina kiss. That was also the night of Wes and Cara Maria’s war, Laurel’s attack on Paula, and our creepy drunk wrestling food fight upstairs. I’ve been asked about a certain injury I sustained during filming and why I was still able to laugh and get slammed around that night…here’s the thing- because of said injury, I was on a whole laundry list of painkillers…and I was drinking…and me + painkillers + vodka. Ask V1Man about Evelyn on painkillers after a fairly serious allergic reaction sent me to a Los Angeles hospital one beautiful afternoon. They pumped me full of pain meds, cortisone, and antihistamines, and he was my caretaker in the ER. And…I mean…gosh, suffice it to say that 10 am to 10 pm of that day is a gaping black hole in my mind’s eye. Apparently me on painkillers = awesome. And that is why that happened the way it did in Argentina.
[editor’s note: This was the only time I’ve ever seen Evelyn not be competitive. One of the staff asked me if she was a stand-up comic because everything she said to them in the ER had them all in stitches.][/I] [B]
Q. Who from the challenges do you trust?
A. Cara Maria’s the only one I have complete, 100% trust in, which can apply to all aspects inside and outside of the challenge. There are others who are very high up but she’s the only one who’s never given me a shred of reason to doubt her.
Q. Do you still talk to Brooke?
A. Yes, we’re good friends. I just spent last Sunday with her in Hollywood.
Q. Would you like to have an elimination round one-on-one vs. Laurel because everyone wants to see once and for all who the best girl is? And are you confident that you would win?
A. I would love it, although I wish it could just be an exhibition round so the two of us could stay and continue to hang out on the challenge afterwards! Having her around breathes new life into the game for me. She’s the one girl who I believe has a decent shot at sending me home in a fair fight (i.e. not relying on a fluke or silly DQ to beat me). I’m confident I would win, she’s confident she would win. I think it would be an awesome fight…and if there’s a Duel 3, I could easily see that being the final Duel of the season. Well, assuming BMP brushes up on the definition of “Duel” before the season starts. How the hell can you have a Duel that A) has three guys and three girls in the final and B) forces them into guy/girl teams? The whole concept is that it’s supposed to be one on one!!! Madness.
Q. Which challenge season was the most fun to film? Which one did you enjoy watching the most?
A. Most fun was either Inferno 3, Gauntlet 3, or Rivals…all were great times. I enjoyed watching G3 the most, of the seasons I’ve done (even though the editing was a little unfair at times).
Q. Do you think the JEK alliance ruined what these challenges could be?
A. Everyone else ruined it. Season after season the sheep gift-wrap the game for them and serve it up on a silver platter, then cry foul when they lose. I blame my idiot cast mates.
Q. Are there any girls who you would have trepidations about going into an elimination round against?
A. No. I welcome the competition and the elimination rounds are such a rush, that the tougher the opponent, the more excited I’d be for it. To get to the meat of the question though, Laurel would have the best shot at taking me out in an elimination round.
Q. Are there any challenges you didn’t do that you would have liked to?
A. The Duel
Q. Do you think you would have won the Duel had you not been forced to decline due to illness?
A. Honestly…yeah. It changed the entire game.
Q. What’s your opinion about the newbies on Rivals? (Jasmine, Jonna, Mike, Leroy)
A. I love ‘em all, to be perfectly honest. Jasmine, Jonna, and Cara Maria were my girls on this season, and watching them have to go against each other truly sucked. I really feel like the four of us bonded the most out of all of the girls on this season. Mike and Leroy are just awesome guys and such a breath of fresh air on this program.
Q. What’s with the Evelyn / Derrick’s animosity toward each other?
A. That one’s entirely a one-way street. I’ve never said or done anything to the man, and don’t plan to. In the interim, he’s betrayed me in pretty feckless fashion on two consecutive challenges and apparently drags my name through the mud on his radio show. This statement is actually the first slightly antagonistic remark I’ve ever made regarding him.
Q. Why did you not like Veronica before “The Ruins” and why did your opinion change after doing that?
A. I was friends with Veronica before the Ruins, and I continue to like and respect her.
Q. Do you have any type of relationship with Danny anymore?
A. Did I ever?
Q. Why does Robin have beef with you? Evidently Robin told Derrick on a podcast that you were the one who orchestrated her and Aneesa going into the first Jungle.
A. Robin has beef with me? I agreed to do her radio show next week, so I guess I’ll have to ask her about that.
Q. What did you think when you heard you would be with Paula?
A. I was thrilled. Honestly.
Q. Who are, in your opinion, the top 5 female challengers you have competed against physically?
A. Laurel, Cara Maria, Paula, Tori, and Chanda.
Q. If Fresh Meat were done similarly to Rivals, which girl would you want from FM and FM 2?
A. Chanda or Diem if I’d been able to choose a Fresh Meater, but since I’d have to choose an alum, Tonya. From FM 2, I would have chosen Cara Maria.
Q. If Rivals had been guy/girl teams do you think you would have had Johnny? Do you think you would have had a good shot at winning? Or could you think of a team that would have a better shot at beating you Rivals wise?
A. Obviously I would have had Johnny…I can’t think of a better team, although I suppose you could do Laurel/Abram if Eric didn’t show…they would have had a good shot at beating us.
Q. If there was another Battle of the Seasons, who would you want as a partner? What season do you feel has the best winning potential?
A. I would want Kenny, hands down. For all our bull**** over the years, we still work better together than any guy/girl pair I’ve ever seen. Best winning potential? I believe we would win, but Darrell/Rachel, Evan/Diem, or Paula/Johnny (or Tyler) would be tough competition.
Q. If there was another Battle of the Sexes format, do you think people would keep you because of your almost perfect challenge performances, or do you think they would eliminate you to make the finals with their friends?
A. It could go either way. It would depend entirely on the rules of the game. Shoot, just look at this challenge: if the rules were even slightly different, this could have easily boiled over into me vs. Johnny, Kenny, and Evan all over again. Instead, the rules forced us into a very tight alliance.
Q. Did you ever feel like you carried Paula in Rivals? Did you ever feel like she carried you? Did you prefer her over players like Coral, Susie, or Brooke?
A. We carried each other. That’s what this challenge was all about for the teams to be successful, with very few exceptions. She would have been my number one choice for a teammate, so yes I preferred her over all of those players.
Q. Are you a gold star lesbian? Are you the only one on the show that is?
A. Yes and yes.
Q. Do you still keep and breed any reptiles? If so, which ones?
A. Haha, yes I do. Varanus acanthurus and Varanus flavirufus…love ‘em.
Q. Do you have any post-challenge life plans in mind?
A. Since I’d already taken the spring semester off of school to do the Challenge, I enrolled in cosmetology school. I’d always secretly wanted to, and finally went for it since I needed to stay busy anyway- have ended up loving it and am completing that this fall. I’ll be taking the LSAT this winter and finishing my undergrad in 2012, while also working as a full-time stylist in San Diego and Hollywood. Depending on my LSAT score, I may or may not pursue law school thereafter.
[Editor’s note: a score of 172/173 is my prediction.]
Q. Cara Maria hinted that there may have been some shady business behind Jenn and Mandi’s win in the kayaking challenge. Do you have anything to say about this, or any possible hand that production may play in determining the outcome of certain challenges?
A. The rules stated you could not rest your kayak against the bamboo rods at the sides of the starting gate. Jenn and Mandi lodged theirs up against it for almost their entire run up at the starting zone, and it’s the only reason they won. That should have gotten them a game-losing penalty. Paula and I won that challenge. Watch the Final and tell me you honestly believe that Jenn and Mandi beat every girl’s team at a kayaking challenge. It’s comical.
Q. Do you think the alliance you headed with Wes on FM 2 was doomed from the start, simply because of Landon’s distrust/dislike for Wes?
A. Quite possibly. I hate crying over spilled milk but Landon was itching to stab him in the back for a while. I remember many conversations I had with him and CJ trying to talk me into teaming with them and betraying Wes. That in addition to them agreeing to lie to us about CJ’s first exile, and floating deals to Kenny long before the ultimate move was made…I don’t understand why Landon couldn’t be content with saving beating Wes for the finals (we all knew he’d never win it), but as rocky as the foundation was for the move it ended up winning him the game. He accidentally made a move that won him the game. Landon and Carley both told me our Exile was harder than the final challenge, and it was a course that favored their team in every conceivable way: they had done it before (CJ threw it for them so they could learn it backwards and forwards), the weights clearly played to a larger team’s advantage, we were doing it in the dark so I was especially clueless, and Luke and I were totally exhausted, having just finished our Exile against Wes and Mandi 24 hours earlier and going for our second one in two days…even then, with every single possible advantage going their way, they only beat us by a mere 2 minutes off of a puzzle, in a 2 hour Exile. I came MUCH closer to beating Landon in that Exile, at his own game, than anyone else did on the Final, a neutral playing field. I knew that season was mine for the taking if we could just survive that elimination. I did my part and I still believe we could have very easily won that Exile…and as such it remains a source of extreme resentment for me to this day. The editing was flipped to an extent that season that continues to absolutely baffle me…If viewers could have seen the reality of that season I think they would have been far more sympathetic to my position…as it is Fresh Meat 2 exists as a Challenge netherworld in which I was a nefarious, dishonest, backstabbing, whiny, weak, unfair little brat…sandwiched between three seasons in which I’ve been (fairly) depicted as one of the most loyal and fair-minded players in the game. It would be an understatement to call it an editing screw-job and I love that it was the poorest rated season in the history of the franchise…sorry but it serves BMP right. I’m still VERY bitter about the whole experience. I wrote a lengthy piece about it last year but had to take it down on account of “trade secrets.” I call bull**** but I’m unable to elaborate.
Q. If you could come up with a challenge teaming theme like they usually set up what would you like to see them do?
A. Good vs. Bad…but not “Good Guys” and “Bad *****,” more like a straight up good vs. evil…ironically I think many of the “Good Guys” of I3 are no-brainers for an evil squad.
Q. If you could pick your fantasy team made of 5 guys and 5 girls who would you choose?
A. Landon, Frank, Alton, CT, Darrell, Laurel, Paula, Cara Maria, Tori, and Diem.
Q. Some of the guys show up for challenges looking like they put on a lot of muscle since we first saw them on their original seasons. Do you know if anyone has used steroids to train for the show?
A. Yep and yep.
Q. Whose back would you have if Kelly Anne and Wes got into an argument on a future season?
A. I’d stay out of that one entirely.
Q. What motivates Evelyn?
A. I’m driven to succeed. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing- from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment my head hits the pillow at night, I have to be busy and I have to be advancing myself. In school, when I get started on my term papers I usually work 30 hours straight without breaks for anything until the job’s done, and I’ll oftentimes get horribly sick by the end of finals because I can’t just work on and off. It’s actually a problem - I can’t give myself breaks and if I haven’t done a perfect job, or if I’ve left a work in progress, my mind races, I get anxious, and it MUST be done as flawlessly as possible before my mind can be at rest. I think I’m technically obsessive-compulsive about most things I do. I am an extremist and I have to give anything I apply myself to 110%. I’m always stressed, I’m always busy, and I always have to do a perfect job…but I’m also EXTREMELY happy and satisfied with my life, and that applies to everything. Victory, success, and achievement are my ecstasy. I get antsy if I’m anywhere for an extended period of time and have trouble spending an entire day doing nothing. In this respect, my father is a carbon copy of me and the reason I am the way I am- only he has not entirely applied his abilities to pursuits that bring him joy. He’s Yale-educated, a Manhattan lawyer, and at 63 he works harder than he ever has in his entire life because every deal he’s on has to be done best, and as he is the best in his field he doesn’t delegate many tasks to the infinite associates he has at his disposal because he knows they won’t do as good a job as he will. This has been the source of lots of stress and hardship for him, and while he totally doesn’t need to be doing every little task himself, he’s the same way I am. He can’t walk away from it, even though virtually anyone could see that some of these deals are totally insignificant in the broader scheme of things. If you want points of reference…Jeez, I remember I had an idea to re-do the backyard of the place I was renting two years ago. I SLAVED away at that thing all day everyday for a month perfecting it, only to have to move away the next month and see it all go to waste. I barely thought twice about it once the job was done. In the salon, I am the only stylist I know who can wrap a full foil highlight in mathematically perfect sections, with one hundred perfectly aligned foils in perfect order. I guarantee if you went in there with a ruler they’d match up perfectly. That logical part of my mind is my dominant side. It’s always operating and it’s why when I do things I have to do them perfectly. It’s also why I can pick apart one of these games with ease (the alliances, the numbers, the strategy). I typically figure out what the Challenge teams are months in advance (long before you guys or the other cast members do, I assure you). I can swear on my life, I would beat every single challenger at least 9 times out of 10 on any given mathematical or logic puzzle, were they to give me one on these challenges. That stuff is my bread and butter…I can do the “diabolical” Sudoku in the Times at will…yet I could not even match up two simple colored giraffes in South Africa five years ago. It’s an extremely unhealthy way to live, and I can tell you that the way I approach these challenges is totally unhealthy for me as well. From the second I show up in that house I am playing the game all the way through. This is an extremely successful approach, but it’s also very taxing, and I think takes a lot of fun out of the game that I might otherwise experience on these challenges. The thing is outside of these shows I actually have a ton of personality, I’m one of the most charismatic and adventurous people I know; but, once I start applying myself to something, I zone out and quite honestly am not all there emotionally, which I think is why I come off as occasionally brick-like on the Challenges. When I’m on the Challenge, I’m on a mission, and that’s my all for the month. I’m the most ambitious person I know, and when these two things are combined, the results are fantastic...but the reason this is possible is because in ways I’m seriously flawed. Did you know I count my syllables almost everytime I am talking to someone? I arrange them into numerical orders in my head based on the sounds, and if I’m walking I time them with my steps and eardrum clicks (I can click my eardrums at will, like popping them on a plane, because my jaw is slightly assymetrical). I always just assumed everyone did that kind of stuff, until I mentioned it at dinner with people a few months ago and got some very weird looks. Believe it or not, I have several family members who are worse. This is also why I went years not giving a damn about my appearance, the visor, etc. I focused on other things and so appearance was totally irrelevant to me. Now that I’ve chosen to apply myself to cosmetology, it’s become one of my pursuits and you will virtually never catch me without Barbie-doll curls and three(+)-toned eyeshadow. Again, I’m a (perhaps deeply) flawed person. But ultimately I’m going to be spectacularly successful.
Q. A number of cast members who've never been in an acting class seem to want to play characters on the challenges. How do you stay yourself and not succumb to the temptation to be over-the-top in front of the camera?
A. I’m not capable of playing a role for the cameras, and don’t feel any desire to. This makes me a far more unique entity on that program than the would-be reality stars who ceaselessly attempt to court attention with their antics. I’m special for the simple fact that I don’t attempt to be special. I stand out because I don’t attempt to stand out. Ever. This especially applies amongst the women of the franchise, most of whom aren’t interesting enough to make it on their merits. I have no desire to get into acting or become famous off of this program. The Challenge is a game that I love; all I want to do is play it and win.
Q. Do you think fans are too intrusive in seemingly wanting to know things about the lives of the challenge cast members? Does it bother you that some "fans" don't understand that the shows are edited with a story line in mind?
A. At times my mind is blown by how easily manipulated viewers are. I’ve learned not to get hung up on the negativity because viewers are often fickle. They’ll hate a cast member one season and love them the next, based on whatever the editing might be. If you’re going through a rough patch with the viewers, don’t worry about it because in a few months, most of them will flip all over again. The great thing about Vevmo is that hostility is generally kept at bay, or at the very least kept to a basic level of decency. I think most Vevmo readers are like little reality TV experts, and I love it, which is why this site remains the only one I have ever given my patronage to. I’d like to point one thing out though -maybe my only issue here- regarding the anti-Fresh Meat stance of a few Vevmo people (and this is not even based on my opinion of your overall position)- when you’re trying to bash us, the term should be spoiled meat. Not “stale” meat. I think that one started with the losers over at Speakreality five years ago and has somehow persisted to this day. Have you ever seen a steak go stale? Spoiled, rotten, rancid, decayed, rank…any one of these would work. If it’s a play on the entertainment being stale, then it’s a poor one because it’s not even applicable to the title. Quite honestly, any individual I’ve seen toss that one around over the years I have dismissed as a moron. Does it necessarily make one an idiot? Debatable…I guess I just put ‘em on the level of the “then/than” people. You know,[I] those[/I] people.
Q. In your last interview with us you said this about your perfect alliance for a team challenge: “Kelly Anne, Wes, Derrick and myself. I don't think I'd every have to worry about waking up with a knife in my back with those..." Would you like to correct the record today, with or without a reason attached?
A. V1Man, you’re bad :wink2:
Q. Is there anyone from "Old School" MTV that you'd like to do a challenge with or again?
A. I’ll just consider that everyone before my season, and yes. Theo, Timmy, Cara, Ruthie, Mark, Landon, Beth, Frank, Adam L, Adam K, CT, Abram, Alton, Beth, Brad, Katie, Robin, Aneesa, Veronica, and Rachel are all “Old School” folks I’ve enjoyed my time with and with whom I would happily go on a Challenge. I’ve never met Jodi or Kina but have heard great things from my friends, so I’d like to do one with them as well. ~~~~
[Editor's note: Thank you, Evelyn, agreeing to this repeat interview for vevmo. Thanks also to everyone who posted questions. In the beginning I thought about a more structured interview, but when Evelyn saw your raw questions, she just started answering them as they were, mostly in the order you posted them. Well done, team!. Hopefully, following tonight's final episode, we can convince Evelyn to answer a few more questions about the outcome.]
EDIT: Here is a transcript of a Ustream Cara, Laurel and Evelyn did before Rivals reunion
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2020.08.04 19:00 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in NV Hiring Now!

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2020.07.29 21:00 zazild92 Challenge Rewatch: Invasion, what the hell were they thinking when making that format?!

Invasion of the Champions. When it comes to entertainment and cast I will say it really did a great job. Butttt what the hell where they thinking with that format. Like 8 champs. Against 12 underdogs. Lopsided beyond belief. I don’t know if they thought they’d even the teams out. But those underdogs were no slouches when it came to the challenges.
Okay format aside, which we all know was awful. This season gave us some “proper” introductions to some of the newer gens that would follow for seasons to come. We had Nelson getting a strong 2nd challenge. Cory’s fuckboi story line really ramping up. Seeing Hunter without a hat. The Young Bucks origin is here cause it’s funny cause they were against Cory this season.
Then Skinny Tony. I’m sorry. I stan by Dad-Bod Tony. Such a strong start to burn out by episode 6. And that’s the same with Kailah. Holy shit she came in with a bang. And left an impression. Love her or hate her Kailah is an interesting time on the challenge.
Once the Champs came in everything just got so much better. They just added more zest. Between Johnny being Johnny. The toilet seat scene is iconic. Darrell steam rolling Zach. Ashley K being a thing for a second.
Then we gotta talk about the lesbian triangle love storyline between Laurel, Cara-Maria, and Andrea Dick. Holy shit what a mess. Nicole is just such a mess, and mostly cringe. So much of the season was taken up by Nicole’s thirsty ass it was kinda hilarious. Laurel you looked like a boob. Cause Nicole wanted that Cara Maria booty before you dear.
Also the intro season to what would be known as the Lavender Ladies. The most polarizing group of people I’ve ever seen in this sub. When it comes to them. I like 3 of them. Shane always just seemed like a bitter old gay guy that wanted to prove his marriage didn’t fall apart cause he’s a petty bitch.
Amanda is just a bad bitch. She doesn’t give a fuck and that’s what I love about her. Ashley like I’ve said a million times is a self-aware trainwreck and I love what she’s brought to this show. And Sylvia is an underrated competitor, and her elimination record proves it. Seriously I’m shook by her record.
By the end, I just couldn’t believe the hill the champs had to climb by the end. They had a raw ass deal, and I honestly think they thought the format would be slightly more fair or benefitted towards them. I thought the final was really solid.
Ashley really benefitted from having her partners maybe besides Nelson at their best stage. Nelson couldn’t really swim, but Ashley came through with the puzzles. And CT and her killed the puzzle too. One of my favorite moments not talked about enough is Nicole and Cory trying to solve that first puzzle. Like it was soooo bad but hilarious. They started counting the fucking sign. I couldn’t.
And Camilla just had bad karma the whole finale. Hmmmmmmm not like Camilla didn’t have bad karma built up even before Dirty 30. But her frustration with Cory was understandable. Cory, you are so freaking sexy. But holy crap you are as dumb as a bag of rocks.
So at the end, CT having his comeback win after his break after Diem’s passing. And Ashley becoming the best Ashley, and taking her first win was awesome. I rooted for her all season, and her calling her mom was such a fantastic way to end the season.
Overall even though the format was AWFULLL I could still find some good in the season. And that’s cause I thought the challenges were fun. The cast was engaging even though we could’ve all dealt without the Nicole storyline. And while the final wasn’t revolutionary I thought it was solid and fun to watch.
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2020.07.18 15:28 DramaticPatience0 40 Jobs in CT Hiring Now!

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Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ct. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.07.10 16:07 futurepoet Top Ten Greatest Male Players in Challenge History: No. 2 - Johnny Bananas

Honorable Mentions - Abram, Brad, Dan S., Jamie, Mike M., Theo V., Turbo, Wes
No. 10 - Alton Williams (Real World: Las Vegas)
No. 9 - Mark Long (Road Rules: USA - The First Adventure)
No. 8 - Darrell Taylor (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)
No. 7 - Derrick Kosinski (Road Rules: X-Treme)
No. 6 - Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat)
No. 5 - Evan Starkman (Fresh Meat)
No. 4 - C.T. Tamburello (Real World: Paris)
No. 3 - Jordan Wiseley (Real World: Portland)
No. 2 - Johnny Bananas (Real World: Key West)
Bananas is the face of the Challenge franchise.
Bananas is the most popular player to ever play. He’s appeared on the most seasons ever (20). Although this statistic does nothing to boost the argument of why he’s considered one of the greatest ever, winning 6 of them certainly does. That’s more than anyone in the history of the show (Darrell comes in second place with 4, then there’s a handful of challengers with three).
Bananas non-believers may argue that his 6 wins come as a result of having more at bat attempts than anyone else by a large margin. That is indeed true, but the same non-believers also argue that he leads the Challenge in most elimination losses ever (13). This is where I come in and make the same counter-argument they made to his six championships: he’s appeared more than anyone else ever by a large margin, so it’s not the most ludicrous thing in the world that he’s lost more than anyone in the history of the show. That 10-13 elimination record could be a lot prettier sure, but I don’t think it’s enough to knock Bananas out of the G.O.A.T. tier. Why? Babe Ruth is in the G.O.A.T. tier of baseball. Babe Ruth led the MLB in home runs (similar to Johnny leading the Challenge in championship crowns), but he also led the league in strikeouts (epitomizing Johnny having the most losses in elimination rounds).
J.E.K.’s fourth horseman.
Johnny Bananas was the fourth and final piece to the J.E.K. dynasty, the greatest dynasty in Challenge history. Kenny and Evan were the clear leaders, Derrick was third, and Johnny was fourth in the hierarchy scale. Although Bananas was the least powerful of the four and had a troubled social game early in his career, the strength of the dynasty helped him reel in his first three championships.
Johnny’s social game on his first championship season, the Island, was ugly to watch. He called every girl on the Island a dumb bitch and bullied four of them (Evelyn, Kelly Anne, Robin, Tonya) throughout the entirety of the show. Half the island hated Johnny so much, he was almost sent home over Abram, who was begging everyone to vote him out because he had important business to take care of back home. Bananas barely escaped with a vote of 9-6. On the Island, Derrick had to throw one of the final face-offs for Johnny to get his second key after he had gotten his first one stolen (due to his poor behavior towards Evelyn). Evelyn was getting ready to steal his key again a second time, until Kenny’s political-social magic persuaded Evelyn to sell her soul to devil. Johnny shouldn’t have even won on the Island, let alone have a spot in one of the final boats. J.B.’s Island win was all of the dynasty’s doing. They controlled his fate because they had more power in the game.
In his second championship, The Ruins, Bananas had to prove his worth to the rest of the dynasty as a competitor. When the game dwindled down to only 4 male champions for the last male elimination, it was only JEK Dynasty members having to pick between one another on the Champions team. Derrick would’ve been the easy choice if you were going based off performance (since he was the sole reason the Champions had lost a mission earlier in the season and basically, Johnny had performed better as a team player up until that point), but Kenny and Evan still threw in Johnny into the last male Ruins. They respected Derrick more. J.B. ended up going in and winning his first career elimination against the last remaining challenger male, Dunbar, in a physical game. I would consider Dunbar the definition of an average competitor, but physically he was one of the bigger guys on the show, so Johnny gets major props here. Johnny’s elimination win proved he was a worthy competitor to the rest of the dynasty and he rightfully earned his second championship as the Champions won the final against the Challengers.
Moving Up the J.E.K. Ladder.
The political theme of Johnny’s third championship, Rivals, was J.E.K. and friends vs. C.T. While Johnny was generally the lowest man in the J.E.K. hierarchy, I really feel like Rivals is where he starts being seen as equal to them, mainly due to his competitive abilities (Kenny was a subpar regular season performer on Rivals and Evan was in “pregnant” physical shape). Johnny/Tyler were the best performing team all season. They won the most missions out any male pair (Hammock Crawl, Against The Current, and Sawed Off), and won the most critical elimination of the season: T-Bone v. CT/Adam.
In T-Bone, players had to run up and down, through intersecting half-pipes, and had to transfer colored balls to their partner's ball rack. The first team to have both players transfer their five balls to their partner's rack won. Physical contact was allowed, CT’s specialty. I see a lot of challenge fans downplay Johnny/Tyler’s T-Bone victory and make the argument that they won because Adam sucks. Adam is actually one of the more speedy competitors to ever be on the show (case and point: Ball Brawl against Danny on G3). Adam made the mistake of transferring the wrong balls early on, having to make extra laps in comparison to everyone else and he still somehow managed to almost catch up to Tyler, only losing by a few steps. Johnny also finished just a few seconds after CT, who’s the best physical specimen in Challenge history. Johnny’s win in T-Bone and the three missions he won throughout the season got him and Tyler to the final challenge of Rivals, where he collected his third championship trophy.
*Battle of the Exes proved to us that Bananas is not a product of J.E.K.’s success; he is his own entity.
I personally believe Rivals cemented Johnny Bananas as Challenge royalty. But even with the Rivals win, some people still weren’t giving Johnny Bananas the respect he deserved and saw him as nothing more than a JEK product. The argument against J.B. was that his three championship wins were a result of the system that was orchestrated by political overlord Kenny and Evan. If you broke down his three wins before Exes, that wasn’t a far cry from logical. On The Island, Derrick had to throw a face-off for him to get his key. J.B. was going to get his key stolen by Evelyn again and lose his spot in the final boat, but Kenny went to bat for him and changed Evelyn’s mind. On The Ruins, he won because he was in a team with all his dynasty members who protected him for seventh-eights of the season. On Rivals, half the teams consisted of a dynasty member making it easy for J.B., Evan, and Kenny to control the game.
Exes is the first season in the Challenge timeline where the Dynasty became extinct. On Exes, it was clear Johnny Bananas had learned well from his dynasty peers and finally was controlling the politics all on his own without Kenny and Evan’s assistance. J.B. aligned with Mark/Robin, CT/Diem, and Paula/Dunbar. Him and Camila were on cruise control for almost the whole entire season.
Johnny and Camila won three missions (Give Me Some Honey, Rolling in the Deep, Lube Me Up) and came in second place for two other missions (Hook Up, Don’t Rock The Boat). They landed in the top two five out of eight times. Johnny also went into the final elimination before the final and faced Mark in X-Battle.
Johnny defeated Mark 2 to 1 in a physical elimination game where you had to rip an object away from your opponents hands to win. Mark is an absolute freak of nature and had about 30 lbs. of pure strength on Johnny, but Johnny pulled the upset. Rumors have gone around for ages in the Challenge community that Johnny got Mark to throw the elimination round. Whether that’s true or not still credits Bananas in some way. It’s a resume builder for him either as a competitor or a social player. Johnny’s Exes performance was his finest one yet, and he proved to the rest of the world that he was not just a product of the JEK system. The fourth championship established him as his own entity.
J.B.’s Battle of the Exes final performance is the best come-from-behind victory ever in America’s Fifth Sport.
The Exes final took place in Iceland. To this day, it is considered one of the most grueling finals ever. Competitors had to deal with extreme freezing temperatures, icy winds, and running in deep snow while completing eight different checkpoints over the course of two days.
J.B. and Camila trailed for the whole final, but right at the final’s last leg: the large mountain climb, C.T. gassed out and J.B.’s endurance stayed in gear. The master strategic thinking in J.B. came up with the brilliant idea of using the large footprint holes C.T. made in the snow to move up the mountain, conserving his energy and letting him and Camila reach the finish line first before CT/Diem.
Bananas political-social game is one of the best when it’s “on”.
I don’t think Johnny is the best to ever play the game in terms of political and social prowess, but I would definitely say he is in the top 10 conversation. He has too big of a bullseye coming in every season, because of his fame and makes too many enemies to be considered top 5. Johnny makes the top 10 politically/socially because of how tuned he is with the game and a lot of the time his group of friends are the best competitors, and in result the ones running the show.
Times where Johnny’s political/social game was “on”: Ruins, Cutthroat, Rivals, Exes, Rivals II, Bloodlines, Rivals III, Invasion, and D30. Ruins and Rivals – J.E.K.. controlled the game; Cutthroat – Johnny got in Emilee’s ear during the draft and built a roster based off experienced players he wanted in the end (Derrick, Jenn), promising rookies to throw in when the fodder was gone during the mid game (Ty, Emily, Theresa), and team fodder to throw in every elimination until they went home at the beginning of the game (Derek, Eric, Katie). If Ty wasn’t such a catastrophic event, Johnny wouldn’t have even saw an elimination on Cutthroat; Rivals II – The girls controlled the men’s fate, and Johnny never saw an elimination the whole season despite not performing up to regular competitive standards because he was aligned with three of the four best girl teams; Bloodlines - Johnny didn’t see an elimination until the very end despite all of his alliance members going home early this season; Invasion - You’re probably wondering how this ended up here, but given the circumstances of the season there wasn’t much to judge on. However, go watch the whole Roll With The Punches mission on Invasion and this is proof of how Johnny is always two steps ahead in the political department, even in a room full of champs; and D30 – Bananas was protected at all angles: CT, Derrick, Jordan, Leroy, and Tony all had Bananas as either their #1 or #2.
Jack of all trades, the master of strategy.
Johnny Bananas doesn’t have physical abilities such as Alton’s athleticism or CT’s superhuman strength, but one thing he does have is the greatest strategical mind to ever approach the game. When you compare Bananas to all-time elite competitors, his abilities are very good, but not great in the following categories: strength, athleticism, intelligence, and stamina.
Bananas manages to keep up with his most elite adversaries by analyzing the competitions and finding strategies through observation of performance better than anyone to have ever play the game. His brilliant strategies and well-rounded abilities fuse together to make him an elite competitor. Theres a reason he leads the challenge in most mission wins ever (59), and has had a high winning rate in every individual/partner season that he’s ever done.
Watch any challenge Johnny is apart of, I promise you he’s on the sidelines cooking up a game plan whenever he’s not at the beginning of “the order”. Here is a list of some of the missions where Johnny’s strategy was the driving factor behind him or his team the winning the mission: Giraffic Park (I3), Chain Gang (Ruins), Brain Buster (Cutthroat), Sawed Up (Rivals), Lube Me Up (Exes), Bar Crawl (Free Agents), and Decontamination (Total Madness).
In Lube Me Up, players had to slide down a slippery course, retrieve oversized balls at the bottom of the course, and had to advance themselves up the slope, while using ropes to guide them, and break a plane toward the top of the course to win. Johnny’s opposition in this mission was C.T., Mark, Dunbar, and Ty. Johnny was the only one to not use the ropes as assistance. Instead, he ran up the course by using his toes to dig through the slippery mat. The other guys failed to think of this brilliant strategy and were slipping all over the place.
J.B.’s Free Agents replaced Exes as his apex performance.
On FA, Johnny won 4 missions, 3 eliminations, and a challenging final to get his fifth trophy all while playing from the bottom, socially, for the majority of the game.
Three of Johnny’s four mission wins stood out to me. They are the following: Bar Crawl (six teams of 4 competed; J.B. did what he knows best and came up with the winning strategy), Bounce Out (J.B. had the most important role on the team for this mission, and he performed extremely better than Isaac, who shared the same role for the opposing team), and Crossover (In the final mission of the season, pairs had to travel across a lagoon, collect puzzle pieces on the other side, travel back and solve a puzzle; J.B. came through in the clutch and solved the puzzle first to lock a trip to the finale in Chile).
The three eliminations Bananas won: Balls In against Isaac, handed Jordan the first loss in his elimination career in Wrecking Wall, and beat CT in puzzle pyramid in the final elimination of the season. J.B.’s win versus C.T. in FA goes down as Johnny’s best elimination showing, because not only is C.T. a puzzle genius, but it was a complete blowout.
Johnny followed up his greatest elimination performance ever with his greatest individual achievement ever: winning a solo final and in essence, a solo game. All of this happened in the matter of 2 days. I’m having a hard time deciding what was J.B.’s most impressive moment in the FA finals between: (1) Him smoking everyone in the most critical stage of them all: the stationary pedaling bike (Bananas got a time of 1 hour flat, Reilly got 1 hr 23 mins, and Zach completed the stage in 1 hr 31 minutes), (2) Bananas coming up with the perfect strategy to solve the tree stump puzzle where pairs had to name the cities in order of geography; Johnny solved the puzzle by putting the original tree back together by the way it was carved. Everyone else failed to complete this stage and reached the time penalty; or (3) Bananas turning a new leaf and shockingly being supportive to his female partner Devyn who was hindering his pace.
Rivals III. The journey to the sixth championship was an absolute landslide for Johnny.
Bananas and Sarah have of the best political mindsets to ever play the game. The same can be said about their competitive abilities. When you looked at the competition they were playing against on Rivals III, you just knew the season was over as soon as it began. It’s the most predictable season to have ever taken place ever in terms of pairs or individual seasons.
J.B. and Sarah absolutely dominated on both sides of the field. They won 4 missions and were never voted into elimination once (the only elimination they saw was because of the black skull twist at the end of the season). Teams had their chance to throw them in (Nate/Christina and Dario/Nicole) late in the game when they were without safety, but they didn’t due to Johnny’s political-social charm. Johnny/Sarah got to the finals where J.B. earned his sixth championship. The journey didn’t end there. J.B. committed the most ruthless, heinous act ever seen on the show by stealing Sarah’s prize money in return for her crossing him on Exes II. Bananas and Sarah’s storyline on Rivals III was the best revenge to ever take place in Challenge history.
The Six-Season Finals Drought.
Ever since Johnny Bananas stole the money from Sarah on Rivals III, Johnny has had a pretty bad streak of either getting eliminated early or falling short of the final. Fans have referred to it as the Rivals III curse, and anti-J.B. people have used it to discredit Johnny’s career, and argue that he’s a false representation of the greatest to ever play. This is an elephant in the room that I’m willing to address, because quite honestly the elephant isn’t that big. It’s actually small.
The six-season finals drought began in Johnny’s 14th season, Invasion, all the way up to his 19th season, WOTW2. J.B. hasn’t been to the finals because he’s at the back-end of his career. He’s been out of his prime for quite some time now. Should he be punished for this? No. In every professional sport, all-time greats eventually fade with time. Their all-time great placements aren’t affected by how they performed when they were a shell of their former selves in their fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth season. Kevin Garnett was averaging 6 points and 5 rebounds for the last five seasons of his career, and his team missed the playoffs every time. Do NBA fans use this to discredit his G.O.A.T. status? No. Kevin Garnett is still considered one of the five greatest power forwards of all-time. The latter years of his career are just better off forgotten, and fans reminisce on the times when he was at his consistent best. If anything, Kevin Garnett playing 21 seasons added to his legacy, because he was able to compete in the professional level for so long. Longevity goes a long way. Johnny Bananas’ 20 challenge seasons should be celebrated for competing at a high level and being a top player coming in every season regardless of the six-straight finals drought.
The once-existing, long living Bananas v. CT saga is the Challenge’s version of the Yankees v. Red Sox rivalry; Johnny is the Yankees.
Back in 2010-2015, Johnny Bananas and C.T. (when they were both in their absolute prime) main-evented every challenge they participated in. From Cutthroat to Free Agents, Bananas and C.T. went toe-to-toe against one another either right before the final or at the final.
In a series of five face-offs, Bananas came out on top by winning three to C.T.’s two. Cutthroat – C.T. backpacks Johnny and emasculates him completely (1-0 C.T.); Rivals – Johnny/Tyler beat C.T./Adam in T-Bone (even at 1-1); Exes – C.T. gasses out in Iceland final, Johnny comes from behind and wins (2-1 J.B.); Rivals II – CT wins Thailand final while Johnny’s stamina fails him (2-2); and Free Agents – Johnny beats C.T. in the last elimination and wins the final right after (J.B. 3-2).
You make the argument that the series between Bananas and C.T. is actually 2-2 since Adam was the reason C.T. lost T-Bone (and that’s a completely fair point). Even taking into account the 2-2 argument, J.B.’s 2 are still more prestigious than C.T.’s 2. Johnny’s Exes and FA wins against C.T. resulted in two championship victories. C.T.’s Cutthroat and Rivals II consists of only one championship and an amazing highlight. Even when you take into account that it’s the most amazing highlight ever taped in challenge history, championships hold more weight than highlights in determining one’s G.O.A.T. status. Plus C.T. didn’t get an individual championship out of this historic rivalry, Bananas did with Free Agents.
No matter how you slice it, Bananas clearly bested the Boston Robot, C.T. in a series of five main event competitions, and from a competition abilities standpoint, C.T. is probably the best ever. This is why I feel like Bananas coming out on top in the greatest rivalry of America’s Fifth Major Sport is J.B.’s greatest accomplishment ever and proved to me that he’s ahead of C.T. all-time by a small margin.
J.B.’s Overall Assessment.
Competitively speaking, Johnny’s never been an elite athlete like Alton, C.T., or Landon. Johnny’s just a regular athlete who’s well rounded at every facet of the game and practically has no weaknesses. Johnny’s ATG strategy is one of the greatest competitive traits in Challenge history as it’s helped him overcome stronger, faster opponents that were in his way of winning.
J.B.’s run from The Island to Free Agents is the most dominant run in Challenge history. In the span of 7 seasons (The Island, The Ruins, Cutthroat, Rivals, Exes, Rivals II, Free Agents), Johnny saw six finals and won five of them. On top of that, he also won six of seven elimination rounds. No other challenger has ever come close to this sort of run. It was just pure dominance.
I personally think Johnny’s 6 championships (a hat trick of pair seasons and one individual), him besting C.T. in competitions in their multi-season rivalry, and having the most dominant run ever in his absolute prime, makes him an automatic pick for the Challenge Mount Rushmore. The only question then becomes, where do you rank him? I guess it all depends on how heavily you factor his elimination record and six-season finals drought (which I thought I did a good job in lessening the impact of). The Banana Man is well deserving of spot #2, in my opinion.
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2020.07.08 06:29 MTVChallengeFan A Look Back Through Aneesa's Career On This Show

Aneesa has now set the record for the most seasons competed on without winning a season, with 13 seasons(excluding the spinoff seasons). This broke the previous record of 12 seasons, which was also set by Aneesa. Aneesa is far from the worst competitor of all time, but she's the ultimate non-winner in this show's history. That's not to insult Aneesa, because some of it was out of her control, and I'm a huge Aneesa fan. However, let's go back, and review Aneesa's history on this show, shall we? If nothing else, it should bring back memories(or perhaps teach you a history lesson).
Battle of the Sexes(2003): Aneesa competed on her first season when she was 21 years old. Back then, that was about the median age for a competitor, but these days, that would make you the absolute youngest possible rookie(the average age of the casts are much older these days). So, what happened on this season? She was on 9 episodes, and the 14th competitor eliminated out of 30 eliminations on that season. On this season, there was a scoreboard which consisted of points the competitors could earn based on how well he, or she competed in the Daily Challenge/Missions, and the point totals were cumulative, and the top three competitors via points created the Inner Circles for each team. Aneesa only had 95 points, which was the least number of points on the Women's Team, and she lagged behind most other competitors. She was voted out of the Inner Circle which consisted of Ellen Cho, Emily Bailey, and Ruthie Alcaide, and it was solely due to her point total, so there were no hard feelings.
Battle of the Sexes 2(2004-2005): Just like the first Battle of the Sexes season, there were 30 eliminated competitors out of 36 competitors on this season, so your odds of being eliminated were very high. Aneesa was 23 years old on this season, so she was still very young. Aneesa lasted 9 episodes again, but this time, was the 17th competitor eliminated, except the scoreboard didn't exist anymore. Competitors volunteered(or were voted by their team) to be a Team Leader. If your team won the Daily, as a Team Leader, you were safe. If your team lost the Daily, as a Team Leader, you weren't safe. The Team Leaders were Aneesa, Coral Smith, and Robin, and the Women's Team lost the Daily(duh). So, compared to Coral, Aneesa was obviously weaker, and Robin was in a tight alliance with Mark, and the main veterans, so it was an easy voting decision for Aneesa, and Aneesa took it well.
The Gauntlet 2(2005-2006): Aneesa was almost 24 years old on this season, and this was her first season as a "Veteran". This was the only season she was ever a Runner-Up, and this is the closest Aneesa has ever came to winning so far. She was good enough to get by in the Dailies, and made it to her first Final Challenge/Mission, but unfortunately, the "Bet Your Booty" Final Challenge is arguably the worst Final Challenge of all time. It was a gambling match, where the competitors could bet their given-coins on each event, but the Veterans team decided to go all out on the Roti Eating portion, and Aneesa didn't even compete in the Final Challenge at all. That's right-Aneesa lost a Final Challenge she didn't even get a chance to compete in.
The Duel(2006-2007): What's up with Aneesa competing in seasons that aired in a span of multiple years? Anyway, Aneesa was was 24 years old, and didn't do that well in the Dailies(of course, she had great competition on this season too). However, she did win three Duels this season, against Paula Meronek in "Pole Wrestle", Robin Hibbard in "Ascender", and Diem Brown in "I Can". Unfortunately, Aneesa lost the last Duel of the season, and was the very last competitor to be eliminated. She lost the "I Can" Duel to Svetlana Shusterman, which is one of the worst Elimination Games of all time(it's basically a luck-based gambling match). This was the second consecutive season for Aneesa where she lost due to a gambling match that was largely out of her control, after 15 long episodes.
The Inferno 3(2007): Aneesa was 25(almost 26) years old on this season, and this was where her mini-rivalry with Paula Meronek evolved. Once again, Aneesa wasn't that impressive in the dailies, and was able to avoid every Inferno-until the last one. For the second consecutive season, Aneesa was the final competitor eliminated, and after 15 episodes, and she lost the "Shimmy" Inferno to Paula. Aneesa's foot was partially injured, and this cost her the Inferno(but to be fair, Paula was better than people gave her credit for).
The Duel 2(2009): At this time, Aneesa was 27 years old, and she had established herself as someone who would never be that good in the dailies, but could kick it up a notch in Elimination Rounds. She won three Duels, just like she did on the first Duel season. She won the "Back Off" Duel against Shauvon Torres(she was Emily Schromm before Emily Schromm), "Back Off" Duel against Paula Meronek(faced Paula for her third season in a row), and Tori Hall(Used-to-be Brad's Tori, not current Jordan's Tori), in "The Elevator" Duel. Aneesa made her second Final Challenge, but this was the first season I was convinced Aneesa couldn't win a season on this show, because as soon as the Final Challenges began getting tough, she couldn't keep up. She came in third place for the female competitors, and it wasn't even close to be honest.
Rivals(2011): At 29 years old, some of us wondered if this would be Aneesa's Swan Song. Aside from the fact she was paired up with Robin Hibbard, we also had Cara Maria Sorbello/Laurel Stucky as a pair, and Evelyn being Evelyn, so the odds of her winning looked all, but dashed. Aneesa did the opposite of what normally happens, and lost the first Elimination Round(Jungle) of the season, known as "Hands On" to Evelyn/Paula(not like anyone had a chance against that pair). It was her first season of the 2010s decade, and this is one season I'm sure Aneesa, and her fans wished never happened. NEXT.
Battle of the Exes(2012): Aneesa's first season in her 30s! Oh no, time is running out! Before production allowed their 5-10 year old kids to design the seasons in "The Trilogy", having an all-female pair on a season full of male/female pairs was unheard of, especially when you have Johnny Bananas/Camila Nakagawa, Chris "CT" Tamburello/Diem Brown, and Abram Boise/Cara Maria Sorbello as pairs. However, that happened because Rachel Robinson, and Aneesa were ex-girlfriends of each other. It's not that they couldn't hold their own-after all, Rachel is one of the best female competitors of all time, but it's hard to think of a scenario where they were going to win this season. They did beat Tyrie Ballard/Jasmine Reynaud in the "X Knocks the Spot" Dome(that's not saying much), but lost to Dunbar Flinn(lol), and surprise surprise, Paula Meronek in the "Banded Together" Dome. This is another wanna-be-forgettable season for Aneesa, and her fans. Aneesa, and Rachel were the eighth pair eliminated out of ten pair eliminations on this season(so close), and lasted six hour-long episodes.
Rivals 2(2013): The 31 year old Aneesa is back for another Rivals season, and this time, her partner was the late Diem Brown, but at least she didn't lose to Paula this time. At the very least, they won a daily together, but as to be expected, Aneesa was the last competitor eliminated, again. She lost the "Hanging By a Thread" Jungle to Foghorn Leghorn(Camila Nakagawa), and the internet troll Jemmye Caroll.
Free Agents(2014): Aneesa was 32 years old at the time, and since this was a remixed Duel season, why not give it a shot? Well, it lasted eight episodes. She beat Jonna Mannion in the "Wrecking Wall" Elimination Round. And then she faced Laurel Stucky in an Elimination Round.
Battle of the Bloodlines(2015-2016): Sighs, it was a season that spanned in multiple years, and Aneesa went into the last Elimination Round(Pit) of the season. What could go wrong for the 33 year old on this season? At least we saw her, and her cousin Rianna Polin for eleven episodes.
XXX: Dirty 30(2017): Aneesa has now ventured into her mid 30s, at 35 years old. Aneesa lost the "Deadweight" Presidio to Kailah Casillas, and then lost the "Web of Lies" Presidio to the 29 year old Veronica Portillo after twelve episodes, but at least we saw her win a Redemption House Game against Nicole Ramos, and Marie Roda.
Total Madness(2020): Aneesa's first season in the 2020s decade may very well be her last, but I hope not. Even though she was 38 years old on this season, she actually looked like she was doing better in the dailies than she ever has been, and at the very least, still won a Purgatory.
Even on the spinoff seasons, Aneesa couldn't win. On the Champs vs. Stars(2017) season, she lost the "Cage Match" Arena to Michelle Waterson, and was medically evacuated after four episodes on the second Champs vs. Stars(2018) season.
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2020.07.07 02:08 futurepoet Top Ten Greatest Male Players in Challenge History - No. 4 - C.T. Tamburello

Honorable Mentions - Abram, Dan S., Jamie, Mike M., Theo V., Turbo, Wes
No. 10 - Alton Williams (Real World: Las Vegas)
No. 9 - Mark Long (Road Rules: USA - The First Adventure)
No. 8 - Darrell Taylor (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)
No. 7 - Derrick Kosinski (Road Rules: X-Treme)
No. 6 - Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat)
No. 5 - Evan Starkman (Fresh Meat)
No. 4 - C.T. Tamburello (Real World: Paris)
C.T. carrying the Johnny Bananas backpack is the greatest highlight ever recorded in Challenge history.
Before the backpack moment, we hadn’t seen C.T. in three years. He was rumored to be forever banned after almost killing Adam King on the Duel II. On Cutthroat, when T.J. announced the heavy hitters twist and C.T. came walking out the dark, challenge fans all around the world were not prepared for what they were about to witness. C.T. was finally let out of his cage and Johnny Bananas became absolute prey.
If there were ever to be a logo for the Challenge, a visual image of the C.T.-Bananas backpack moment would be it. Picture this: Replace the Jerry West silhouette in the red and blue NBA logo with a white silhouette of C.T. mid power-walk and Bananas in the back of him imitating a backpack. Then, replace “NBA” with “MTV”. Now, you got your MTV Challenge logo. C.T. being at the front and center of a hypothetical challenge sports logo makes perfect sense considering C.T.’s athletic performances changed the landscape of the Challenge from a regular game show to the series becoming known as America’s Fifth Sport.
C.T. is the Peyton Manning of the Challenge.
Peyton Manning is the greatest regular-season quarterback in the history of the NFL. C.T. is the greatest regular-season competitor in the history of the Challenge.
Peyton Manning only has two Superbowls (and won his second one in his final season in the NFL, while being a shell of his former self). C.T. has three championships (and won his final one while being in his worst physical shape ever).
Both, Peyton Manning and C.T.’s regular-season career numbers lead you to believe that they should have had twice as much championships than what they currently have. However, their own blunders (C.T.’s boneheaded mistakes and gassing out right before the finish line on the Exes 2 final = Peyton’s choking) throughout their careers hold them back from reaching extreme success in the post-season.
To continue this comparison, Johnny Bananas is Tom Brady (6 championships). C.T. is the more natural athlete and talented challenger between him and Bananas, but Bananas has had the better legacy (Peyton’s the more talented QB between him and Brady, but Brady accomplished a greater legacy).
C.T. has seven of the greatest regular season competitive performances that didn’t result in championships.
The Inferno: In C.T.’s rookie debut, the higher end competition consisted of Abram, Darrell, Mike Mizanin, Shane and Timmy. C.T. won 4 life shields. C.T. led all the males in life shields and actually won more life shields than the higher end competition as one whole collective (Darrell, Mike Mizanin, and Timmy each won one life shield, totaling up to 3). C.T. was the best performer of the season as a rookie. He made the final challenge, but his Real World team lost to Road Rules in a close race.
Inferno II: C.T. was the life shield king. He racked up 6 life shields this season in one of the most competitive male casts to ever be assembled in Challenge history. C.T. led the season in life shields again, Landon came in 2nd with four, Mike in 3rd with three, and Derrick came in 4th with two. C.T. made the final, but he and the final remaining Bad Asses got blown out the water in a triathlon.
The Duel: C.T. won three missions and landed in the top 2 seven times. In C.T.’s third season, he was the second best competitor behind Evan, who won six missions (but half of them were due to having the superior partner in Jodi in comparison to C.T. having Diem). Despite being a top 2 performer, C.T. got disqualified against Brad in the final male duel and didn’t make it into the post-season.
Gauntlet III: C.T. was co-captain of one of the most dominant regular season teams ever, the G3 Veterans. C.T. was either the best or second best athlete on the team (along with Evan, the other team captain). C.T.’s performance in Piñata Pit (which I delve into later) proved what a freak of nature of a competitor C.T. was.
Rivals: C.T. managed to win two missions and landed in the top three overall six times with an average partner (Adam). Rivals C.T. was the scariest. The whole season was based around J.E.K. and friends trying to take him out, because he was such a force to be reckoned with. C.T. lost right before the final because of Adam’s performance in the T-Bone elimination.
Exes: C.T. and Diem won two out of eight missions, only second to Bananas and Camila’s three. C.T. and Diem made the final, but got second place. C.T. and Diem had the lead the whole final, but C.T. collapsed moments before the finish line.
Dirty Thirty: C.T. was competing in his 11th season and still putting up the best scoring numbers in one of the toughest male casts ever assembled. C.T. won 6 missions. That’s the most out of all males on Dirty Thirty (Not a single other player won 5, Hunter won 4, Nelson and Leroy won 3, and the rest have 2 or less). C.T. made the final on D30, but got third place because his gas tank can’t keep up with the other two finalists.
C.T.’s ATG Physical Strength, Aggression, and Athleticism is the most lethal combination in Challenge history.
If the Challenge were to ever have a Madden-esque video game, C.T.’s player rating regarding his athleticism and strength would look something like: STR: 99. SPE: 99. AGI: 99. A prime C.T. was a cheat code. The Bananas Backpack moment attests to this. Below are some other missions and eliminations where C.T.’s strength and athleticism proved to us he was of a different breed.
In Piñata Pit (G3), players from both teams had to jump in a mud pit, retrieve a ball, and return it to the starting line. The mission was played in rounds. Each round, there were fewer balls than there were players. Players were getting eliminated round-by-round. The game of Piñata Pit came down to the two best players on each team, Veteran C.T. and Rookie Derek McCray. You’re probably reading this wondering who Derek McCray is. I don’t blame you. Let me give you some background information on him. The moment Derek M. first stepped into the Challenge, he was immediately viewed as a competition threat, even with no performance log to back for it. Derek M. came into the Gauntlet 3 with instant respect, based off the fact that he had been recruited by more than 200 colleges for his football talent. Considering Piñata Pit contained all the aspects of a game of football: running, tackling, stripping a ball away from an opponent, and taking it to the end zone, the average betting man would’ve bet on Derek to score and win it for the Rookies. Challenge fans, however, knew to bet differently. When the final round went underway, Derek reached the ball first, but C.T. was inches behind Derek as he gained possession of the ball. C.T. then proceeded to slam him to the ground effortlessly and Derek literally yelped as he was getting manhandled. C.T, with what looks like half an effort, popped the ball out of Derek’s arms and took it back to the end zone to win it for the Veterans. In Piñata Pit, C.T. basically took the manhood out of a Division 1 athlete.
In the T-Bone elimination (Rivals), C.T.’s “Choo! Choo!” train almost killed Johnny and Tyler. It’s the biggest near death experience in Challenge history. I have a theory: We haven’t seen C.T. in a physical combat elimination ever since for good reason. I’m positive that’s a calculated decision by the Challenge Gods, not one that’s left up to chance.
C.T. faced off against Leroy in Wrecking Wall (FA), an elimination where both players had to punch through a 30-foot dry wall to make holes to climb up until they were able to reach the bell at the top. First player to ring the bell won. Leroy is an elimination beast; he’s won 8 career eliminations because of his physical strength and athleticism alone. He was no match for C.T. though. Anyone who watched the Duel 2, knows C.T.’s punching power is nothing to be played with. His punching power knocked out a whole wall on that season.
In the Flying Leap mission (Duel), players, one at a time, had to jump back and forth from one end of a platform to another that was suspended from a crane 20 feet above water. Numerous flags were hanging from poles located on both sides of the platform. Players had to grab as many flags as possible within a three-minute time limit; Whoever collected the most flags won. C.T. won Flying Leap with flying colors. He was the only male to not land on his body when jumping or not use any running momentum to assist his jumping sequences. C.T. instead showed us his athletic prowess, by setting his feet, loading his hips, exploding and jumping across, landing on his feet every time. Everyone on the sidelines watched in awe. C.T. made it look like a walk in the park.
C.T.’s All-Time Great Intelligence.
C.T. is the perfect two-way player. He not only has the brawn, but he has the brain as well. His long history of solving puzzles makes him an ATG intelligent male player. Below are some of C.T.’s greatest moments in which he had to put his brain to work.
C.T. eliminated Evan in Ascender (Duel), an elimination game in which players had to climb up a rope, pull a handle at the top of the rope, to release a basket containing puzzle pieces. The players then had to climb back down the rope to assemble a tiling puzzle similar to a tangram. C.T versus Evan was the second last male elimination on the original Duel. Up to that point, Evan was the clear #1 best competitor of the season and C.T. was the second. The two best players were going mano a mano. Evan got raddled under the stage lights (got caught trying to cheat), and the brain of the cold blooded killer, C.T. solved the tangram with ease.
In the Rivals 2 final, C.T. completed the puzzle checkpoint in a flash that Johnny/Frank fell behind in. Upon seeing the puzzle, C.T. straightaway figured it out because the puzzle was one that he played when he was hungover at a breakfast country club.
In the Final Redemption Challenge on D30, players had to read a code that provided a combination to a lock that contained puzzle pieces. The first two players to retrieve and complete their puzzle would return to the game, while the rest were eliminated. C.T.’s competition in this challenge was Dario, Jordan, Leroy, and Bananas. C.T. was the first male to successfully figure out the code and complete his puzzle, and re-entered the game as a result.
C.T. eliminated Darrell in Knot So Fast (Invasion). It was the last champions elimination of the season. The grandest stage of them all was set and the two all-time great champions had to rely on their strategical intelligence to win this one. Darrell put up a good fighting effort in trying to undo C.T.’s knot, but it looked like a physically impossible task. It actually was. According to Darrell on Challenge Mania, C.T.’s knots were so tight that production had to cut them off with machetes after the elimination was over. C.T. broke the Knot So Fast elimination. That’s how intelligent C.T.’s strategy was. The elimination win versus Darrell gave C.T. a spot in the finals, where he faced off against underdogs Cory and Nelson, who were fifteen years younger and in the athletic prime of their lives. In the final challenge, C.T. still managed to acquire his second season win and proved to the rest of the Challenge world that the underdogs were no match for the champion of champions.
C.T. has the All-Time Greatest Eating Abilities.
Eating is such an important trait to have in the challenge. It’s often identified as the most difficult portion of the final challenge each season. Players hate it. We’ve actually seen players quit in the final before because they couldn’t stomach eating disgusting things. We’ve seen C.T. devour all types of disgusting things without looking fazed in the slightest, that makes you question whether or not he has taste buds.
Remember the pickled fish soup in the Rivals 2 final? C.T. drank his like he was chugging a beer, while everyone around him was vomiting all over the place. Wes couldn’t bother to even taste his drink, so C.T. chugged it down for him.
In the Exes 2 final, C.T. ate the deer head and sheep blood as if it was everyday dinner. When he finished his plate, C.T. decided to go for seconds and helped Diem finish up her plate as well.
C.T.’s eating abilities are inhumane. Not only is C.T. known for downing disgusting foods in final challenges as if it were nothing, but he’s also known for winning regular season competitions where you had to eat a ridiculous amount of food (Toss Your Cookies v. Shane, eating the entire birthday cake on Race to the Altar in Exes).
C.T.’s first championship and third championships (Rivals II and WOTWII) were social-political clinics.
C.T. played his first eight seasons without winning the big one. It wasn’t until Rivals II, his ninth season, where he finally got his first challenge gold medal. As usual, C.T. crushed it on the field, but off the field, in the Challenge house, he played one of the best political-social games I had ever seen. On Rivals II, the opposite sex had control over the votes on male elimination days. C.T. was wooing all the girls, and they thought they were going to be apart of the next love big story on the Challenge. C.T. was never voted in because at least one player within four of the female teams had a fling with C.T. or were falling heads over heel for him on Rivals 2 (Anastasia, Cooke, Diem, and Nany).
On War of the Worlds II, C.T. was a member of the U.K. Team. He was apart of Cara’s Cult/The Royal Family. The physical shape C.T. was in this season was his worst ever, so him not ever being considered for elimination by his own team is mind blogging. C.T.’s social game was on a whole another level this season. My favorite C.T. moment on WOTWII is when he turncoats on Cara’s Cult right before the final and saves Tori from elimination to strengthen U.K.’s team for the final. C.T.’s political-social finesse on WOTWII rightfully earned him his third championship.
C.T.’s social-political skill, in general, deserves more recognition. Every time I hear people talk about C.T.’s eliteness, people only bring up the competition juggernaut and not the social-political mightiness he’s established over the course of his sixteen season career.
C.T. has only done three less seasons than Johnny Bananas, but he’s been in 11 less eliminations. Other than the first Rivals, I don’t recall there being a time where he wasn’t at the top of social structures. He has a whole catalogue of seasons where he was either pulling strings from the top or aligning with the biggest playmakers that were ones doing the pulling (i.e: Inferno 2 – CT was in a four person alliance with Derrick/Brad/Darrell where there duties were to not nominate each other in the inferno selections; The Duel – CT/Evan/Derrick/Brad each were paired with the best athletic girls and controlled the chain selections; Exes 2 – in an alliance with Mark/Robin, Johnny/Camila, and DunbaPaula that ran the game till the very end).
C.T. made history twice on Invasion and War of the Worlds II.
C.T. won his second championship 22 seasons after his rookie season. He debuted on the original Inferno, which took place in 2004, and won Invasion of the Champions in 2017. That’s a span of 13 years. C.T.’s Invasion win broke the previous record of the longest span between a rookie debut and championship win, that was held by Johnny Bananas. J.B. won his sixth championship 16 seasons after his rookie season. He debuted on the original Duel, which aired in 2006, and won Rivals 3 in 2016 (a 10 year span).
C.T.’s new breaking record was broken again by none other than C.T, just a few seasons later. C.T. won War of the Worlds 2, which took place 27 seasons after the Inferno, and 15 years later.
C.T.’s Overall Assessment.
If you read up until this point, I’m guessing a lot of you probably refuse to agree with my opinion of C.T. being the fourth greatest male challenger ever. Here’s my argument: C.T. is the greatest Challenge talent ever, but he doesn’t have the greatest legacy. Like mentioned earlier, he’s the Peyton Manning of the Challenge and I don’t consider Peyton Manning the #1 G.O.A.T. of Football (Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, and Tom Brady fit that bill better). In my eyes, Bananas, Jordan, and Landon are those three guys. The combination of their talent, winning percentage, and accomplishments fair just slightly better than C.T’s.
C.T. has just three championships in a sixteen season career. The rest of my top three have won just as much in a lot lesser time (Jordan, Landon) or doubled his wins in the same type of lengthy career (Bananas). C.T.’s temper and poor decision making tossed three years of his absolute prime down the drain (Inferno III, Gauntlet III, Duel II) and his inability to perform in the clutch tossed another year (Exes). That’s five seasons where the ultimate competitor, C.T., missed out on championships.
On the Inferno III, C.T. is cast on the Bad Asses; He was the best player on the cast, but he gets sent home the first night in South Africa because he punches Davis. C.T. would’ve been a lock for the final this season, he threw another potential championship out the window.
In the Gauntlet 3 final challenge, Big Easy cost C.T. and all the other final remaining veterans a championship win. You’re probably confused as to how this is C.T.’s fault, but he actually had a major hand in letting Big Easy ride to the final. If you go back to the first gauntlet deliberation where Johnny got sent in against Evan, Johnny plead to the rest of the Veteran males that Big Easy should have to go in, because he was going to lose them a final. C.T., who was the leader of the team, didn’t buy into Johnny’s plea; He had personal dislike towards Johnny and his reason for not throwing Big Easy in was because he loved partying with him. What’s the logic in that? C.T., the whole season was preaching about “trimming the fat” (getting rid of the girls on their team) and never worrying about Easy once was a horrific example of how to play a winning game. Prime C.T. was always finding a way to be the author of his own demise.
On the Duel 2, C.T. went into cannibalism mode. C.T. would’ve legitimately smashed Adam’s head and ate Adam’s head if it wasn’t for like thirty cast and production crew members successfully capturing him (and then tranquilizing him and putting him in his cage). There’s no guaranteeing C.T. would’ve won the D2, since the top crop of males this season was stacked. But this is an absolute peak C.T. we’re talking about, who’s in contention for the best men’s competitor all-time, so a championship victory is never out of the question.
In the Exes final, C.T./Diem lead the whole way until the final run up the mountain. Right before the finish line, C.T.’s tank ran out of gas (mirroring Peyton’s ability to choke in the playoffs) and he delayed winning his first championship for even longer.
C.T.’s competitive abilities (ATG physical strength, aggression, athleticism, intelligence, and eating) and his championship success in his career’s second half are sufficient enough to get him into the Challenge Mount Rushmore, but the four seasons he tossed down the drain in the first half of his career are a little too detrimental to have him in the top trinity. I think about it like this: Would I consider drafting Prime C.T. (Inferno - Free Agents) as my first pick when constructing a team in an-all time draft? Nope. He, was easily #1 in terms of competitive talent, but he was a complete hothead with bad decision making and only won one championship in ten seasons. Would I consider drafting Dadbod C.T. (Invasion - Total Madness) number one? Not at all. He’s won two championships in six seasons, with a phenomenal social-political game, but his competitive abilities are half of what they were before. Every version of C.T. comes with a small albatross that keeps him from having top three legacy.
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2020.07.03 13:45 futurepoet Top Ten Greatest Male Players in Challenge History - No. 5 - Evan Starkman

Honorable Mentions - Abram, Brad, Dan S., Jamie, Mike M., Theo V., Turbo, Wes
No. 10 - Alton Williams (Real World: Las Vegas)
No. 9 - Mark Long (Road Rules: USA - The First Adventure)
No. 8 - Darrell Taylor (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)
No. 7 - Derrick Kosinski (Road Rules: X-Treme)
No. 6 - Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat)
No. 5 - Evan Starkman (Fresh Meat)
Fresh Meat.
Evan’s inception to the Challenge was on Fresh Meat, where he became the first draft pick selected by the queen of politics, Coral. Despite being new to the Challenge scene, Evan went on to be the best male performer of the regular season. He outperformed established veterans and elite athletes in Derrick, Darrell, Shane, and Theo Von. Coral was never known for being a great athlete (she was slightly above average in competitions), but her and Evan went on to win five of the first six missions on Fresh Meat. Evan’s competitive performances led Coral to think “If God had another son, it would be Evan”.
The 5 missions Coral/Evan won showed how well-rounded and talented of a competitor Evan was. (1) Stuck On Me: Players were connected to their partners, back-to-back, by a harness, on a 25-foot narrow balance beam that was hanging from the rooftop of a building that was 80 stories tall and 1100 feet above the ground. Each team had to walk toward a white line at the end of the beam, then do a full 360° turn, and walk back to the beginning of the beam. Stuck On Me is the highest challenge to ever take place in Challenge history. There’s never been another mission to test one’s fear of heights like Stuck on Me, and Evan conquered that fear better than anyone. (2) Bush Whacked: Tested balance. Pairs stood on the top of tree stumps with a hanging medicine ball in the center, that they had use to knock each other off. Evan/Coral were the last team standing. (3) Hang On: Upper Body Strength. Male players hung upside down from leg harnesses, and had to hang onto their female partners by using just their arms. Evan hung onto Coral the longest (49.72 sec.), Theo hung onto Chanda for 49.30 sec., Shane/Linette - 43 sec., Derrick/Diem - 42 sec., and Darrell/Aviv - 34 seconds. (4) Climber’s Paradise: Communication and agility. Each team had to ascend up a 25-foot climbing wall, by using pegs of different shapes and colors. Each player had to carry the pegs up, and communicate with each other in order to determine the peg shapes necessary to ascend the wall. Evan/Coral’s time was 5:33, Shane/Linette - 5:43, Derrick/Diem - 6:17, Theo/Chanda - 6:24, and Darrell/Aviv - 7:49. (5) Rollin’ In Oats: Strategy. Two tubs of rolled oats were located across a grass field from corresponding deposit tubs. Players from each team had to smother their bodies with oatmeal, then sprint toward their designated deposit tubs, and scrape off the oatmeal from their bodies into the tubs. Each team went back and forth for a two-minute period, trying to deposit as much oatmeal into their tubs as possible. Evan/Coral annihilated the competition with 23.6 lbs of oatmeal. Shane/Linette transferred over 14.6 lbs, Darrell/Aviv - 9.2 lbs, Derrick/Diem - 8.8 lbs, and Theo/Chanda - 8.4 lbs (Evan tripled Derrick and Theo’s score).
Although Evan/Coral won five missions, their time was cut short due to injuries (after production found out Evan was performing with a hernia for a majority of the season). Evan/Coral would’ve been the favorites to win the entire Challenge had they never been kicked off for precautionary measures. They were the most dominant pair all season long and it wasn’t really close. They won five of ten missions they competed in. Their 50% win rate on Fresh Meat is the second highest mission winning percentage in pairs history. The highest percentage (55) belongs to Kenny/Laurel (who won five of 9 missions on Fresh Meat II).
The Duel.
Evan’s sophomore season, The Duel, was a mirror of his rookie season, Fresh Meat. He was again, the MVP of regular season missions (outperforming the top level opposition of C.T., Wes, Brad, and Derrick). But in the endgame, even as the number one mission performer of the season, he had to clock out right before the final (only this time this it wasn’t due to injuries, but a competitive weakness).
Evan won six of thirteen missions he competed in on the Duel (46%). That’s one incredible statistic. C.T. only won 3 of 15 (20%), Wes - 2 of 15 (13%), Derrick - 1 of 9 (11%), Brad - 1 of 15 (6%). Evan’s well-rounded skill and athletic ability were best displayed in the three following missions he won: (1) Pole Dance: Evan outpaced a prime Wes and C.T. in a race through a sand dune course. Evan’s stamina and long distance running proved to be lethal. (2) Stacking Stairs: Played in male/female teams, each team had to create an ascending (albeit unstable) staircase by transferring wooden crates toward the base of their designated flags that were hanging from a ceiling. Evan had the best strategy out of all the males who competed in Stacking Stairs, that allowed Jodi to reach the flag at the top to give them the win. (3) Ice Breakers: Each player had to race toward a pile of oversized ice blocks, retrieve one ice block at a time, then race toward their designated tables, and use a sledge hammer to smash as much ice as possible through the grates (while wearing protective goggles and gloves), in which the containers below filled with the smashed ice. The player whose container weighed the most after five minutes won the mission. Evan’s work ethic in a mission requiring physical labor was great as he came out on top with 19.60 lbs. of ice. Rest of the field: Wes - 18.55 lbs., C.T. 16.00 lbs., and Brad - 15.05 lbs.
In terms of social game and politics, for a second time player, Evan’s game on the Duel deserves two thumbs up. After three of the four Key West kids were sent home in the first three duels of the season, all of the Fresh Meat kids (Kenny, Casey, Big Easy) found themselves at the bottom end of every chain selection for the rest of the first half of the season. Evan was the only Fresh Meat kid, who was not a victim of this. In fact, he was always at the very top of the chain getting picked by the best female player of the game, Jodi, as if he was a Road Rules: X-Treme cast member. While one may argue Evan’s competitive abilities is the whole reason for that, I argue that it was half. The Duel wasn’t produced in the Golden era (competitions = social positioning). Post-Gauntlet II, players needed established alliances and a strong political game to survive regardless of how great they were at competitions. In hindsight, Evan being apart of the top of social structures in just his second season doesn’t really come as too much of a surprise, considering he had been taught the political ropes from Coral in his rookie season.
Evan, on the Duel, did have a political misstep however right at the end game. His alliance with Wes where he agreed to take out C.T. if Wes got rid of Brad and Derrick would’ve been received a whole lot better had he actually not called out C.T. in the second to last male Duel. Or had he actually beaten him and Wes would’ve gone in to face Brad in the final male Duel like he promised. The truth of the matter is: Evan could’ve called out the less threatening opponent in Brad, because Wes had not completed his side of the deal and there was no guaranteeing he was going to. It’s for this reason that Evan experienced buyer’s remorse after choosing to face C.T in a one-on-one elimination. He knew his fate was signed, sealed, and delivered. Because it was only Evan’s second time playing, I don’t hold it against him too much (especially when you take into account that Evan’s political powers become much greater in the second half of his career).
Evan’s elimination versus C.T. is where “The Son of God” label Coral gave to Evan loses some of it’s luster. As a competitor, his abilities were flawless up until then. Evan was scared of having to see the elimination floor against C.T., so he attempted to cheat by drawing the shapes of the puzzles (from the elimination game they were playing, Ascender) on his hand. Right before the elimination took place, Evan was called out by T.J., had to erase the drawings, and still somehow lost after having plenty of time to memorize all the puzzles of Ascender. Evan showed a large weakness of maintaining composure in eliminations, and it’s a competitive hole in his game that would go on to appear more later in his career.
Although Evan left the Duel on a bad note and a 0-1 elimination record, his overall Duel performance still deserves high praise. Here’s a list of the following records that Evan broke after his Duel exit: (1) Evan became just the third male in Challenge history to be the MVP of regular season missions in his first two seasons (along with C.T. and Theo Von). (2) Evan is the only player in Challenge history to ever win four straight individual missions. (3) Evan is the only player to ever accomplish a winning streak of three missions in both an individual and pair season.
Gauntlet III.
In Evan’s third season, he was apart of a dominant Veterans team. Evan was seen as one of the two leaders within his team (along with C.T.). The team huddles before every competition is the proof to this. The season was too team-oriented to determine where Evan ranked in terms of mission performances. However, he was still in the same exact athletic shape he had been on Fresh Meat/The Duel. This by default, made him at the very least, a top two guy on the whole challenge (with C.T.).
Evan’s biggest highlight on the Gauntlet III is when he was voted into the Gauntlet by the Rookies team. He faced Johnny in Sliders, his second puzzle elimination. This time he didn’t cheat and maintained better composure (mainly because he had C.T. and Coral in the sidelines helping him solve the sliding puzzle, while Johnny’s sideline coach was Casey Cooper). Evan won his first ever elimination, and you can probably give credit to both his intelligence and social game on this one.
The Duel II.
Missions: The Duel II is the first time we ever seen Evan not be the number one or two guy. He was the third best mission performer of the season (behind Landon and Mark Long). Landon won five missions, while Mark and Evan won two apiece. Evan won a spelling bee heights challenge (Spelling Air) and a competition that dwindled down to politics (Last Man Standing).
Eliminations: This was the greatest elimination-side we have ever seen out of Evan. The Duel is where challengers either live or die and Evan’s name was called into the Duel three times and he walked out alive all three times. The opponents he was victorious against (Davis, Nehemiah, Derek) weren’t Challenge superstars by any means, but they were far from pushovers. Davis had a solid rookie season on Inferno III, Nehemiah was an extremely underrated athlete, and Derek had a D1 collegiate football background. What’s probably most impressive from Evan’s three Duel wins is that he couldn’t use his most special traits (physicality and athleticism) to defeat his opponents, and instead had to rely on intelligence twice (Spot On) and endurance (Elevator). After the Duel II, Evan established ATG intelligence to add to his ATG athleticism and physical strength. It was after this season, that Evan also locked up three elimination wins that were strictly based around solving a puzzle (no other male performer has ever gone to accomplish this same exact feat).
Politics/Social Game: Evan was in an alliance with all the power players of the game: Brad, Mark, Landon, M.J., Aneesa, Tori, Diem, Brittini, and Rachel. He was always one of the first names selected in “the list”. Evan found himself in troubled waters early in the game because his partner within the list, Paula, aborted mission of saving M.J. and chose to save her love interest outside the power alliance, Dunbar, instead. This made the alliance grow skeptical of Evan, so Evan does what a savvy politician does best and decides to cut ties with Paula for the rest of the season. Evan’s executive decision to avoid “The Paula plague” put him in good terms again with the power alliance. Although Evan was called into the Duel two times purely because outsiders of the alliance loathed the way he played the game, he still managed to survive all the way until the very end.
Evan’s finest political moment of the season goes down in the F4 twist where T.J. walked into the Duel II house to let Brad, Evan, Landon, and Mark know that the guys need to vote someone into one last male Duel right before the final challenge. The guys all begin to deliberate about the different ways they can vote and Landon suggests a closed vote of writing names into a piece of paper. As everyone agrees, you can already see the wheels in Evan’s head beginning to turn. Right after Landon left the room to retrieve a pen and paper, Evan looks at Brad and Mark and signals them to vote Landon. As they agree to the plan, the episode follows with the following Evan confessional: “What a gentleman you are Landon, thank you for getting the pen and paper. You were gone long enough just for us to decide to throw you in the Duel”. Evan’s move here is an example of how he was always two steps ahead of other elite competitors, who lacked a political conscious. I see a lot of people argue that Landon was going in regardless if he left the room or not, but I disagree. Mark embodied Golden era politics; He was known for basing his decisions off of performance (he could’ve voted Brad since he was the only one without a mission win). Mark was also known for sacrificing his game for alliance members (Sexes II, Exes) and wanting to volunteer himself to keep peace within the alliance alive (last male deliberation of Gauntlet II). If shady politician Evan was never there to signal Landon, Mark might’ve just voted himself in or voted Brad in and Landon would’ve went on to win the Duel II (the final would’ve been a breeze for him).
By politically taking Landon out the final picture, Evan attained his first championship on the Duel II by outperforming Brad and Mark in the final challenge. In terms of every individual winning seasons in Challenge history, I’d put Evan’s Duel II as the fourth best (behind Turbo’s WOTW1, Bananas’ Free Agents, and Wes’ Duel. Evan’s Duel II ranks above Jordan’s Dirty Thirty and C.T.’s Invasion).
The Ruins.
Competitions: On the Ruins, Evan was the best male competitor of the season and the leader of a stacked Champions team, who went on to win 8 of 9 regular season missions. Evan’s two greatest competitive displays this season are: (1) Block Party: In this mission, two guys and two girls from each team had to wrap their bodies around a pole. The remaining players from each team then needed to pull the other team's players off the pole and drag them back to the starting area to eliminate them. When a player was eliminated, they were able join their teammates in trying to pull the opposing team's players from the pole. Once the opposing team's four players wrapped around the pole were eliminated, the other team was able to then begin carrying cinder blocks to the pole to build steps high enough to ring the gong. The first team to ring their gong would win the mission. Evan, Veronica, Cohutta, and Kelly Anne were the two guys and two girls that tried to fight away the opposing players from dragging them to the starting area. After non-stop physical action, the men champions were able to capture Cohutta, the women champions captured Kelly Anne, the Challengers’ women captured Veronica, but the Challengers’ men had no answer for “The Canadian Moose” Evan. Brad, Cohutta, and Dunbar couldn’t budge Evan off the pole the whole entire challenge. The rest of the Challengers team never even got to start the second part of the challenge (building the cinder blocks to reach the gong), because the male challengers never got close to dragging Evan’s body to the starting line. Here’s what Evan had to say about Block Party: “This is what we do in Canada for fun. We walk into the woods and hug trees. There’s no chance in hell I’m leaving this pole”. Evan taking three men all by himself in a mission where everything was no holds barred and essentially winning the mission for his entire champions team attests to his ATG physical strength. (2) The last stage of the final challenge: The Ruins final came down to one last puzzle that needed to be completed in order for the Challengers or Champs to advance to the finish line. Here’s what Evan had to say as they come across the final puzzle checkpoint: “Anytime there’s a puzzle, you can count on this. Kenny, useless. Derrick, more than useless. Johnny’s so tired from the race, he’s puking on the sidelines. This is a moment that can define the rest of our lives. If [Sarah and Kelly Anne] figure out the puzzle, they win”. The pressure was on, and Evan’s ATG intelligence delivered (along with the help of Susie); He was able to solve the puzzle faster than Sarah and Kelly Anne without the help of any of his men teammates. Evan’s performance in the Ruins final not only earned him a second championship, but proved why he was the leader of his Champions team and the most elite competitor of the season altogether.
Politics/Social Game: Evan never saw an elimination on the Ruins because he was a political overlord. Not only was he at the helm of J.E.K.D. (the most powerful alliance in the game), but he also had side alliances with Susie and Veronica, whom were essentially the most influential voices on the female side. Kenny/Evan went into deliberation every single time together to protect themselves at all costs. Evan’s political game was at such an elite level that he even had Darrell, a four-time champion with a historically great social game, volunteer into elimination twice, because he didn’t have the numbers on his side. Had Darrell never got kicked out the game, there’s a high possibility Darrell would’ve went on to see the Ruins a third time or Johnny would’ve been thrown in for a second time (not a shot in hell was Evan going in).
The original Rivals had a political theme of J.E.K. vs. CT, so Evan was in the majority alliance. The only problem is he showed up “pregnant” this season. It’s by far the worst competitive showing in Evan’s career. For the first time ever, he was outside the top 5 male performers of the season and was the weaker competitor in his partnership with Nehemiah, who’s always been nothing more than a middle card talent. Evan’s falloff as a competitor is best exemplified in the Rail Slide elimination, where he and Nehemiah lose to CT/Adam. Evan showing up to Rivals out of shape and his long-existing inability to keep his cool in eliminations joined forces and created Evan’s most disappointing performance ever. It was at that point, when Challenge fans all around the world, came to accept the fact that Evan’s Challenge days were over.
Evan’s Overall Assessment.
Evan on the Fresh Meat and Duel is up there as one of the best pure athletes in Challenge history. FM/Duel Evan would be one of the most difficult characters to unlock in a Challenge video game. The only unlockable characters that’d be harder to gain access to would be: G2 Alton, D2/FM2 Landon, and Inferno I/II C.T.
Evan proving himself to be a competitive juggernaut early in his career allowed him to quarterback some of the most dominant regular season teams in Challenge history (Gauntlet III’s Veterans and Ruins’ Champions). It speaks great volumes when Challenge Hall of Famers such as Brad, Darrell, Derrick, Johnny, and Kenny all referred over to Evan when it came to performing on the playing field.
Politically/socially speaking, I’d have Evan as the second best all-time behind Kenny. Evan’s political game was louder and attracted more attention, which made him more vulnerable to attacks from the bottom (ex. Davis and Nehemiah calling him into the Duel). Later in Evan’s career, when his competitive abilities regressed a little (below the super elite rank of Landon and Mark), his masterful political game came in clutch and won him a championship on the Duel II.
Evan’s legacy is fifth best all-time (behind Bananas, C.T., Jordan, and Landon). He falls one spot short of my Mount Rushmore, but meets the requirements of a Challenge Dream Team starting player. He has ATG physical strength, athleticism, intelligence, leadership and is well-rounded in just about every other area. His only big weakness is mental strength in eliminations. Even in some of his elimination wins (Davis, Nehemiah), he was mentally all over the place and could not keep himself concentrated. Evan’s lucky he never had to face an elite competitor in elimination before (Johnny on G3 was far from elite). That’s one mental image I can’t see going too well. Although the combination of Evan’s career and abilities have been mostly great, him being afraid of his own elimination shadow (meanwhile every other competitive great mainly has nerves of steel when it comes to elimination rounds) and having that Rivals showing in a 6-season career keeps Evan outside of the top four.
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2020.06.29 07:24 EllisDee37 Challenge Performance Stats - Cutthroat through Vendettas

Win a 3-way contest you go 2-0, come in second 1-1, last 0-2. Adding up all the dailies, elimination rounds, and "finals chunks" this way gives you a total record like a sports team. Trivia is counted separately, where each correct answer is a win, each wrong one a loss.
"Games over 500" says how many wins over or under your losses you are: 25-20 = +5 / 45 (five games over .500 after 45 decisions) 20-20 = +0 / 40 (even .500 after 40 decisions) 15-20 = -5 / 35 (five games under .500 after 35 decisions) Sorting this way naturally moves better players higher in the list over time as they accumulate more wins than losses.
The following stats include 20 Cutthroat through 31 Vendettas, plus the first two Champs vs seasons. (Pros and Stars 1) My first impression is respect for Bananas, Sarah and Camila. I expect CT's numbers to go up when I add his early career, and Laurel will get a nice bump from 19 Fresh Meat 2.
Poor Leroy, what the hell? I knew he wasn't good at dailies but I'm going to have to check those numbers. Yikes. Jemmye on the women's side is no surprise. Natalie Negrotti coming in HOT on her rookie season, and I think she actually did better with Paulie as a partner on Final Reckoning.
Over Daily Daily Daily Elim Elim Finals Finals Finals
# Player 0.500 Solo Pairs Team Trivia Solo Pairs Solo Pairs Team
1 Bananas +205 / 597 121-63 197-77 23-19 8-6 10-9 7-2 7-3 23-16 5-1
2 CT +96 / 340 49-41 101-49 20-10 3-4 5-1 1-1 2-6 32-9 5-1
3 Jordan +70 / 238 41-27 71-33 5-9 3-4 8-5 4-1 7-1 15-4
4 Zach +57 / 297 68-45 50-36 31-18 4-1 5-5 1-3 8-6 2-4 8-2
5 Tyler +29 / 95 6-0 31-22 8-8 2-0 1-0 4-3 10-0
6 Abram +29 / 81 16-0 28-16 7-4 2-1 1-2 1-3
7 Frank +28 / 116 15-6 24-18 17-11 4-1 2-1 1-0 1-5 8-2
8 Derrick K +19 / 113 27-9 18-12 8-12 3-2 4-2 3-5 3-5
9 Brad +19 / 91 31-20 2-5 10-10 2-1 10-0
10 Adam +19 / 37 27-8 1-1
11 Tony +18 / 194 41-49 44-22 12-5 5-1 4-2 0-9
12 Shane +17 / 71 36-17 2-3 5-3 1-4
13 Cohutta +15 / 45 11-3 13-1 3-4 1-2 2-5
14 CJ +15 / 33 5-1 16-5 0-1 3-2
15 Hunter +13 / 77 29-18 7-5 5-7 4-2
16 Vinny +13 / 27 20-3 0-3 0-1
17 Kamerion +13 / 23 17-0 0-2 1-3
18 Dustin +8 / 80 6-2 15-11 17-12 0-1 0-1 3-2 3-7
19 Alton +8 / 36 4-2 16-9 1-1 1-2
20 Marlon +7 / 49 6-6 19-12 3-1 0-2
21 Josh Mu +7 / 41 23-8 0-4 1-5
22 Anthony C +7 / 11 7-0 1-0 1-2
23 Adam R +6 / 6 6-0
24 Derek +4 / 60 0-6 9-8 21-9 0-1 0-3 2-1
25 Isaac +4 / 24 5-0 4-3 4-4 1-3
26 Gus K +4 / 20 11-6 0-2 1-0
27 Mike B +4 / 8 5-0 0-1 1-1
28 Vince +3 / 135 6-27 53-28 0-1 1-2 0-1 4-2 5-5
29 Nate +2 / 62 31-29 1-0 0-1
30 Darrell +2 / 52 14-17 5-6 4-2 4-0
31 Cory +1 / 205 39-34 43-33 9-6 4-5 8-24
32 Victor +1 / 33 17-15 0-1
33 Stephen B +1 / 13 7-2 0-1 0-2 0-1
34 Kyle +0 / 64 22-28 3-1 7-3
35 Louie +0 / 18 9-5 0-3 0-1
36 Romeo +0 / 10 5-2 0-2 0-1
37 Raphy +0 / 6 3-2 0-1
38 Luke -1 / 43 5-1 5-9 6-6 1-0 4-6
39 Danny -1 / 7 3-3 0-1
40 Brandon T -1 / 7 3-4
41 Mark -2 / 54 1-4 23-21 1-1 1-2
42 John J -2 / 40 17-16 2-5
43 Joss -2 / 40 19-19 0-1 0-1
44 Dario -4 / 126 15-16 36-41 8-4 0-1 0-2 2-1
45 Adam Ku -4 / 50 0-1 19-23 0-1 4-2
46 TO -4 / 8 2-5 0-1
47 Chet -5 / 79 4-14 3-2 22-18 0-1 0-1 4-0 4-6
48 Davis -5 / 13 4-6 0-3
49 Shane R -5 / 11 3-7 0-1
50 Jamie B -6 / 130 16-17 29-42 0-1 4-2 1-2 2-0 10-4
51 Trey -6 / 56 3-13 17-8 5-7 0-1 0-2
52 Michael -6 / 34 14-14 0-6
53 CM Punk -6 / 16 3-8 0-1 2-2
54 Anthony B -6 / 16 4-6 1-4 0-1
55 Theo K -6 / 14 4-4 0-5 0-1
56 JD -7 / 53 3-6 15-15 1-1 0-2 4-6
57 Dan -7 / 19 1-0 1-7 4-5 0-1
58 Ammo -8 / 22 2-7 0-3 1-0 4-5
59 Robb -9 / 53 0-1 6-12 10-14 1-1 1-1 4-2
60 Big Easy -9 / 27 2-0 3-16 3-1 1-1
61 Eddie W -9 / 13 2-11
62 Bruno -9 / 9 0-8 0-1
63 Thomas -10 / 74 5-6 21-32 1-0 3-2 2-0 0-2
64 Derrick H -10 / 12 0-9 1-0 0-2
65 Kenny -12 / 46 8-25 0-3 3-0 6-1
66 Evan -12 / 24 6-17 0-1
67 Nehemiah -12 / 24 6-17 0-1
68 Shawne M -12 / 14 0-11 1-2
69 Nate S -13 / 15 0-12 1-2
70 Rogan -13 / 13 0-13
71 Matt R -15 / 31 7-18 0-4 1-1
72 Dunbar -16 / 96 3-0 16-43 8-8 1-2 1-1 1-2 10-0
73 Mitch -16 / 50 9-20 3-0 0-1 0-2 1-0 4-10
74 Jay M -17 / 63 1-1 18-34 3-0 1-5
75 Riff Raff -17 / 19 1-13 0-4 0-1
76 Wes -21 / 305 21-21 84-122 9-3 1-1 10-8 4-4 13-4
77 Brandon -21 / 93 4-11 12-19 12-20 8-6 0-1
78 Swift -21 / 31 0-9 0-9 3-5 2-2 0-1
79 Ty -26 / 142 7-14 38-49 4-4 1-1 5-4 3-2 0-10
80 Tyrie -27 / 49 9-30 1-1 1-2 0-5
81 Knight -34 / 98 9-7 18-44 2-11 1-1 2-0 0-3
82 Nelson -40 / 188 24-66 27-26 8-10 0-1 7-1 0-1 8-9
83 Reilly -41 / 105 11-1 8-59 4-4 0-3 0-1 3-1 3-1 3-3
84 Devin -46 / 140 22-32 21-41 0-5 1-1 0-1 1-5 2-8
85 Preston -48 / 96 2-24 15-24 6-15 1-3 0-3 0-3
86 Leroy -68 / 324 26-56 66-100 13-7 3-9 9-3 5-3 4-5 2-13
Over Daily Daily Daily Elim Elim Finals Finals Finals
# Player 0.500 Solo Pairs Team Trivia Solo Pairs Solo Pairs Team
1 Sarah +128 / 340 30-10 139-69 26-13 5-2 6-1 6-0 17-2 5-9
2 Camila +114 / 418 85-28 122-66 20-26 5-1 10-2 3-2 4-3 17-24
3 Laurel +61 / 175 34-7 36-26 16-12 12-2 4-0 4-0 8-4 4-6
4 Emily +56 / 220 48-22 59-33 13-7 1-1 7-0 1-0 3-13 6-6
5 Diem +52 / 158 21-14 73-36 2-1 0-1 9-1
6 Nicole Z +37 / 93 45-15 8-2 1-1 0-3 11-7
7 Natalie +31 / 41 31-4 5-0 0-1
8 Ashley M +18 / 140 20-17 39-30 7-2 4-4 9-8
9 Cara Maria +15 / 453 88-77 57-75 25-30 4-6 15-7 7-1 10-5 25-13 3-5
10 Jenn +15 / 79 12-0 25-16 9-7 0-4 1-5
11 Cooke +14 / 62 13-0 18-22 1-0 2-0 4-2
12 Evelyn +14 / 38 20-11 1-0 5-1
13 Tori D +13 / 79 21-15 5-4 3-4 1-1 7-2 5-3 4-4
14 Jill T +13 / 19 16-3
15 Kailah +12 / 110 45-31 3-5 6-7 4-1 3-5
16 Christina +11 / 75 11-1 31-29 1-1 0-1
17 Tia +10 / 12 11-0 0-1
18 Emily R +10 / 12 11-1
19 Sam +9 / 45 1-0 1-3 14-13 2-0 1-0 8-2
20 Theresa +8 / 220 29-18 67-64 12-10 1-1 3-1 0-5 2-7
21 Tori H +8 / 46 9-7 2-3 7-9 1-0 8-0
22 Robin +6 / 64 7-3 28-22 0-1 0-2 0-1
23 Nany +4 / 300 28-44 85-78 21-13 2-1 2-3 8-5 2-2 4-2
24 Britni +4 / 84 31-31 3-1 7-5 0-1 3-2
25 Louise +4 / 16 9-5 1-1
26 Jonna +3 / 209 16-21 67-53 19-18 2-3 1-2 1-6
27 Lindsey +3 / 23 11-6 1-1 1-3
28 Heather +3 / 15 9-6
29 Ayiiia +3 / 11 7-0 0-3 0-1
30 Mandi +2 / 54 22-20 2-0 4-2 0-4
31 Rachel +2 / 42 7-3 8-14 4-2 3-0 0-1
32 Lolo +1 / 23 8-9 1-2 3-0
33 Melissa +1 / 21 9-7 2-3
34 Paula +0 / 190 6-20 68-58 7-9 4-1 0-3 2-0 8-4
35 Sylvia -1 / 49 15-17 1-4 3-2 5-2
36 Briana L -1 / 7 3-4
37 Amanda -2 / 84 13-10 23-26 3-3 2-3 0-1
38 Lacey -2 / 8 3-3 0-2
39 Tina -2 / 2 0-2
40 Larissa -3 / 29 13-14 0-2
41 Laura -3 / 19 2-2 5-7 1-1 0-1
42 Briana -3 / 7 2-3 0-2
43 Aneesa -4 / 238 65-54 40-44 10-9 0-1 2-10 0-3
44 Hailey -4 / 24 9-2 1-10 0-2
45 Michelle -4 / 22 8-9 0-4 1-0
46 Candice F -4 / 22 9-13
47 Anika -4 / 14 5-3 0-5 0-1
48 Shawn J -4 / 12 4-2 0-3 0-3
49 Kam -5 / 63 22-25 1-3 4-1 2-5
50 Brianna J -6 / 52 13-21 2-1 1-0 7-7
51 KellyAnne -7 / 105 18-13 28-40 0-1 2-2 1-0
52 Ashley K -7 / 59 2-11 14-16 0-1 1-3 1-0 8-2
53 Katie -7 / 31 4-11 3-2 4-4 1-2
54 Candice W -7 / 7 0-6 0-1
55 Averey -8 / 50 9-3 9-23 1-1 0-1 2-1
56 Justina -8 / 32 11-11 0-4 1-5
57 Trishelle -9 / 67 0-5 8-14 17-12 1-0 3-7
58 Jenna -10 / 302 38-48 78-71 4-9 4-4 8-2 1-5 13-17
59 Kim G -11 / 21 5-12 0-4
60 McKenzie -11 / 17 1-0 2-11 0-1 0-2
61 Katelynn -12 / 22 5-16 0-1
62 Anastasia -13 / 23 0-5 5-12 0-1
63 Simone -14 / 100 4-13 37-38 0-1 2-5
64 LaToya -14 / 46 4-13 6-6 3-5 3-6
65 Devyn -15 / 83 4-12 4-8 22-12 0-1 0-4 0-6 4-6
66 Shauvon -15 / 15 0-12 0-3
67 Priscilla -15 / 15 0-12 0-3
68 Brittany -16 / 62 0-13 19-23 0-1 4-2
69 Alicia -16 / 22 3-18 0-1
70 Emilee -17 / 17 0-12 0-2 0-3
71 Rianna P -18 / 38 9-25 0-3 1-0
72 Melinda -19 / 45 2-17 1-4 10-8 0-2 0-1
73 Veronica -21 / 67 9-38 4-0 7-2 2-2 1-2
74 Jessica -24 / 106 13-18 17-39 7-1 2-4 2-3
75 Nicole R -26 / 138 9-35 36-41 2-3 7-0 0-2 2-1
76 Kayleigh -26 / 34 2-29 1-1 1-0
77 Ariane -27 / 33 2-21 0-4 1-5
78 Naomi -27 / 31 2-24 0-2 0-2 0-1
79 Cheyenne -29 / 79 21-41 0-1 2-4 2-8
80 Jasmine -30 / 144 6-5 28-53 18-15 1-2 3-7 1-5
81 Nia -31 / 91 1-14 19-44 4-2 2-0 1-1 3-0
82 Marie -32 / 102 17-39 3-6 13-14 0-1 0-5 2-2
83 Jemmye -77 / 205 31-61 20-51 7-17 2-3 2-5 2-2 0-2
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2020.06.12 21:03 shmalvey (Non-Dee Drama/Edit) Thoughts on Total Madness Episode 11

I've already detailed my thoughts on how the MTV and The Challenge handled the Dee situation here: https://medium.com/@shmalvey7/how-mtv-and-the-challenge-butchered-the-dee-nguyen-situation-3d48766c7ff6
Now I'm going to to try to give my thoughts on the rest of the episode, although there's really not that much to talk about.
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2020.06.10 02:34 maggieeeee12345 Re-watching from Season 12: Fresh Meat 1 and now on season 26...

I AM NOT CAUGHT UP WITH THE CURRENT SEASON, PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL!! I started from season 12 and I am right now on season 26. I have watched all the seasons throughout the years, but please don't outright state who won what season, as I'm trying to keep it fun for myself.
I've realized a lot over this re-watch that my opinions I once had of certain people are totally different now. My background with the show: I watched The Real World/The Challenge pretty religiously since probably 2015 or so. I didn't really tune much into it back then, but had a general understanding of the people/situations as it was just always on TV or the background. I finally went back through and watched The Challenge starting from Season 12: Fresh Meat 1 (that's where most people suggest to start because of the elimination challenges and actually meaty drama that continues for the following seasons) and on.
  1. I thought I had a reason to love CT in the beginning(mainly because the first time I saw him was the second the last season with Diem :( ), but really he's a total asshole who just got raging drunk and hit the smallest person around...twice. Yeah, he won our heart over with the Diem story, nothing could top that relationship in this entire franchise I admit, but really he was most definitely a scum bag a lot of the time. It wasn't until he had a reality check and the awful family news of his brother getting murdered until he turned himself around.(which also amazing for him that he really did change his outlook on things and turn his life around). I know this is going to be a widely unpopular opinion, so I'm ready for the criticism. **Keep in mind this was 2010
2 .Aneesa. I always loved her! I know she's horrible at endurance but damn, that lady can put the cards on the table when she needs to. Nothing will top the time she just grabbed Trishelle saying " I'm not gonna hit her!"
  1. Leroy!! I don't know why I put Leroy in a bad box for so long. He really never sucked at anything other than swimming or puzzle challenges. Leroy has so much heart that it hurts me more knowing how many time he got so close.
  2. Cara Maria.....I thought I had a reason to like her. She was the underdog, right? She came through even after so many people doubted her standing for so long. Really though, she was ALWAYS this boy-crazy. I guess I never really saw the relationship she had with Abe in it's full capacity, but it's JUST as clingy and needy as it is was/is with Kyle/Paulie. I know she ends up SPOILER**** winning a season by herself
but she's always been this reliant on a guy, it's disappointing. 3. I don't have any idea why I hated Laurel so much, she's a damn beast and I am 100% on her side. If we're allowed to like Wes and Bananas for being cocky, I am secure in my Laurel cheering.
  1. Jordan has ALWAYS been an absolute beast. I am truly disappointed in MTV pulling Nia from The Challenge in a weird secret way when she sexually assaulted him and used derogatory/homophobic slurs multiple times. They should have made a bigger deal about it, but at least she was kicked off.
  2. Sarah Rice. I know a lot of people don't like her. I haven't yet watched the infamous Banana Scandal again, but I can't see how ANYONE dislikes her. It may be because I see her cross stitching while I'm doing the same watching the show and I relate to her in many ways, but she's such a doll. If I could make any comparison to someone currently on the show and her I would say Ninja is top candidate. Reserved, emotional when it actually counts, smart and calculated, and also vulnerable.
  3. Thank the Challenge gods we no longer have Evan and Kenny around. Even before the Tanya scandal, they were terribly cringe-worthy guys trying to flex their masculinity any way they could. I know this may not be a popular opinion, but I would loop Zach into this group of horrible men we've seen on this show. He's sexist, called ALL the women (including Jenna) swamp donkeys and that women were literally created to be the inferior race while manipulating and insulting the women he was partnered with/teamed up against.
  4. Wes. Absolutely nothing about him has ever changed. When I saw him on Fresh Meat 1 I thought that I somehow missed a season because no way he came in THAT arrogant in his first challenge, but lo and behold he did. Good on him for actually never changing his personality. I agree the way he treated Casey and Johanna the first season he was on was awful, but every other woman he was paired or in a fling with, he was actually really respectful towards them.
  5. Frank. Fuck Frank, so glad I haven't seen him in so long. I forgot how much I dislike him. I'd say he's probably next in line after Nia in my book of Worst Challenge Competitors
  6. I truly miss that the last/worst team in the Daily goes into elimination! This cast is finally STACKED. Like we have almost no cast members who are nonathletic or can't keep up. I hate that it's mainly built on politics right now and no matter how well you perform in the Dailies you can still get put in. The last playegroup makes it way more competitor based.
  7. TJ!! I WANT MORE TJ!! He used to come to the house for the deliberations, or even like bike along/drive near the final challenge to see how people were doing. I worry we're moving away from TJ and more into either a self-narrated game like The Circle/Too Hot To Handle crap or have a new host.
Well, that's my great wall of text. I'm about to watch the last episode of season 26 (Battle of the Exes II), so let me know what you all think.
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2020.05.13 20:50 MTVChallengeFan After Episode Six, That Now Makes it 27 Consecutive "Challenge" Seasons That...

...there is an "unnatural" Elimination in the season. By "unnatural", I mean an elimination that is due to one of the following two reasons: Quit, or Disqualification. The last time we saw a Challenge season where every competitor was eliminated via format(vote-off, or Elimination Round) was on the first Inferno season, which is ironic, given how insane, and persistent the drama was on that season. It seems hard to believe, but it's true. Let's walk down memory lane.
Battle of the Sexes 2-Steven slapped Shane Landrum, getting him disqualified. I guess you could also argue Mark's elimination was "unnatural", since he told the other three men on his team to vote him off, but either way, Steven's disqualification satisfies the requirement here.
The Inferno 2-Beth quit the season because Tonya threw Beth's clothes in the pull, and humiliated her.
The Gauntlet 2-Aside from the fact Jo quit the game in the Season Premier because of how "chaotic" the house was, Cameron, and Beth also conceded their Elimination Rounds as well.
Fresh Meat-A big "what if?" in the history of this show: Evan, and Coral were disqualified due to their injuries from a Daily Challenge.
The Duel-Tina was disqualified because she punched Beth. Beth, and CT were disqualified from the "Push Me" Duels because they didn't follow the rules, but that was a disqualification due to not following a rule in a game, so I'm not sure if that satisfies the requirement. Also, this is Beth's third consecutive season that she has been involved in an Unnatural Elimination.
The Inferno 3-The infamous CT was disqualified because he punched Davis in the face. Also, we had another instance of a competitor being disqualified because he didn't follow the rules properly in an Elimination Round(he should have used the ring provided to him): Timmy(but again, I'm not sure this really counts).
The Gauntlet 3-Tyrie quit the game due to a family emergency at home, and Coral quit the game because her team "bullied" her. Of course, in the craziest Season Finale of all time, Big Easy was disqualified from the season(and, well, his whole fucking team) because Big Easy was medically evacuated.
The Island-Dave Malinosky quit the season because he missed his girlfriend back at home, and missed "having ranch on pizza"(I remember Derrick Kosinski mocking him for this one). And, of course, the biggest "what if?" in the history of this show: Abram asking the remaining competitors to vote him off, instead of voting off Bananas(again, this might not technically count anyway).
The Duel 2-Do I really need to remind everyone of the scuffle that occurred in the Season Premier?
The Ruins-Where do I fucking begin? Shauvon was disqualified because she popped a breast implant, Evelyn quit during her Ruins match against Kellyanne because Evelyn had a difficult time competing against a friend, Tonya was disqualified for slapping Veronica, and of course, in the most unexpected physical altercation in the history of this show, Darrell, and Brad were disqualified(DQ'd) for punching each other. Oh, and if Evan, and Kenny really did what they were accused of doing on this season, they would have been DQ'd as well.
Fresh Meat 2-Brandon Nelson, and Katelyn were DQ'd prior to the Exile they were going to compete in. Katelyn was injured, and since Brandon knew she would feel bad for costing them the game because of her injury, he drank alcohol to also ensure he was part of the reason they DQ'd.
Cutthroat-Chet was disqualified due to an injury, Shauvon quit right before the Gulag she was supposed to compete in, Ty was DQ'd in his Gulag against Brandon Nelson, and Abram, as well as Sarah Rice, were DQ'd in the Final Challenge due to dehydration. For what it's worth, Paula didn't follow a rule properly in the Gulag she lost, DQ'ing her.
Rivals-The man with the perfect Daily Challenge Percentage, Adam Royer, was DQ'd for punching Ty. Also, Jenn/Mandi were DQ'd in the Final Challenge due to the fact they literally couldn't finish the Challenge.
Battle of the Exes-Vinny was DQ'd for ripping Mandi's dress off in public(which DQ'd Sarah Rice by default), and Dustin was DQ'd due to a knee injury.
Battle of the Seasons(2012)-This is probably the most debatable entry on the list, and we came sooo close to this being a "perfect" season(if that's what we'll start calling seasons without Unnatural Eliminations). In the "Water Torture" Arena between Big Easy/Camila, and Devyn/JD, Big Easy quit during the Arena because he allegedly couldn't do it anymore, which DQ'd Camila by default. Even though Big Easy/Camila were likely going to lose the Arena anyway, technically, Big Easy still quit.
Battle of the Exes 2-Poor Sarah Rice. For the second consecutive season, Sarah was DQ's by default, and this time, it was because her partner Trishelle quit the season. Naomi quit the season due to a family emergency, and for what it's worth(and again, I know this doesn't really count), Zach/Trey were DQ'd in a Dome for not following the rules.
Free Agents-Frank Sweeney was DQ'd due to an illness, and Chet was DQ'd in an Elimination Game(against Frank, interestingly enough) due to a busted chin.
Battle of the Exes 2-In the saddest elimination in the history of this show, Diem fell severely medically ill due to her cancer, and was DQ'd(which DQ'd CT as well by default). Interestingly enough, the other late competitor on this season(Knight) was also DQ'd, except his was due to a dislocated shoulder. Then, the infamous incident happened which involved Nia sexually assaulting Jordan(out of all people), and Jay/Jenna were DQ'd in the Final Challenge literally due to terrible performance lol.
Battle of the Bloodlines-Candice was DQ'd due to a fractured toe, which DQ'd Leroy(her partner) by default. Also, Tony was DQ'd due to a back injury, which DQ's his partner Shane Raines by default.
Rivals 3-Brandon Tindel quit the game due to "homesicknesses"(at this point, I already knew this would be a lousy season), which also DQ'd his partner Briana LaCuesta by default. Tony, and Camila were also DQ'd due to disorderly conduct(making this Tony's second straight season he was DQ'd). Thomas Buell quit the game due to personal emergency, which DQ'd Simone by default, and finally, Leroy was DQ'd due to a pinched nerve, which DQ'd Averey by default.
Invasion of the Champions-We came close to a "Perfect Season" again. Theo King-Bradley quit the game because he was a scaredy- cat.
XXX: Dirty 30-Ashley Mitchell quit the game in the Season Premier because she didn't have "clean clothes". Nelson was DQ'd for hitting Derrick Kosinski in the face(another unexpected, and confusing DQ), and Shane, and Simone also get in an unexpected physical altercation, making them DQ'd. Of course, who can forget Ammo quitting due to "PTSD".
Vendettas-Eddie is still the only competitor in the history of this show that had absolutely no air-time at all-I literally mean that too. We didn't even see him on screen. Rumor has it, he quit because another competitor(Kayleigh?) had a restraining order against him? Kayleigh pulled a Beth, and quit the game because Britni, Jemmye, and Kailah threw her clothes in the pool, Veronica was disqualified due to a finger injury, Melissa was disqualified due to a foot injury, Sylvia was DQ'd due to an illness, and Nicole Zanatta was DQ'd in the Final Challenge(despite how easy it was) due to an injury. That makes six Unnatural Elimination instances, the most in any season of all time.
Final Reckoning-Technically, I won't count Devin because he didn't officially show up on this season in the beginning, but I can count Cory, who was DQ'd for slamming Tony on the ground, which ironically DQ'd Devin by default. Kailah, and Melissa were DQ'd since they physically hit each other(the second straight season Melissa was DQ'd). Oddly enough, Zach Nichols was DQ'd due to a Broken Nose.
War of the Worlds-Alan was disqualified due to a broken hand, and in "The Death Path" Final Challenge, Georgia was DQ'd due to dehydration, and Mattie quit during the Final Challenge(probably to go home, and get a DUI).
War of the Worlds 2-TURBO! Turbo was DQ'd because he almost killed all of the producers, which would have ended this series. Zahida quit due to a family emergency back at home, Faith quit the game due to "personal reasons". And of course, Laurel may have lost to Ninja in the Proving Ground, but who can forget that technicality, as well as the odd Theo Campbell/Bananas situation?
Total Madness- Jay was DQ'd in the Purgatory against Rogan. This can be debated the same way people might debate with me the Big Easy situation on Battle of the Seasons(2012), but even though Rogan was awarded the "win", and awarded a Red Skull, it was a win by default, even if Rogan caused Jay to be injured. However, technically speaking, Jay was DQ'd, not formally eliminated. Even if you don't count this, we can bank on at least one more Unnatural Elimination that doesn't involve a Purgatory match.
So, what about Unnatural Eliminations before the first Inferno season?
The first three seasons(Road Rules: All-Stars, Real World/Road Rules Challenge(1999), and Challenge 2000) didn't have any eliminations at all(natural, or unnatural).
On Extreme Challenge, Ayanna was DQ'd for allegedly slapping Christian. So, not only was this the first Unnatural Elimination in the history of this show, it was also the first Elimination in this show's history period.
Battle of the Seasons(2002) didn't have any Unnatural Eliminations, despite the fact Beth, Veronica, The Miz, Coral, Emily Bailey, Stephen Williams IV, and Belou with her baby were on that season. Let that one sink in for a moment.
Battle of the Sexes-David Edwards quit because Puck spit in his face, and production wouldn't DQ Puck. Later on, Puck lost his mind, and quit the season, because he's a Real Life Troll(IRL Troll). Ayanna asked to be voted off, because she hated her team, and Emily Bailey quit because her boyfriend James was voted off. Jake also forfeited his lifesaver, and "took one for the team" by telling his team to vote him off(he had the least amount of points anyway).
The Gauntlet-We came super super close to being "perfect"-but Coral was DQ'd due to an allergic reaction from a spider bite in the "Gold Rush" Final Challenge.
If you kept track, this means there have only been five "Perfect Seasons" in the history of this show-Road Rules: All-Stars, Real World/Road Rules Challenge(1999), Challenge 2000, Battle of the Seasons(2002), and the first Inferno season.
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2020.02.20 06:40 honestkodaline Fantasy Tournament - Day 32 (THE FINAL TO END ALL FINALS)

Welcome to the MtvChallenge Fantasy Tournament! For two months, teams have waged war and overcome obstacles of the body, mind, and soul. And it was all to survive to this moment: the tournament final.
Yesterday, the final two teams in each bracket faced off. Let's get to those results!
The Real World bracket - u/SweatySpaghetti94 vs. u/ND_PC, u/MandyMTV, u/albemarie's "It's a Marathon, Not a Race"; S30: Dirty 30
It's a Marathon, Not a Race - 153
u/SweatySpaghetti94 - 149
It wasn't exactly a marathon - the Dirty 30 race was just 10k - but this underdog team certainly had the marathon mentality. Along the way, this group of misfits beat the likes of Wes Bergmann, Abram Boise, Alton Williams, Theo Campbell, KellyAnne Judd, Natalie "Ninja" Duran, and Georgia Harrison. They climbed glaciers and ran through deserts. They solved puzzles (or survived puzzle time penalties). They beat a team with two rock-climbers in a mountain-climbing final, because Kyle probably played soccer as a kid. They worked together, would have given us great commentary, and are ready to stand strong as a team for one last win.
The Road Rules bracket - u/OkonkwoTheCat's "Toxic - Britney Spears" vs. u/cleanandburke's "Smash Your Team and Eat It"; S33: War of the Worlds I
Toxic - Britney Spears - 152
Smash Your Team and Eat It - 150
More than 300 votes cast, and each of these brackets were determined BY FOUR VOTES OR LESS. What.
This team name might be named Toxic, but clearly they have the teamwork necessary to bring home the gold. A month ago, I wouldn't have thought a team with Nicole and Zach would last a day. Now I understand that users are in it to watch the world burn. Along the way, this team defeated Wes Bergmann, Abram Boise, Derrick Kosinski, Turbo Camkiran, Rogan O'Connor, Jamie Banks, Diem Brown, Jenny West, and Aviv Melmed. They likely yelled at each other often. They dodged puzzles like they were running through a minefield. They fought hard together, climbing mountains and overcoming past failures, like Zach redeeming himself on Free Agents, to take the crown of the Road Rules bracket. I am equally proud of them and afraid of them. Zach had to win team finals to get to this point. I mean, remember how well he handled the team finals on WOTW2 and BOTS2. My man doesn't know what teamwork means, but it doesn't matter, because he has the wholesome and unproblematic Adam King to balance the goodness on this team.
Toxic as they might be, there are few challenges this team wouldn't crush. They can lift a collective 3,000 pounds, probably. Zach will just put everyone on his shoulders and carry them to the yacht. (Now that he's not working with Ninja, I'm sure he will dominate this final. He'll carry the gurney all 4 laps. He'll never complain. That's on-brand, right?)
Now let's get to today's vote! As we have our finalists from each bracket, today they will compete against each other for the ultimate title in the War of the Worlds II final.
u/ND_PC, u/MandyMTV, u/albemarie's "It's a Marathon, Not a Race": Kyle Christie (Vendettas), Timmy Beggy (Inferno), Emily Schromm (Rivals II), Kelley Limp (Battle of the Seasons)
u/OkonkwoTheCat's "Toxic - Britney Spears": Zach Nichols (Vendettas), Adam King (Rivals I), Nicole Zanatta (Invasion of the Champions), Brittini Sherrod (Duel II)
What the final entailed: Stage 1: Both teams have a gurney with a relic and 20 pounds in sand bags for each team, 80 pounds total. They must complete four miles to each of four checkpoints, for a total of 16 miles.
Checkpoint 1: Use a catapult to put three coconuts into a basket
Checkpoint 2: Each individual competitor, presumptively without help from the other team members, must solve a math equation after determining numbers from a very large board of numbers.
Checkpoint 3: Each individual competitor must land a ball in a basket, with three attempts. If they cannot, they must eat a scorpion, some insects, and a live (!) grub worm.
Checkpoint 4: A triangle puzzle. They then must stay up overnight, sleeping in turns. Stage 2: The winner of stage 1 gets a five minute advantage. The entire team is attached by chains around their ankles. They must run six miles before reach a NINE PIECE TANGRAM. It is important to note how difficult a nine piece is. As CT noted, many competitors have practiced tangram puzzles before, but never a nine piece. If they can't solve it in five minutes, they move on. They then must kayak to a yacht. First to reach it wins.
Why you should vote for It's a Marathon, Not a Race: Looking for the most physically fit female competitor to have competed on The Challenge? Look no further than Emily Schromm, who competed on three seasons (Cutthroat, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II), manhandled competitors on her way to each final, and won Rivals II with partner, Paula. Emily is known for her elite physicality – named Women’s Health Next Fitness Star, she’s won every elimination she’s been in – and her domination of heralded competitors like Cara Maria. As stated by Mark Long, “Emily competes almost like a dude,” and indeed, Emily is not only a strong female competitor, but a strong competitor, period. In Rivals II, Emily won six out of ten daily challenges, dominating competitors like Aneesa, Diem, Cara Maria, Cooke, Camila, and Sarah Rice. In the Rivals II final, viewers saw Emily dominate a one-mile swim, solve five difficult puzzles (including one based on the Pythagorean Theorem), chow down in an eating challenge, and dominate several physical checkpoints, culminating in a dominating win in a very competitive female field. With eight daily challenge wins, finals appearances on every season she’s been on, and Olympic-level strength, endurance, and even a bit of intelligence, Emily is a tough and terrifying competitor that will wreck your favorite players before they can take a breath.
Kyle Christie is an impressive competitor with no clear weaknesses (unless you count his womanizing ways, which luckily, won’t hurt him in a final) and a penchant for making competitors regret underestimating him. With four seasons under his belt and a dominating performance in the Vendettas final (a Rookie of the Year level run, with a third-place finish, second for the men), Kyle has proven that he has what it takes to dominate even the toughest finales in Challenge history. While many underestimate Kyle’s size (6’1, 175lbs), Kyle showed that he can compete with the best competitors around, beating out Tony and Leroy in his finals appearance, wrecking Bananas in an endurance, finals-like competition (Get Off the Rock) and dominating CT in a brute strength competition (WotW). Kyle is no slouch in intelligence, either, commonly playing the “dumb Brit” card in the hopes of being underestimated, which proved useful in the Vendettas final, when he slipped into first place in the first leg of the final due to other player’s ignoring him in favor of seemingly-stronger competitors. Two of Kyle’s elimination losses were against Theo Campell, widely known as a world-class athlete, who stated that Kyle’s heart and determination made him a surprisingly difficult competitor to beat. Watch out for this incredible player who is ready to slip in and steal the win (and your girl).
An excellent leader, hysterical player, and physical threat, Timmy Beggy is one of the most revered and well-respected OGs of the RW/RR Challenge franchise and is known as a guy who would do anything to win – even going so far as to pee on himself in the “Hands on Saturn” mission during Battle of the Seasons so he wouldn’t let down his team. Timmy competed on four challenges, was in three finals, has one Challenge win, and was arguably the best male competitor on his seasons, outperforming Challenge legends like Abram, Darrell, and Derrick in daily competitions. Timmy was the only person able to stop Derrick K. in his famed Gauntlet II run, beating him in a head-to-head endurance and strength competition. His only elimination loss came in the form of a fluke disqualification, in which he beat Abram in the “Smash House” inferno, only to realize that one of his glass panes – which needed to break in order to win – was smashed out of the frame but lay unbroken on the ground. While Timmy may not be the most talked about competitor, he has shown that he is an elite competitor, known among the likes of Mike the Miz, Derrick K., and Mark Long, and he will do anything – literally, anything – to get the win.
Kelley Limp might be an unfamiliar name – even after her Battle of the Seasons debut – but sure shouldn’t be. This one-season wonder, known as the queen of climbing, won her first and only season, but is best remembered for her insanely dominant performance in the ‘Vertical Limit’ challenge. ‘Vertical Limit’ combined heights, endurance, and strength, and Kelley not only beat amazing female competitors like Holly Shand and Coral Smith, but also dominated all male competitors, including Mike the Miz and Theo Von. Kelley also ruled the final, competing in the kayaking relay race portion of the final, showcasing her incredible endurance and arm strength. Kelley has shown her strength, determination, and heart, and will be an incredible performer in any final she’s hit with.
Why you should vote for "Toxic - Britney Spears": Brittini - In her first and only season, she made it to the final and took home second place. Having a really strong season with 3 daily wins and 2 elimination wins, she was a force to be reckoned with. Didn't bring home the gold because she was going against prime Rachel but she did stay close enough so Evan could catch back up to Brad in the Duel II final. She had a great political game, making friends with the strong player in the house, and intimidated the other girls in the house for being a strong rookie.
Adam - Rivals was a big season for Adam. He has won before and now gets paired up with the man who has tormented him in the past. He was able to put his differences aside and work as an equal teammate with CT for most of the season. They won 2 dailies and thwarted Evan's hitman plans on CT in an elimination. His only stumble was in the final elimination vs Johnny and Tyler but the rumors are that Adam had a deal with JEK and threw this elimination so CT couldn't go to the final and win money. So Adam got to hook with his crush Jenn and get his rivals sent home, sounds like a win to me.
Nicole Z - In her rookie season Nicole comes in as a force to be reckoned with. One of the most jacked girls to ever be on the Challenge and can keep up with the guys. She had 2 daily wins this season and was able to survive the underdog bloodbath with Ashley and Amanda teaming up against her. Nicole took third in the final due to what I'm assuming was Nicole flirting with girls during math class from basic arithmetic on. They should've let her swim the puzzle back to the raft.
Zach - Could've gone with Seasons II or Free Agents but I think Vendetta's was Zach's strongest season. By this point in his challenge career he's slimmed down a bit and has trained his body to be ready for a final. He wasn't the hot head we've seen in his past seasons and was able to steamroll his daily challenge success into 6 daily wins without the hint of going into an elimination. At the final he crushed everyone in the first leg and in the second leg with the puzzle had his huge lead erased. From what I could tell without tuning into the 3 part reunion was that Zach and Cara both had one tile out of place so in my head, Zach was the winner this season.
So which of these teams deserves to win it all? You decide!
Voting will close at 10pm EST, 2/20. So quit wasting time and get to it!
I'll post the results tomorrow with a sappy closing message, but I really want to thank everyone who has played along for the last two months! The draft especially was the single most fun I've ever had on this sub, and this tournament has made the gap in my life without The Challenge a little less painful. I hope everyone has a killer Thursday!
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2020.02.19 05:47 honestkodaline Fantasy Tournament - DAY 31 (BRACKET FINALS)

Welcome to the MtvChallenge Fantasy Tournament! For the past month, teams have battled the elements, grueling physical challenges, and my personal insults to get to this moment: THE BRACKET FINALS! To those who made it: congratulations! And to those who didn't: at least we all had fun, and now we're the deciding votes for the winner of this thing! They are putty in our hands.
Here's what went down yesterday...
The Real World bracket - u/SweatySpaghetti94 vs. u/drgibbons3323's "Team Walnuts"; S20: Cutthroat
u/SweatySpaghetti94 - 96
Team Walnuts - 95
I'm... who... what... nothing. I have nothing. I can't take any more of these one-point games. MY HEART HAS HAD ENOUGH, GUYS. I'M TIRED.
It's all love for u/SweatySpaghetti94, but WHAT? Did y'all need a refresher on Team Walnuts? Tori. Paula. CJ. And Paulie. TELL ME WHO THE WEAK LINK IS THERE. TELL ME.
In my heart - and this is as much criticism to myself as it is to anyone else - I believe that Team Walnuts was the best team drafted. I am still in shock they were able to pull this team together! u/drgibbons3323 got CJ AND PAULIE to my COHUTTA AND ACE. I mean, let that sink in.
This makes me feel better about my own exit, because anyone can lose at any time and for any reason (the reason being, people don't like Paulie so they voted against him). And that's fair enough! We knew this was a user-based vote when we drafted. Picking Paulie was always a risk, and the tournament officially ends here for u/drgibbons3323. You're off to the loser's bracket, my friend! Best of luck.
The Road Rules bracket - u/OkonkwoTheCat's "Toxic - Britney Spears" vs. u/wade5554's "You Cannot Copy My Walk"; S25: Free Agents
Toxic - Britney Spears - 103
You Cannot Copy My Walk - 88
This team exists solely to boggle my mind. They are officially part of the BRACKET FINALS. A team with Zach. Nicole. Adam. And Brittini.
(u/MandyMTV, did you hear that? Adam King is in the finals. Adam King.)
Zach lost the real Free Agents final, but what does that matter? He won this one, which is where the real glory is. So congrats, u/OkonkwoTheCat! You're onto the bracket finals. And I'm sorry, u/wade5554, but your road ends here.
The loser's bracket is drawing to a close, so don't miss out on the final rounds! Vote here.
Now let's get to today's vote! And before we begin: Before the tournament began, I said that War of the Worlds II would be the last final. And it will - but I only planned out 32 finals, not realizing I'd need 33 (since the last day is the meeting between the Real World winner and the Road Rules winner). As a result, the final today will have to be a repeat. I randomly generated the finals for both match-ups.
u/SweatySpaghetti94: Wes Bergmann (Rivals II), Devin Walker (Vendettas), Georgia Harrison (War of the Worlds I), Dee Nguyen (War of the Worlds II)
u/ND_PC, u/MandyMTV, u/albemarie's "It's a Marathon, Not a Race": Kyle Christie (Vendettas), Timmy Beggy (Inferno), Emily Schromm (Rivals II), Kelley Limp (Battle of the Seasons)
with the XXX: Dirty 30 final!
What the final entailed: Goal: players must run to the top of the ruins with a salt gem for donation, , get 30 color coded stones down to your color coded ring, in general carrying 80-100 pounds every trip
“Bola on over” Goal: a bola is a traditional Inca weapon, from behind the designated line you and your partner must throw a bola on to a pole, with each attempt if you miss a pole, you must take a shot of fermented llamas milk
As a team, you must race to complete all the puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle board once your puzzle is complete your time will be locked. Teams grab the puzzle pieces then slide down the Argentinan rock salt mountain that crumbles with every step (very painful per Jordan), race to the last of the puzzle pieces is maybe a mile or two, second race to the puzzle is maybe a mile or two, no distances were provided at any point
Puzzle: place all puzzle pieces onto the board so that there is never the same number within the same line (Cara says “aka suduko”) You can only put numbers 1-6 on one individual puzzle but puzzles are all connected
Pull the Double cross and you can add a time penalty: 5 min
Race to the next checkpoint: climb a rock salt mountain that keeps crumbling/ is brittle
Totem Recall: race along the top of the mountain ridge to get puzzle pieces A Totem pole is placed in between race and puzzle with animal symbols
Once at the puzzle it says “along the path there was a totem pole with emblems you must recreate that same design”, if you’re wrong you must go back and look at the totem pole, once the totem is complete your time is locked
Puzzle: Must run into the smoky structure and find the word attached to the wall, once you feel you have it, you must exit and write the word down that you believe is written on the wall, if you guess correctly your time is stopped if not you must renter the house before guessing again. Word is snake
Final stage: Almost at 14,000 feet (hard to breathe) Going out with a bang: Teams put on all safety gear and race to the next stage, individuals hold onto their sled that is being held by the truck for as long as you can if you drop you have to run the remainder of the distance to the next stage Sled stops and all individuals must run to the finish line (if they stayed on) ~1 mile
(Thanks to u/goddamnsundayscaries for this summary!)
Why you should vote for u/SweatySpaghetti94, in the wise words of u/honestkodaline: This team managed to beat the best in the tournament, so what's a Timmy Beggy in comparison? Wes will climb 14,000 feet because he has 14,000 companies. Devin solved his season of Are You the One using plastic cups, so he can certainly solve a 6-piece sudoku puzzle. Georgia runs marathons, so whatever Jordan can do with a broken knee, Georgia can do better. And Dee sucked Rogan's dick, so fermented llama milk should be nothing.
Why you should vote for It's a Marathon, Not a Race: Looking for the most physically fit female competitor to have competed on The Challenge? Look no further than Emily Schromm, who competed on three seasons (Cutthroat, Battle of the Exes, Rivals II), manhandled competitors on her way to each final, and won Rivals II with partner, Paula. Emily is known for her elite physicality – named Women’s Health Next Fitness Star, she’s won every elimination she’s been in – and her domination of heralded competitors like Cara Maria. As stated by Mark Long, “Emily competes almost like a dude,” and indeed, Emily is not only a strong female competitor, but a strong competitor, period. In Rivals II, Emily won six out of ten daily challenges, dominating competitors like Aneesa, Diem, Cara Maria, Cooke, Camila, and Sarah Rice. In the Rivals II final, viewers saw Emily dominate a one-mile swim, solve five difficult puzzles (including one based on the Pythagorean Theorem), chow down in an eating challenge, and dominate several physical checkpoints, culminating in a dominating win in a very competitive female field. With eight daily challenge wins, finals appearances on every season she’s been on, and Olympic-level strength, endurance, and even a bit of intelligence, Emily is a tough and terrifying competitor that will wreck your favorite players before they can take a breath.
Kyle Christie is an impressive competitor with no clear weaknesses (unless you count his womanizing ways, which luckily, won’t hurt him in a final) and a penchant for making competitors regret underestimating him. With four seasons under his belt and a dominating performance in the Vendettas final (a Rookie of the Year level run, with a third-place finish, second for the men), Kyle has proven that he has what it takes to dominate even the toughest finales in Challenge history. While many underestimate Kyle’s size (6’1, 175lbs), Kyle showed that he can compete with the best competitors around, beating out Tony and Leroy in his finals appearance, wrecking Bananas in an endurance, finals-like competition (Get Off the Rock) and dominating CT in a brute strength competition (WotW). Kyle is no slouch in intelligence, either, commonly playing the “dumb Brit” card in the hopes of being underestimated, which proved useful in the Vendettas final, when he slipped into first place in the first leg of the final due to other player’s ignoring him in favor of seemingly-stronger competitors. Two of Kyle’s elimination losses were against Theo Campell, widely known as a world-class athlete, who stated that Kyle’s heart and determination made him a surprisingly difficult competitor to beat. Watch out for this incredible player who is ready to slip in and steal the win (and your girl).
An excellent leader, hysterical player, and physical threat, Timmy Beggy is one of the most revered and well-respected OGs of the RW/RR Challenge franchise and is known as a guy who would do anything to win – even going so far as to pee on himself in the “Hands on Saturn” mission during Battle of the Seasons so he wouldn’t let down his team. Timmy competed on four challenges, was in three finals, has one Challenge win, and was arguably the best male competitor on his seasons, outperforming Challenge legends like Abram, Darrell, and Derrick in daily competitions. Timmy was the only person able to stop Derrick K. in his famed Gauntlet II run, beating him in a head-to-head endurance and strength competition. His only elimination loss came in the form of a fluke disqualification, in which he beat Abram in the “Smash House” inferno, only to realize that one of his glass panes – which needed to break in order to win – was smashed out of the frame but lay unbroken on the ground. While Timmy may not be the most talked about competitor, he has shown that he is an elite competitor, known among the likes of Mike the Miz, Derrick K., and Mark Long, and he will do anything – literally, anything – to get the win.
Kelley Limp might be an unfamiliar name – even after her Battle of the Seasons debut – but sure shouldn’t be. This one-season wonder, known as the queen of climbing, won her first and only season, but is best remembered for her insanely dominant performance in the ‘Vertical Limit’ challenge. ‘Vertical Limit’ combined heights, endurance, and strength, and Kelley not only beat amazing female competitors like Holly Shand and Coral Smith, but also dominated all male competitors, including Mike the Miz and Theo Von. Kelley also ruled the final, competing in the kayaking relay race portion of the final, showcasing her incredible endurance and arm strength. Kelley has shown her strength, determination, and heart, and will be an incredible performer in any final she’s hit with.
u/OkonkwoTheCat's "Toxic - Britney Spears": Zach Nichols (Vendettas), Adam King (Rivals I), Nicole Zanatta (Invasion of the Champions), Brittini Sherrod (Duel II)
u/cleanandburke's "Smash Your Team and Eat It": Derrick Kosinski (The Duel), MJ Garrett (Gauntlet II), Aviv Melmed (Fresh Meat), Tori Hall (Cutthroat)
with the War of the Worlds I final!
What the final entailed -
Part 1: The first day of the final consists of a six mile loop that each competitor must complete four times. It is split into a 3 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run for each of the four laps. In the middle of the loop are five checkpoints/carnival games that they must complete at any time they want. They have a 20 minute time limit to complete each checkpoint, at which point they will be asked to move on. The checkpoints are: a more complicated version of sudoku, pushing a tire through a hole, a regular puzzle, pushing a ball up an angle with a long stick, and a version of ring toss.
Once everyone’s done, they return to the back of the Pain Locker (Mad Max-esque truck) where IVs are waiting for them if they choose to use them. They also sleep here, and are not given food.
Part 2: The second day begins with trivia. The trivia is comprised of geography questions (including a misleading question about what is the largest river), and the winner gets to travel in a dune buggy for the first mile of the second day. The rest of the competitors begin traveling up and down the sand dunes. After the first mile comes the first checkpoint, a version of connect four. The winner of each game moves on while the loser waits for the next competitor to show up, until the last player standing receives a five minute time penalty and can move on. The first player to arrive at the next checkpoint can eat whatever they want of the food there (typical breakfast food—fruit, bananas, oatmeal, sandwiches, granola bars, etc.) and can assign the rest of the plates to whichever competitors they choose. This leg ends once the players reach the Pain Locker again. They never mentioned the length of this section, although they did state that the entire Death Path was over 50 miles.
Part 3: They must run 5 miles down the beach, where they will reach kayaks. Along the way, there are posts with different math equations. They must keep track of the final answer, which will become the code to unlock the kayaks. They then kayak to a boat wreck. Once all of the competitors have shown up, they sprint to the finish line.
(Thanks to u/dtam3292 for this summary!)
Why you should vote for "Toxic - Britney Spears": I can't believe I have to write about this team again. u/OkonkwoTheCat, this is your cruelest act. Not making it this far, but leaving the team summaries to me.
Guys, look at this team. Do Zach and Nicole know what the largest river is? Nicole doesn't even know what a river is, probably. Brittini Sherrod will not complete a 50-mile course. The only thing close to 50 that Adam King knows is the amount of girls who have turned him down. Zach died on the Free Agents final; how do we think he'll fair on the literal hardest final of all time?!
I know those didn't sound like reasons to vote for Team Toxic, but I have a reverse effect on this sub. You all do the opposite of what I tell you. I'm like a disappointed parent, except you never realize that I was right all along. Esther F*cking Falana, anyone?
Why you should vote for "Smash Your Team and Eat It": Derrick K- He may not be the smartest but he’s smart enough to play to his strengths and let his team take over his weaknesses. He won’t win a puzzle but he doesn’t need to and will not get in Avivs way. He has strength endurance and is a team player. He’s strong enough to carry his weight plus more but is light enough that his weight wouldn’t hinder his other competitors. He has no issues with eating challenges or swimming
Aviv- Israeli military vet who is not afraid of a final She also is a puzzle master who helped Darrell win another final! Strength, endurance, brains. The whole package!
Tori Hall- 2/3 team challenge wins (3/4 if you include road rules) whether her teams “should” have won or not, she showed she has endurance for finals and is a solid competitor. Also has a lot of determination and heart!
MJ- University football athlete. Brain, brawn, endurance, no issues with eating challenges. A solid team player with no drama!
So which of these teams deserves to move ahead? You decide!
Voting will close at 10pm EST, 2/19. So quit wasting time and get to it!
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2020.02.18 06:31 ND_PC The r/MtvChallenge Fantasy Tournament: Redemption House - Day 22 (Semifinal #1)

Hey, losers! We’re already at the semifinals of the Redemption House! How could this be? It seems like just yesterday that u/HereToTalkTV and u/DurtyMurty11 were the first teams to be double-eliminated and go a very impressive 0-2. But, here we are, with a couple of 4-1 teams and a couple of 3-1 teams going at it in the penultimate round of the Redemption House, or as we who run the Redemption House like to call it, the Redemption House. So come one, come all, and come join us as losers continue to battle head-to-head to fight for redemption, overcoming embarrassing losses, terrifying finals, and (supposed) voter insanity. Things are really heating up, and by the end of the week, we’ll be able to crown MtvChallenge’s best losers! While there will be no re-entry into the Winner’s Bracket, one team (per bracket) will find itself the Ruler of Redemption.
Before we get to the voting, let’s recap last night’s fantasy match-ups.
Real World Bracket (written by the excellent u/ND-PC)
Match 1.0
This final was basically a triathlon + a row and a riddle. So like a weird pentathlon that nobody asked for. And although it was close, this marks the end of mod presence in the fantasy tournament. You know what that means, folks? No more rules! We can finally do whatever the heck we want without the fear of being moderated! u/BCastle18 is our savior! There’s no way this could possibly go wrong! Anarchy is the way to the truth! Fight the power!
Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, the mods are gone and I’m very sad to see the last of them depart this spectacular event. It takes good leadership to form a strong community, and I believe this subreddit is a hell of a strong community if there ever was one. We owe the mods a debt of gratitude for hosting events like this tournament, episode discussions, unpopular opinion threads, etc. all while trying to keep the sub free from spoilers, and succeeding. It’s thanks first and foremost to them that we all have this lovely internet playground.
Anyway, onto the topic at hand. In all likelihood, people probably assumed that Landon and Adam were more physically fit than Cohutta and Ace. Those people were right, so they made good assumptions. Couple that with the assumption that Sylvia and Natalie are in better shape than Evelyn and Ashley K, and you’d be batting .500, because that’s a terrible assumption. Much to the dispute of my post partner u/MandyMTV, I truly and wholeheartedly believe that Ashley K is a fitness icon. And, for crying out loud, Evelyn is Evelyn! In my mind, the strength of the women on team Adore Delano 2020 is enough to tip the scales their way, at least for the run and the bike.
Buuuut the row was done as a team, the riddle was done as a team, and the swim probably tips the scale back to u/BCastle18’s team (Sylvia is part fish, after all, and Landon and Adam >> Cohutta and Ace in the water), so I do understand how they come out on top. Still, though, QUEEN EVELYN DESERVED BETTER. Evelyn, if you’re reading this, pm me. My username is u/ND_PC and I love you.
All in all, it was a close match and both teams should be very proud of how far they’ve come. To u/honestkodaline and u/priorsloth, I congratulate you for getting this far but it ends your time here on the MtvChallenge fantasy tournament. Take care of yourselves. To u/BCastle18, congratulations on moving on to the Redemption House semifinals!
Match 2.0
CT is better than Derrick. Mike is better than Nehemiah. Everyone knows this and everyone agrees. Why are you booing me? I’m right. Yeah, we only got one season of Mike, and he’s basically a carbon copy of Abram with only 65% of the intensity, 60% of the suave, 40% of the competitive spirit and probably ~78% of the strength, but he’s just plain better than Nehemiah. Especially coupled with CT, Mike is a formidable competitor who has no obvious shortcomings. The pair of Nehemiah and Derrick, on the other hand, complement each other like applesauce and peanut butter. Go, try it, prove to me that you can eat those two things with any modicum of harmony inside you. You can’t. This is what Nehemiah and Derrick would be like if they were the only two guys on a team.
This final wasn’t a no-brainer, obviously, but it’s clear that CT and Mike would excel at the stretcher-carry, and Aviv would lift the team in the memory puzzle. On the other side of things, Amanda would contribute zero to a team that also had Derrick, Nehemiah, and Veronica. You see, the players on a team are supposed to complement one another’s skill sets. Amanda adds nothing to the team that isn’t already provided by her teammates. Her grating voice? Derrick already has one. Her puzzle/riddle smarts? Covered by Nehemiah. Her political savvy combined with her fit-girl bod? Veronica is already on the team! So Amanda is a total net zero here. I like Amanda as much as the next person - truly, I do - but I don’t see her gelling well with this team so much.
And then there’s Brittini Sherrod. She is the anti-Amanda. She, like her teammate Aviv, is a one-season wonder who could do no wrong. She was amazing with Landon as a partner and she was drop dead gorgeous. She was cast on the show after appearing on only two episodes of the Real World! What an icon. She had a great laugh and a loving smile, and I can just tell that her mere presence would be a confidence boost for her three teammates.
So, in short, while Amanda is coming up with some heinous excuses for why she can’t complete the simple tasks in front of her (like sorting wood per a pre-arranged pattern), the lovely foursome on Team Backpack would be happily galavanting from task to task in this final of whimsical miscellany.
So, congratulations to u/ry-guy2fly for moving on to the semifinals of the Redemption House! And to u/dolfan2354, we hope to see you again. You made it so far, and should absolutely be proud of what you’ve accomplished this off-season.
Road Rules Bracket - brought to you by u/MandyMTV who is alive and well, everyone! She’s not dead, she promises, just hungover. Please, bring her massive amounts of Pedialyte ASAP.
Match 1.0
u/phillyfly11’s ‘CJ’s Angels’ take this one, and everyone who voted for u/scyth13r’s team only voted for them because they confused Frank “So Boring I Make My TV Cry” Roessler with Frank Sweeney, the king of reality television. Frank is mad and he feels like it’s unfair. Frank thinks this is really shitty, he thinks you’re being fucking rude, and he doesn’t think there’s a fucking chance that anyone fucking watching out in TVland thinks its fucking cool for him to go in three times in a fucking row. That’s why he’s mad and that’s why he’s using 21 expletives in a single scene, okay MTV? Are you fucking okay with that?
Now, I understand that u/scyth13r’s team has a girl capable of a Titanic-like goodbye said to a woman she met a few days ago, but this truly doesn’t make up for the fact that the team also has a man who overuses expletives but still remains oddly calm, a girl who will fake headbutt her best friend, and Luke Wolfe, a man capable of withstanding horrifying, soul-crushing falls [1:20] because the only thing harder than liking Luke Wolfe is his head. You better shut him up in a very nice way so he isn’t that annoying. Are you gonna slap him? Then why the fuck did you put water all over him?
So, I give a truly heartfelt congratulations to CJ’s Angels. You didn’t pick Frank or Luke, and so you win. And to u/scyth13r, I say so long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye.
PS. Y’all are way too obsessed with Ashley K. How do y’all function? Ashley “Wonder Twin” Kelsey is MTV’s second-best Barbie, significantly behind my favorite horse-faced Tori Spelling reject, and she thinks there are upwards of 60 continents. Over 60 continents. This girl ain’t shit and I’m not afraid to say it. [This is made exponentially worse by the fact that my partner in Reddit crime, u/ND_PC, thinks that Ashley K. is a fitness icon. Are you kidding me? We’re done. We’re divorced.]
Match 2.0
CT, Dan, Amanda, Mattie > Wes, Jamie, Holly, Melinda
I’m extremely upset about this vote. I mean, I get it. CT will smash your head and eat it. Dan will spend the entire final pining after Holly but reminding everyone he has a girlfriend. Amanda is a freckled motherfucker. Mattie calls herself Martha and cries over boys who ain’t shit [looking at you, Jeremiah].
But - Wes owns a BMW, a Porsche, a monster truck and thirty companies. Suck his dick, voters! He doesn’t want to sleep two feet away from a mongoose, and he will dump your mattress into a pool. Call him Lionel Wessi, because when you put him on a soccer team, he scores them goals. Do you want to have a constructive conversation, or do you want him to make you cry? Because he can go both routes. Everyone says extremely harsh things behind your back, voters. Everyone in this house thinks that y’all are extremely immature. You’re not deep enough for him, voters!
So, congratulations to u/hkotilla! Apparently people don’t like redheads as much as I thought. u/dirtykilla36, this result makes me sad, but your fantastic choice of team members makes me happy. Thanks for playing! Now go watch ‘Love is Blind’ on Netflix.
Now, let’s get to voting on today’s matchups! It’s the semifinals, guys, so I trust that you will all take extensive time and use your profound discernment to divine the proper team to elevate to the final match.
[Sidenote by u/MandyMTV: PC, who gave you a thesaurus and taught you how to use it? Good riddance.]
Real World Bracket
Match: u/ry-guy2fly’s “Team Backpack” vs. u/RohAnTheMaker, u/giogugenishvili’s “The Silent Assassins”
Final: Rivals III
[u/ry-guy2fly] “Team Backpack”
[u/RohAnTheMaker, u/giogugenishvili] “The Silent Assassins”
Winner’s Logic
[u/ry-guy2fly] “Team Backpack”
  1. CT doesn’t need an introduction, but I’ll give my team captain one anyway. CT, who fashioned the iconic Banana Backpack, is the greatest competitor of all time. For my team, I plucked him from his greatest season of all time. If you name a skill that can be tested on this show, CT excels in that skill. Endurance, strength, skill, puzzles, eating, and everything in between. CT dominates.
  2. Aviv Melmod is the biggest reason Darrell is considered one of the best competitors in challenge history. Aviv is a puzzle queen with endurance to match it. Her puzzle skill and fire was the biggest factor in separating her and Darrell from their finals opponents on Fresh Meat. She’s a combination of Diem and Evelyn. Heart, passion, smarts, and fire. While she only competed in one season, she showed a plethora of Challenge knowhow. If she would have returned to the show, she’d be recognized as one of the all time greats.
  3. Brittini Sherrod is another one hit wonder like Aviv. Although she didn’t quite reach the heights of her female partner, she showed that she doesn’t have a real weakness. She never gives up and maintained a close race against Rachel on Duel 2. Brittini will never flounder under pressure and will continue to push through any and all obstacles.
  4. Mike Boise only competed on one season, but it was quick to see the relation between him and his brother Abram. Mike has GUTS! While he hated the house environment, Mike showed excellent know how. He’s an in shape guy who attacks any obstacle tactfully. Mike and CT are a great fit together, because no matter how hard CT pushes, Mike will respond. His all around knowledge and skill will prove useful in a final.
[u/RohAnTheMaker, u/giogugenishvili] “The Silent Assassins”
  1. Alton Williams was an OG who competed on The Gauntlet, Gauntlet 2, Inferno 3 and Seasons 2. In his run of the Challenge, it was obvious that he had killer endurance, elite climbing skills, great agility, was a solid swimmer and good at puzzles. Really all that needs to be said is that he was capable of competing at a top level with almost anyone in almost any daily challenge in the show’s history. He also showed great leadership skills as well - capable of stepping up and leading a team. On Gauntlet 2, Alton won the initial Royal Rumble (where unlike the vet guys - the rookies actually competed) and became team Captain. He remained Captain throughout the entire show, going 3-0 in elimination (with arguably the greatest rope climb of all time against Adam K in Capture the Flag) and lead the rookie team to victory in the Final Challenge.
  2. Adam Larson is an OG competitor who participated in Seasons 1, The Gauntlet and Gauntlet 2. Although his time on the show was short, he always showed to be a popular figure amongst the group and could compete well in Challenges with good strength and endurance. Adam excelled on The Gauntlet, showing he could compete at a high level with many competitors we still consider elite today (Theo V, Abram, Darrell, Miz, Alton) and he won the overall season. He tied Theo Von with the most lifesavers won on the Road Rules team with 2 each and was a steady leadership presence on the male side the entire time.
  3. Considered one of the best to never win, KellyAnne Judd was the most feared woman on The Ruins and for good reason. Only on her second season, she had already made a name for herself by beating Rachel on The Island. Tall, strong, great swimmer and a great runner, KellyAnne did not get to show her full potential during the season for two reasons - 1. she had a terrible team, so they were losing the dailies all the time 2. the champion girls were terrified of going against her, even Susie, so they kept her out of the eliminations except when she defeated two champions in Evelyn and Veronica. She also did great in the finals and was close to pulling an upset win with Sarah over Johnny, Evan, Kenny, Derrick and Susie. Unfortunately, we only got two seasons of prime KA, but those two seasons are enough to show that she would beast any final with the right team.
  4. “Ninja is the only woman to finish the hardest final in The Challenge history" is a line we have heard multiple times. However, Ninja's impressive rookie run goes beyond that sentence. In the first episode, she is the first female rookie to finish the challenge/puzzle. She then goes to win 4 dailies before reaching the final. Her finals performance is still the biggest highlight, She outpaces every other woman, including Cara, has to do extra running than others by being thrown in a surprise elimination with the defending champ and overall, manages to keep up with her male competitors. Ninja is not a perfect player and WotW1 did not test all her skills. She might not be a good swimmer or great at communication, but her cardio and endurance skills are some of the best of all time. She has also proven herself multiple times at puzzles and her real-life profession as a rock climber means she is well suited for many finals. She is also someone who enjoys the challenges and the carnival game aspect of them and while she might become defensive when she does not gel with her teammates, we believe that in a team of calm positive competitors, a.k.a. Silent Assassins, she would not face that issue.
Rivals III Final Description
This two-day final consisted of several checkpoints, each outlined below (thanks to u/mthompson22599 for the info!.
Road Rules Bracket
Match: u/hkotila’s “Satan’s Asshole” vs. u/appropriatelywhelmed
Final: The Inferno 3
[u/hkotila] “Satan’s Asshole”
Winner’s Logic
[u/hkotila] “Satan’s Asshole”
  2. Dan: One of the top two performing males on this season which included Mark Long, Abe, The Miz, Derrick, and Brad... Also: https://medium.com/@shmalvey7/the-greatest-male-players-in-challenge-history-17-dan-setzler-75b8100f98a1
  3. Amanda: Solid at most aspects of the game, IMO probably the second-best puzzle solver to appear on the challenge.
  4. Mattie: Top 3 most physically imposing females to be cast behind Laurel and Late career Emily. A lot of shit has been talked on here about her stamina. Just remember, wherever you have Mattie ranked on endurance Georgia needs to be behind her. Plus she ran like 16-20 miles on a sand dune and was keeping pace with Cara during that time. Most finals don't even have a course even close to as brutal as that final meaning she will do fine on every other final
[u/appropriatelywhelmed] - this user did not provide any logic, so I (u/ND_PC) will be doing it in their stead!
  1. Dustin Zito - In my mind, Dustin is best known for looking like a woodland creature and being a pain in Alton’s side on BotS2, all while broadcasting how unashamed and totally secure he was about previously having done porn. He’s… fine competitively, but slightly forgettable if I’m being honest. I guess he’s strong? Or are those popcorn muscles? Who knows? Since his time on the show, he has been arrested for sexual battery. Do with that information what you will.
  2. Cohutta Grindstaff’s name sounds sort of dirty, but to my knowledge he has never done porn, unlike his teammate on this fantasy team. If someone can confirm or deny this, please don’t do either and keep it to yourself. I prefer to hink of Cohutta as an innocent southern charmer who uses quaint little southern expressions. He had a romance with Nany, and with KellyAnne before that. He was friends with Ace Amerson and he has a heart of gold. He’s a really pure person and a strong competitor all-around.
  3. Heather Cooke makes peeing yourself look almost cute and admirable - take note, Kailah! She was a one-off, competing with Cara Maria on her only season and basically dominating. Like a few other challengers, Cooke had professional athlete aspirations, but unlike most of the other competitors, she succeeded! She was on the Philippines national soccer team being the total boss that she is. Many fans believe that if she had stuck to the Challenge, she may have been in the uppermost echelon of female competitors. We don’t know what could have happened, but she is definitely a force.
  4. Veronica Portillo was most recently featured on the show as the object of CT’s season-long lamentation. Can we talk about how CT, a fan-favorite, was shitting on his partner all season and we somehow blamed her? Okay, maybe it was actually her fault for not training and not competing hard… but still, what a bad look for CT that we all collectively chose to look away from. Oh well! Anyway, the version of Veronica competing on this team was still in her prime. She was politically savvy, physically tough, adept at puzzle-solving and had tremendous mental strength.
The Inferno 3 Final Description - thanks to u/ry-guy2fly for the amazing description!
Each team starts off with four large puzzle pieces. Those puzzle pieces will be carried along the path for the entirety of the race. You will use these puzzle pieces to create a visual reconstruction of the big five animals in Africa (Lion, Leopard, Water Buffalo, Elephant, and Rhinoceros). You do this using big square blocks. For reference, Derrick is seen carrying two at a time and Evelyn carrying one. They’re bulky.
Which of these teams deserves to move on in our quest to discover The Challenge Fantasy Draft’s Biggest Loser? You decide.
Voting ends at 10 PM EST on Tuesday, February 18.
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CT’s Most Jaw-Dropping ‘Challenge’ Wins 😮  MTV Ranked ... CT Accepts ‘The Dirtiest Exit’ Award  The Dirty Awards  The Challenge: XXX  MTV CT AND DIEM - YouTube 'The Challenge' Star Chris 'CT' Tamburello Weds Lilianet Solares 'Blood Versus Love' MTV The Challenge Battle of the Bloodlines RECAP The Challenge's Johnny Bananas Ranks Biggest Fights and ... The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines  Honoring Diem ... CT and Diem talk about their relationship - YouTube 'Remembering Diem' Official Sneak Peek  The Challenge ...

CT Tamburello Will Honor Diem Brown During 'Challenge ...

  1. CT’s Most Jaw-Dropping ‘Challenge’ Wins 😮 MTV Ranked ...
  2. CT Accepts ‘The Dirtiest Exit’ Award The Dirty Awards The Challenge: XXX MTV
  3. CT AND DIEM - YouTube
  4. 'The Challenge' Star Chris 'CT' Tamburello Weds Lilianet Solares
  5. 'Blood Versus Love' MTV The Challenge Battle of the Bloodlines RECAP
  6. The Challenge's Johnny Bananas Ranks Biggest Fights and ...
  7. The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Honoring Diem ...
  8. CT and Diem talk about their relationship - YouTube
  9. 'Remembering Diem' Official Sneak Peek The Challenge ...

As the group prepares for The Final Challenge, Camila points out that it coincides with the anniversary of Diem Brown’s passing, and she reminisces about wha... CT wins the Dirty Award for ‘Dirtiest Exit’ for his fight with Adam on The Duel II. The Challenge: XXX is coming July 18th, but first it’s time to honor the best at being bad in the history ... DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything! Pictures and video clips are owned by MTV and Bunim/Murray Productions. Please don't sue me. CT Tamburello Married: ‘The Challenge’ Star Weds Baby Mama 4 Years After Diem Brown’s Death - Daily - Duration: 2:29. US DAILY NEWS 11,396 views As fans may recall, CT and his partner, Diem Brown, were eliminated from the competition after she fell sick during production. In a tragic turn of events, Diem was diagnosed with stomach and ... MTV THE CHALLENGE: BATTLE OF THE EXES Take a trip down memory lane with some of CT’s most impressive ‘Challenge’ feats from Rivals, Free Agents, Cutthroat, and more. #TheChallenge #MTVRanked #MTV... Diem’s sister, Megan, expresses the continuous love and support the cast of ’The Challenge’ have given to her. Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC Fourtee... MTV's The Challenge legend and sometimes villain Johnny Bananas sounds off on his biggest rivals, fights and eliminations in the show's history, including CT...